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I am not, to be honest, a boxing fan. But here’s a big Hurrahh! for Pacman for beating up Dela Hoya, depsite the odds against him. Before the fight, I have heard commentaries that Manny will, most likely, lose the fight to Dela Hoya. Disadvantaged in terms of reach, height, body mass and overall natural weight, yet, what he lacked, he made up with speed, pure guts, steadfast determination and the hunger for glory!

Congratulations Manny “The Pacman” Pacquiao! You make the Filipino proud!


Too bad there is no Palm Treo available here in Norway… but next on my list is the new Palm Treo Pro. I fell inlove with Treo the first time I saw and got hold of it and since then, there’s no turning back. No more Nokia, Sony, etc… for me. I mean, they are also good phones but I find smartphones better, efficient and more suited for my needs. Here’s my next dream phone… though at first I was a bit confused between Treo pro and Blackberry Bold, but since I am a devote Treo user, I’m going for Treo! hehehe Treo Pro costs between 490 to 650USD.. hehehe more saving to do!

Nothing makes a woman feel more sexy and confident than wearing the right undergarment. Victoria’s secret has gone from just a lingerie fashion house into a major retailer of  women’s wear and beauty products. I love their lingerie collection, in fact, I love wearing VS undies!

Recently, I have paid a visit to their online store and bought myself a couple of undies as a gift for myself this Christmas.. Ratty, old granny panties is a thing of the past. Lingerie fashion has became more fashion forward, taking into account that the women who wear them are empowered by making them feel more self-secure, regardless the size tag. :)  By the way, get 20% off your total online purchase nov.29 til dec.3. Besides this offer, they also have Special sale on selected items..

Here are  some pics of my purchase…

  Intissimmi Brazilian cut Panty

Sexy little thing, Cheeky panty

Sexy little thing, cheeky panty

Ok… Every woman dreams of getting girly-girl stuffs as presents this Christmas… I am one of them. I wouldn’t mind getting a Prada bag, shoes from Jimmy Choo or Manolo Blahnik, a whole-year supply of MAC make ups or nice earrings from Tiffany’s.. ZAP!!! ok, I’m back to reality! Oh well…

On to my wishlist:

I have been eyeing for a kick-ass DSLR camera from Nikon, the D90. I am so loving it! I wanna get my hands on this baby. Considering I am just about to start my serious stint (and I mean serious!) in photography, it’s kind of ambitious to jump right into this camera. I have read that a D40 or D60 can be adequate for beginners like me but, since I had a old school Russian SLR camera (which was handed down to me by dad, bought in the 1980’s), I think i can manage having this camera intended for serious amateur photographers. I am drooling over it… BIG TIME!

I know i have to save up if i want to buy this for myself… I wonder when but I am so determined to own a d90 soon.. Gotta work my butt off!

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