When you get used working your way through Ebay.ph, you will find that some sellers consistently have nice pieces and my featured seller, raicheal1015 is one of my favorites for 3 reasons.

1. Most of her items are branded and are sold at low prices. Also, the anxiety of them being pre-owned- clothes may have undeclared defects- will not bug you at all because all her clothings are in excellent condition. Plus, a seller’s reputation and credibility is reflected on her feedback score ( number beside the username) and the precentage of positive feedbacks, which is her case is 100%. Meaning she hasn’t received any negative feedback at all and that’s really good.

2. Her listings have pictures when you are browsing among thousands of clothes in the Women’s clothing category. So it’ll save you the pain in the neck of clicking the item and waiting for the picture to upload. Then if it’s not “visually appealing”, you got to go back to the list and proceed to another item, thus the cycle continues. Believe me, it’s really annoying doing it repeatedly. :P

3. She gives detailed description of each clothing and if you have other questions, the seller responds promptly. Also, her shipping rate is same to that of Air21 (80php for Metro Manila) and a reasonable 120php flat rate for provincial shipping. Some sellers in Ebay.ph has a shipping of 100php for MM or 150php flat rate to all destinations. This depends on which courier the seller is using or if they intend to gain a little bit by overpricing the shipping fee. So as a buyer, you also have to consider the shipping fee and the courier the seller uses because some couriers have the “Critical Areas” where they don’t deliver or the shipping rate zooms up to 200-300php if your place is not covered by their delivery services.

However, some draw back about buying from this seller (and others) is that since her items are more visible than others, bidding prices soars up very high and fast, the competition is very stiff and if you have a slug-like connection, the moment you have just clicked the confirm bid button, another person had already outbided you. Also, you really have to watch your item closely 2 hours before it ends because that’s when the bidding war gets nasty and CRAZY. You have to refresh every minute. So the point here is it’s very hard to win an item you really like if you aren’t very vigilant and aggressive. So be ready to shed it all for that Marc jacobs top or Diane von Furstenberg tunic or Mango gold haltertop or Anna Sui printed minidress!

Here are some of here items. You can view all of the items HERE. (Take note of the remaining time before bidding ends always). Happy viewing!

1. White Crochet Oversized sleeves dressy top

2. Zara Blue design Minidress