My quest on going all-natural and organic has directed me to another addiction: soaps! if you recall from an earlier blog, BNHS are made of natural ingredients, eliminating harsh chemicals that is safe even for the most sensitive and baby’s skin. And when i finally got to use them, it’s love at first smell! and love at first wash!

My brother strongly expressed that having 7 differently scented bar soaps is insane and i’m stupid for falling for the organic plot! (plus going to the bathroom almost every minute to sniff and bask in the scents of fresh soaps like a “rugby girl” is totally, absolutely and 100% neurotic!) but i beg to disagree. You see guys, women love to be pampered (aye!) and if you consider that bathing should be a wonderful, soothing, cleansing and relaxing experience, (just like i do) then using one scent a day is a luxury everyone woman is entitled to and should afford. Just like males are visual creatures, the female species are suckers for perfumes and scents. Anyway, I just wanna knock my brother for saying that! Btw, i’m still adding more soaps to my stash! hahahaha

back to the review, this is the Icy choco soap of BNHS:

(96.82% NATURAL)
“For chocolate-mint lovers, enjoy bathing with the stimulating scent of peppermint and the mild exfoliation of cocoa powder. This delicious-looking soap also gives out a wonderful lather — simply a bonus for you!”

Pretty points:

1. the bar is not soft and doesn’t melt easily.

2. puts up a good lather. leaves your skin smooth and squeeky clean. mild on skin too.

3. made up of natural ingredients, environment-friendly, biodegradable

4. if you’re a mint lover, this one’s for you. tip: let it stay on your skin for about 2-3 minutes while rubbing your skin gently in circular motion. the minty/ menthol-y feel on skin is just great while indulging on the chocolatey scent which is all over the bathroom and it’s quite invigorating. The minty sensation on your skin will linger even after you rinse with water and get out of the shower.I love this because it’s really hot outside and this will keep your skin feel quite cool. :)
Pipay points:

1. it easily rinses off- but compared to ilog maria, IL is a lot easier to rinse off.

2. it’s 96.82% natural, remaining 4% ,maybe, is chemical, so there’s a very slim chance that you can get allergies… note very slim. It still depends on your skin and your preference- if you’re going all-out natural or not. but in my case, I didn’t develop any skin rashes ad redness.


4.5 out of 5 stars!