• November 2008
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I never thought I’d be as exhausted as I was (2 days ago) after 6 straight days of work.. and now, I am enjoying, yet, terribly bored, thought I have taken 3 days off from work. Yeah, I mean it’s great to rest and recharge one’s batteries but I can’t believe that I am spending it entirely home, doing chores and practically watching videos at youtube. Is this really what becomes of people once they become a part of the work force?

 Anyway, tomorrow, we will having visitors- my aunt, myra’s aunt and 3 other new mates who just arrived here in Norway. So we cleaned up a bit and scrubbed all surfaces.. oh oh.. Btw, we got a washing machine! (yeah, it’s something I am gonna be jubilant about!) Yahoo! One of my nice, Polish colleague, Urzula, gave it to me because she bought a new one and needs to dispose the old on