My quest on going all-natural and organic has directed me to another addiction: soaps! if you recall from an earlier blog, BNHS are made of natural ingredients, eliminating harsh chemicals that is safe even for the most sensitive and baby’s skin. And when i finally got to use them, it’s love at first smell! and love at first wash!

My brother strongly expressed that having 7 differently scented bar soaps is insane and i’m stupid for falling for the organic plot! (plus going to the bathroom almost every minute to sniff and bask in the scents of fresh soaps like a “rugby girl” is totally, absolutely and 100% neurotic!) but i beg to disagree. You see guys, women love to be pampered (aye!) and if you consider that bathing should be a wonderful, soothing, cleansing and relaxing experience, (just like i do) then using one scent a day is a luxury everyone woman is entitled to and should afford. Just like males are visual creatures, the female species are suckers for perfumes and scents. Anyway, I just wanna knock my brother for saying that! Btw, i’m still adding more soaps to my stash! hahahaha

back to the review, this is the Icy choco soap of BNHS:

(96.82% NATURAL)
“For chocolate-mint lovers, enjoy bathing with the stimulating scent of peppermint and the mild exfoliation of cocoa powder. This delicious-looking soap also gives out a wonderful lather — simply a bonus for you!”

Pretty points:

1. the bar is not soft and doesn’t melt easily.

2. puts up a good lather. leaves your skin smooth and squeeky clean. mild on skin too.

3. made up of natural ingredients, environment-friendly, biodegradable

4. if you’re a mint lover, this one’s for you. tip: let it stay on your skin for about 2-3 minutes while rubbing your skin gently in circular motion. the minty/ menthol-y feel on skin is just great while indulging on the chocolatey scent which is all over the bathroom and it’s quite invigorating. The minty sensation on your skin will linger even after you rinse with water and get out of the shower.I love this because it’s really hot outside and this will keep your skin feel quite cool. :)
Pipay points:

1. it easily rinses off- but compared to ilog maria, IL is a lot easier to rinse off.

2. it’s 96.82% natural, remaining 4% ,maybe, is chemical, so there’s a very slim chance that you can get allergies… note very slim. It still depends on your skin and your preference- if you’re going all-out natural or not. but in my case, I didn’t develop any skin rashes ad redness.


4.5 out of 5 stars!

There so many raves for gladiator sandals, being so much in trend nowadays. I was looking around some blogs and I saw this nice pair of gladiator sandals by Steve Madden at alternative outfitters. It costs US$ 47.95 and comes in brown and black.

On the other hand, for those who want a pair but can’t afford to order online abroad, your buddy, Bargain Boggart, found a local seller online who sells and offers quality genuine leather products. Chelsi Leathershop makes quality custom-made leather goods! So if you fell in-love with a designer leather bag, wallet, shoes, sandals or belt but, just like me, always on a tight budget, there’s hope for you to get that same thing but for a fraction of the price.

It is also the only tannery in the Philippines who offers tanned exotic skins like crocodile, ostrich, snake, goat hair-on, cow hair-on, lizards and fish. In this regard, consumers would enjoy these new products that not only patronizes our very own local items, but are also completely different yet a class of its’ own.

You can visit their factory outlets at:


Ground Floor, Mancon Building, McArthur Highway, Calvario, Meycauayan, Bulacan

tel no. (02) 482 2861 / (02) 294 0659 / (0922) 818 5072

Quezon City:

Com unit 4, Ground Floor, 305 Prince David Condominum, Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City 1108

tel no. (02) 435 4176

Here’s some pictures of their gladiator sandals. Each costs only 800php (US$ 19.50)

Yay! After months and months of professional bum-hood, I will start volunteering in a Home for the aged in QC next week.. I don’t really mind if I won’t have any salary or undergo any formal training for this. The thought of me finally doing something related to nursing is just overwhelming.

So, I did MAJOR rummaging on my closet for my old scrub suits, hoping they’d be great for my duty. I had 2 dark blue scrubs from my student days and sadly, one needs to retire now because it’s so comfty that I use it as my “pambahay”, as it looked ratty and the fabric is just awful. Meaning, I only have 1 functional scrub suit and that won’t do if I have to volunteer M-F.

I had been looking around multiply and luckily, one of my business contacts sells scrub suits. “Apple Care is a sought-after brand of scrub suits among doctors, nurses and other health care professionals, known for providing stylish, comfortable and high-quality medical apparel and accessories.” Here, you can actually choose designs and fabrics according to your preference. It’s really nice because they offer a variety of colors and prints plus if you’re into adding “umph” to your stethoscopes and BP apps, you can also purchase covers and cuffs for them. Another thing, it’s also affordable! You can get a set( top and pants) for only 450php.

Here are some of the different scrub suit styles:

Classic Vneck top

Classic Unisex pants
Classic overlap top

Flare scrub pants

Straight cut scrub pants

Anyway, for those who have time to go shopping, I accidentally discovered a “tiangge” stall that sells scrub suits. If you pass by Padre Faura st., side of PGH, just before Robinson’s Galleria (coming from Taft Ave.) there’s a stall there that sells scrub suits for only 300php per set, plus they have also various styles, colors and prints. Hahaha This is where I actually bought mine… (of course, I go for the lowest price with good quality). Don’t be fooled because at first, from afar, they seem to sell low quality scrubs, but if you check them out and go through everything, you can find scrubs that are made of US tetoron and the fabric is not cheap looking and the stitches are well-made. I was really surprised when the vendor told me that it’s only 300php per set. I bought 2 tops (purple and light blue) and 2 pants (purple and old rose) and I got a discount on the second pair. I paid 560php for all 4 garments! Hahahaha That’s the magic of being BargainBoggart! :)

Here’s my purple scrub suit:

I have been absent (in sanriotown) for the last 4 days because I was in my Intravenous Therapy Certification Program. Polkadotrn had her IV training too at SLMC . Anyway, I had mine at NCCLEX and it was really fun besides learning actually to insert an IV line and caring for patients with central catheters, I was also able to extract blood! hahaha yahoo… I just wish i can practice more.. here are some pics..

In the pic, my classmate is using Vasocan- commonly used in the Philippine hospitals however Needle Autoguards are now used in the US and in SLMC. The autoguard is really cool because you can push a button and the needle automatically retracts back to a container after advancing the canula to the vein thus, no more accidental needle punctures after using it. Almost everyone was able to successfully start an IV after one try, except for a classmate who, despite 3 attempts, still unable to insert it. I really pity her maid because you can really see that she’s in pain because my classmate had to do probing - manipulating the needle until it hits a vein (even though it’s really not allowed in the US standard).

Above, that’s me and my victim. I was able to extract 10cc of blood from him and venous blood extraction is way easier than an IV line insertion. The guy on my left, wearing light lavender, was our instructor.

On our last day, we had our lunch delivered and after eating , we rented a videoke machine and we all sang and danced inside the classroom! hahaha I’m lucky to have nice and wacky classmates who can groove and shake their booties on the beat of “Dancing queen”.

Above, we were all singing “I don’t wanna miss a thing” and i ‘m quite not sure why they have to raise and wave their hands in the air while singing.. but they all looked cute!

Our instructor said that we’ll be known as the “nurses gone crazy” batch! hehehe

For fashion accessories junkies, you might wanna add these chunky, semi-precious stone rings to your collection. Despite my on-going love-hate relationship with accessories, I wouldn’t mind wearing rings by Ana Lloren. These rings are from India and made of silver & semi-precious stones which includes Amethyst, Black Onyx, Chalcedony, Moonstone, Citrine, Malachite & Rose Quartz. Ana Lloren also sells other semi-precious jewelries such as earrings, bracelets and necklaces and markets them under the brand One Gem. The jewelries are affordable yet look posh and classy. The chunky rings prices range from 700- 1,200php.

You may check out Gems by Ana Lloren sold at Or you can contact One Gem at 63.917.7567396 or 63.2.8509520.

I fell in love with the Amethyst ring (below, left) , which is also my birthstone (february). On the right is the moonstone ring.

When you get used working your way through, you will find that some sellers consistently have nice pieces and my featured seller, raicheal1015 is one of my favorites for 3 reasons.

1. Most of her items are branded and are sold at low prices. Also, the anxiety of them being pre-owned- clothes may have undeclared defects- will not bug you at all because all her clothings are in excellent condition. Plus, a seller’s reputation and credibility is reflected on her feedback score ( number beside the username) and the precentage of positive feedbacks, which is her case is 100%. Meaning she hasn’t received any negative feedback at all and that’s really good.

2. Her listings have pictures when you are browsing among thousands of clothes in the Women’s clothing category. So it’ll save you the pain in the neck of clicking the item and waiting for the picture to upload. Then if it’s not “visually appealing”, you got to go back to the list and proceed to another item, thus the cycle continues. Believe me, it’s really annoying doing it repeatedly. :P

3. She gives detailed description of each clothing and if you have other questions, the seller responds promptly. Also, her shipping rate is same to that of Air21 (80php for Metro Manila) and a reasonable 120php flat rate for provincial shipping. Some sellers in has a shipping of 100php for MM or 150php flat rate to all destinations. This depends on which courier the seller is using or if they intend to gain a little bit by overpricing the shipping fee. So as a buyer, you also have to consider the shipping fee and the courier the seller uses because some couriers have the “Critical Areas” where they don’t deliver or the shipping rate zooms up to 200-300php if your place is not covered by their delivery services.

However, some draw back about buying from this seller (and others) is that since her items are more visible than others, bidding prices soars up very high and fast, the competition is very stiff and if you have a slug-like connection, the moment you have just clicked the confirm bid button, another person had already outbided you. Also, you really have to watch your item closely 2 hours before it ends because that’s when the bidding war gets nasty and CRAZY. You have to refresh every minute. So the point here is it’s very hard to win an item you really like if you aren’t very vigilant and aggressive. So be ready to shed it all for that Marc jacobs top or Diane von Furstenberg tunic or Mango gold haltertop or Anna Sui printed minidress!

Here are some of here items. You can view all of the items HERE. (Take note of the remaining time before bidding ends always). Happy viewing!

1. White Crochet Oversized sleeves dressy top

2. Zara Blue design Minidress

3. Sinequanone Brown Tunic/ Minidress

4. Escada Sport Embelished Violet top

5. Ann Taylor Violet design Babydoll Top

6. ZARA TRF Black Ruffles Victorian Turtleneck top

7. Marc Jacobs Brown Floral Silk Overlap top

There are numerous local online stores that sell swimsuits, beach wears and accessories. Nui clothing is one of the online stores who offers a variety of clothes and accessories- from basics to trendy ones. I managed to purchase a black baby doll top from them last december and it’s been one of my faves. And while everybody’s busy getting tans and the summer breeze blowing off your feet to the beach, you might wanna first check on NUI clothing’s release of their unique fashion line of bikinis, swimwear, beachwear and cover ups good for that island getaway! Plus-sized women, don’t fret, they also carry a hip line that flatters your figure. Their clothes are reasonably priced. In terms of quality, you really get what you  paid for.

You can visit the Nui clothing website and check out their catalogue and how to order online.

Hello kitty strikes again! Remember the rubber ducky version of darth vader? NEWFLASH: Darth Vader’s newest revelation! Take a look at this:

I never thought he can be a cute, pink- loving, goody-two-shoed villain afterall…and oh! Did i say Gay too? hahaha :) kiddin’.

Here’s the hippie storm trooper: (*thanks cookie)

Fighting for world peace! hehehe

Hi there beach babes! I saw a myriad of beach cover ups worn from my recent trip at the beach- sheer, cotton or crochet, dyed, printed or solid color, short or long, Before our trip, I was considering buying one but I decided not to at the last minute because I have this pure silk,tangerine kaftan-like top which i think is a unique and functional piece. (And I am bragging that I brought it with me because I got lots of second looks while we were checking out the night life at Puerto galera because of it. Woohooo!)

If you wanna check more items at

Type “cover” at the search box and choose the “Clothing, Shoes and Accessories” Category. This will yield the most number of results.

ITEM DESCRIPTION: Mango White Longsleeved cover up

END TIME: Apr 13, 2008 17:48:32 PHT

STARTING BID: 149php (US$ 3.75)

ITEM DESCRIPTION: Imported White overlap bikini cover up
END TIME: Apr 14, 2008 03:22:50 PHT

STARTING BID: 300php (US$7.50)

ITEM DESCRIPTION: Brown Indian-inspired printed Top

END TIME: Apr 11, 2008 22:29:25 PHT

STARTING BID: 420php (US$10.50)

ITEM DESCRIPTION: Crochet Swimsuit cover up

END TIME: Apr 18, 2008 03:58:31 PHT

STARTING BID: 300php (US$7.50)

ITEM DESCRIPTION: Beach Cover ups- Peach beige floral

END TIME: Apr 11, 2008 00:15:40 PHT

STARTING BID: 55php (US$13.75)

ITEM DESCRIPTION: Summer Babydoll Dress/Top

END TIME: Apr 10, 2008 09:52:38 PHT

STARTING BID: 299php (approx.US$7.50)

I came back from Puerto Galera with my bf last Sunday…and we had a blast! Despite the traffic in SLEX and Lipa City that delayed us for more 4 hours ( a usual trip from Manila to puerto galera is 4hours), it was worth it! :)

Anyway, we arrived around 4pm at white beach and checked in to our “humbling” room (don’t ask) first before hitting the beach. Tired from our 8- hour travel, as well as having empty stomachs, we invaded the nearest eat-all-you-can-rice resto and pigged out! hahaha

After eating, we took a stroll along the entire stretch of the White beach and took pictures, goofed around and watched other vacationists as they crowd the beach.

There was this Tattoo shop which caught my attention because they have huge speakers in front of the shop playing Reggae. (cool!) My bf must’ve read that intrigued look on my face and said we should get a henna, since I haven’t had one before (and it’s on my to-do list before i die). So here comes eager beaver (me), headed straight where the tattoo catalogs are stacked and started my unending inquiries about tattoos. hehehe Here’s our pic:

That night, around 11pm, I was pretty much anticipating what the night life there would be like.. Turned our that it was just similar to the night life in Manila- the attire and place is just different. The beach was jam-packed! As in! So after dining out and finishing off a bottle of beer (for my bf) and soda (for me), we found a free spot where we laid on our backs and did some stargazing… My bf is not a fan of astronomy, so I taught him which one is the Orion constellation (after watching 10,00-b.c., he should have an idea what I’m talking about) and the Big dipper, both of which are easiest to spot in the night sky.

So the following day, we woke up around 7am and it was raining! So much for tan. We ate our breakfast, again at the eat-all-you-can-rice resto. While pigging out and talking about our misfortunes and blonde moments, the sun suddenly appeared among the thick rain clouds and it was HOT again! hahaha We sprinted back to our room and changed into our swim wear and returned to the beach! yahoo! First on the list: Banana Boat! It was our first time and we were really psyched up! After mounting the banana boat, the speed boat pulling us started heading to the open ocean.. I was seated in the middle (4th in line of 10). Let me give you a piece of advice: If you plan to ride this anytime in the future, never seat in the middle… I hated the splashes created by our boat hitting the waves! It was all over my face and I cannot see a thing, I cannot breath well and the salty water seems to get into my mouth!!! So while I was battling out for my survival, the speed boat deliberately took a sharp turn and next thing I knew, our banana boat turned upside down and I was thrown off-guard into the water and the salty water entered through my nose and seeped to my throat.. As I managed to resurface from the plunge, I saw my BF saving someone else’s girlfriend!!! 0.0 Well after that he said he thought the girl was me but then realized otherwise when the real BF was pulling her away from him.. HAHAHA I thought it was hilarious but I didn’t let my bf sense that I was cool with it. I pretended to be jealous and said he was just making “chansing”! hahaha Anyway, there were more 2 banana boat flipping and after that, I can say it wasn’t THAT traumatic and relatively, it was a GOOD “experience. ^^

We headed back to the shore and returned our life vests. After a few seconds, i started itching all over my body.. it feels like pouring a 90% salt water into your skin with fine needle punctures all over your body. So horrible that I begged my BF to head back to our room and wash myself up because it was really unbearable. I’m bit puzzled why it happened because prior to swimming I placed a layer of sunblock lotion and petroleum jelly over my skin to protect me from the sun and any allergens present in the water. So to make the long story short, after washing up, I dressed up on my “pang-uwi” clothes and just sat on the beach while my BF got his tan. … I mainly took pleasure sitting there and taking pictures.. I did got my tan without bathing.. but it wasn’t as nice as my BF’s. Haaayyy… Here’s our picture after.. (while waiting for our boatride back to Batangas pier)

When we left Puerto galera, we made history and brought along good memories… I hope we can go back there soon. This is one great, unforgettable summer! Really!

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