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November 19th, 2007 by dinopower:kuririnmail.com

Finally!! WAD has found a new nemesis!! Bwahahahaha! But it came with a price… Let me tell you the story.

Do you remember the time we defeated the Ginga Chibiko Gang and the whole “mysterious boss” thing? Well, the gang and I were hanging out in the park, when all of a sudden, we heard a commotion, a couple of people were running in panic. They were all screaming and sounding all scared. Being heroes, we started to investigate. But before we could find out what was causing the ruckus, we heard a muffled noise. Brachy and I looked behind us and saw that Stego was missing! Oh no! Our loveable, albeit irritating at times, Stego was kidnapped!

Hmmm… I bet you that the one who kidnapped our Stego was the boss of the Chibiko Gang!

Sure, we found a new nemesis but Stego is gone… We will find her and we will bring the evildoers to justice!


November 12th, 2007 by dinopower:kuririnmail.com

Rawrr!! We Are Dinosaurs is B-O-R-E-D. It’s been a slowwwwwww week (but not as slow as Brachy!). Nothing interesting has been happening in Sanrio Town.. At least nothing IMPORTANT is happening. We’ve already posted flyers all over the place that we are open for “business”. Who knows what Stego did with the flyers. Probably traded it for a cute little pin or something.

Rawrrrrrr (Yawn).

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Happy Birthday… I Guess

November 6th, 2007 by dinopower:kuririnmail.com

Sanriotown’s number 1 citizen, Hello Kitty, (We don’t know why SHE is the number 1 citizen since she doesn’t really do anything but look pretty with her bow while WE save the world and fight insidiously nefarious bugs).

But, like true heroes, we do not need recognition and parades (although a plaque of appreciation from the people from time to time would be RAWRmazing).

We Are Dinosaurs would like to greet Hello Kitty a belated happy birthday!



October 30th, 2007 by dinopower:kuririnmail.com

Halloween is upon us all! Mwahahahaha! Finally! We can take a break from all the crime-fighting and autograph signing and just let loose in town and get CANDY!!!! Yummy, yummy CANDY!!! Of course, when it’s halloween, it obviously means halloween costumes! There are a lot of considerations when it comes to costumes but of course, I’m going to come as… TAN TANANAN!

Isn’t he divine? :D

Here’s another picture:

“I salute you, sir.”

Brachy wants to go as:


… a brachiosaur. right… is he that dense? And he’s happy that he get’s to wear it once a year… ugh.

Lastly, Stego wants to go as:

Heh… good luck with that, Stego.

Hope they have watermelon candy!!

BattLog #2: Ginga Chibiko Gang (Continued)

October 23rd, 2007 by dinopower:kuririnmail.com

 Rawwrrrrrrrrr!!! Finally! We have bagged and tagged the long-hiding perpetrators of the Sanrio Town bank robbery. If you’ve been following the case closely, our only lead was a group of bugs wearing shades, followed by a sudden flash and then a big explosion and sounds of buzzing and clinking.

Being heroes that we are, we used what clues we had and started investigating. When the commotion subsided, we asked the people around the area for what they saw or heard. As usual, Stego, being the big marshmallow that she is, commented on the lady’s beautiful dress.. Anyway, that lady said that when the whole incident was happening, she heard that one of them was smirking and told another (probably a companion) that the “boss” would be so pleased. That’s all. Well, I told myself then that didn’t help much. Pressing on, we asked another witness (or at least a semblance of witness since people were SO disoriented!), this time a little boy. He told us that he was sucking on his popsicle when he heard the explosion. He was on top of a building nearby when all this was happening. I didn’t ask what a little boy like him was doing on a dangerous rooftop. What was more important then was what he saw but I gave myself a mental note of telling the boy off when all is said and done. He told us that he saw brightly-colored “wings” floating out of the dust clouds and debris. They were carrying bags with $ on them and then flew towards the woods. A-ha! I knew it was the Chibiko Gang! A hero’s first hunch is ALWAYS correct.

Anyway, after I scolded at the kid and told him not to suck popsicles on a rooftop, we headed for the woods. Boy, we didn’t realize how big the forest is until we stepped in! It was dark and creepy and full of icky, creepy crawlies… but we PRESSED on like our idols, the Dino Thunder Power Rangers. As we went deeper and deeper into the forest, we started hearing weird, gravelly voices.

“Where’s the map?”

“I gave it to you!”

“I don’t have it! Maybe the other one has it?”

“Hey don’t look at me, I don’t have it!”

                                                 “How are we going home now?”

                                                           “Didn’t we have a map?”

                   “We lost it!”


                                                                          “We’re talking about it right now!”

                   “Of course we should talk about it! Without it we can’t go home!”

                                                                                        “That’s what I’ve been saying! You never listen!”

            “Since when? Hey, I listen!”

                                                     “Hey guys, you got gum?”

                                                                                                  “Not now!”

At first, we thought it was ghosts or some other spooky hooky. We hid behind the bushes. Brachy craned his neck above the bushes to “scout”. As long would have it, the voices came from none other than the Chibiko Ginga Gang! Yay! I started flexing and cracking my knuckles the moment I saw them. Boy was I ready for a fight! I told the others that at the count of three, we jump out of the bushes and tackle away but when I turned around to face the team, they were all gone! The next thing I heard was a loud thud and a angry, but muffled voices. I looked back to where the bugs were and what I saw was the big, fat Stego on top of the helpless bugs. “I guess that’d work too…” I whispered to myself.

With the bugs conveniently pinned, I grilled them about their intentions but they were tight-lipped.

“What’s the money for?”

“Who do you work for?”

“Would this go well with my dress?” (Stego, obviously)

“Ummm….” (Brachy)

After a barrage of questions, they were still adamant about not spilling the beans. Since heroes don’t take the law into their own hands, Stego wrapped her thinck tail around them and dragged them back to town and straight to the police. Sanrio Police were surprised when we burst through the doors with the gang in hand (er… I mean tail). Nothing made my day more than saying “Book ‘em, chief!”

Hmm.. the plot thickens… who is this big boss?

Only time will tell… unless someone tell us now so we can save the trouble of stewing over this.

Taking a Break is Always Good

October 16th, 2007 by dinopower:kuririnmail.com

Rawrrr! Tyranno here. Fighting crime can be so hard!! So I’ll spend my break with you, the good people of Sanrio Town! Great, right?

So anyway, nothing perks me up more than watching my idols, the Dino Thunder Power Rangers, chomp at the villains! Teenagers imbued with the power of ancient dinosaurs team up to protect the people of Earth from an evil force! How cool is that?!

I remember when I was a little T-rex watching Dino Thunder every weekends. I spent all those nights emulating Red Ranger’s (my personal favorite) moves. Since Red Ranger was the leader, I too wanted to become the leader when W.A.D. was formed! It’s meant to be, I embraced it.



I also uploaded the perfect video of the Dino Zords transforming. Check it out.

Back to work, Dinosaurs!


Fruitless Weekend

October 9th, 2007 by dinopower:kuririnmail.com

Tyranno here. The weekend was rather uneventful, we were still trailing the Chibiko Gang. We were so sure that they were the thieves because the clues were obvious: shades and the buzzing. We scoured the whole of Sanrio Townfor clues or at least anything that can lead us to the bugs. Argh, updating the W.A.D. BattLog database doesn’t help me find clues.

W.A.D. out.

BattLog #2: Ginga Chibiko Gang (The Milky Way Tiny Gang)

October 5th, 2007 by dinopower:kuririnmail.com

 Citizens, it is I, Tyranno! The day started uneventfully: Me and the gang were just hanging out at home when the W.A.D. rang. Of course, being ever so eager to fight crime (and the hotline barely ringing), I picked it up right away. An anonymous caller dropped us a tip that a group of suspicious looking bugs was hanging outside the bank. Determined, we made our way to the bank (after a few slices of watermelon for energy of course!).

 As usual, Brachy was lumbering along while I was at a constant, leader-like pace. We spotted our query before long and they did look suspicious. They looked like bad guys because they were skulking around and kept eyeing passers-by. Stego asked us why they were wearing shades even though it wasn’t a sunny day, in fact, it was a “beautiful”, lazy afternoon (she likes calling everything beautiful). I wondered the same thing too but before we could confront them there was a sudden, bright flash.

We were all incapacitated! I couldn’t see a thing and my ears were ringing. We heard buzzing noises and screams and what sounded like coins clinking.

After what seemed like an eternity, we got hold of ourselves. The most obvious thing we saw was half of the bank’s front wall was blow apart. We asked the people there if they knew what happened but their answers were all the same: they didn’t see what happened and all they heard were buzzing sounds.

Hmmmm… my superhero instincts are telling me that the Ginga Chibiko Boys are behind it. Why? First of all, they were wearing shades before the explosion happened (obviously to protect them from the flash). Next, these bugs have wings and it’d be easier to carry cash when you’re flying, right? Hmmmm… looks like we now have a REAL battle brewing here.

Why am I even posting on the W.A.D. BattLog? We have to gather clues and nail these bugs!


Bodyguards For A Day

October 3rd, 2007 by dinopower:kuririnmail.com

Uhhh, Brachy here. Tyranno could not ummmm.. write now because he is very tired. This ummmm morning we had to ummm be umm bodyguards for ummm Miss Hello Kitty… ummm… because she had a parade today. Tyranno said something ummm about doing it for ummmm ahhh.. free because heroes… don’t ummmm ask for pay. Stego said that ummm… we don’t have… any money left because ummm..ahhh we bought that naked boy…. Hesuke some clothes yesterday… Ummm… we not able to buy watermelons…. Mmmm… Watermelons… because we buy some clothes…

I fell asleep during… the ummm ahhh.. parade because I love to sleep. Stego said it was very very pretty. There were many ummm flowers and dogs and happy people. Ok.. I’m going to sleep again.


BattLog #1: Hesuke a.k.a. HubadNaBata

October 2nd, 2007 by dinopower:kuririnmail.com

 Tyranno here. Well, we finally bagged our first evildoer over the weekend! My hunch that bad guys would show during the weekend was right on the money! Mwahahahahahaha.

 Although… our first battle wasn’t exactly as glorious and action-packed as the great W.A.D. team expected. Stego, Brachy and I were walking down Main street to buy some watermelons (we love watermelons!) when we heard this ear-splitting *EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKK!!!!!!!!!” Of course, being the heroes that we are, we quickly sprang into action (Stego stopped to look at a pretty butterfly for a second or so) and made a beeline towards the source of the horrified voice. When we reached the source, we saw a woman pointing at something. Her hands were shaking (she must’ve been really spooked) and was unable to speak. Not far away, we saw a little boy walking around the street naked.

Yes, our first evildoer was a naked boy.

As for me, I was really ready to bash heads but then again, I can’t bash the head of a boy… even a naked one. We walked towards the boy… slowly of course so we can sneak up on him. At first sight of us, the kid quickly bolted from us and we gave chase. I have to admit, the kid was pretty fast! It was like trying to catch a greased scotsman! Anyway, Brachy tripped over a couple of guys carrying boxes but not me and Stego.

“Stego, FastBall Special Move, NOW!”

The FBS is one of the earliest moves that we and Stego devised. What we do is Stego wraps his tail around me, spins a couple of time to gain momentum and then releases me, flinging me through the air at incredible speed. What better way to catch a fast running boy that to hurl an even faster Tyranno at him, right? The plan worked perfectly and I grabbed the boy as I zoomed past him. The only problem with the FBS is the landing… Stego and I haven’t figured it out yet. Good thing is, a couple of bushes broke my fall while I clutched the boy.

“What’s your name kid?”

“Let go of me! I didn’t do anything wrongggggg! Oh.. my name is Hesuke! and who might you be?”

“I’m Tyranno and that’s-”

“Stego and this is Brachy” said Stego as he and a knee-bruised Brachy followed.

I asked the boy why he wasn’t wearing any clothes. His answer was a complete melon-scratcher: “Oh, I just love being naked, that’s all… Is there anything wrong with it?”


We were surprised but being superheroes, we helped the boy by sending him to the nearest clothes store to buy him a shirt, a pair of shorts and of course, underwear. Haha! Mission complete!

Alright, the story of our first mission is a bit lame… nevertheless, superheroes don’t complain!


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