Ever since I tried Ilog Maria, I can’t get enough of organic and all natural products! After years of searching for a perfect beauty regimen, I can say that I have found my HG (holy grail). My skin has a mind of its own, it’s crazy! One day it’s dry, then oily then one day breakout galore with red blotches all over, etc… I never thought that my skin was sensitive until I read about mineral make ups that don’t contain preservatives or harsh chemicals. So after trying them out myself, I had been a mineral make up convert and swore not to go back to conventional make ups. Let’s just say I am now more conscious on what to put on and inside my body and the results have been very dramatic. So triggered by this MMU addiction, I have soon looked for products which share the same concept with the MMU and that’s when Ilog Maria caught my attention. Yet, I have recently made another discovery of organic soaps that even show how many percent natural a bar is! Amazing, right?

By Nature Handmade Soaps contain NO chemical preservatives, hardeners or additives. They are made with food-grade vegetable oils such as coconut oil, palm oil, and olive oil and are lovingly made using the cold-process method. With this soapmaking method, BY NATURE Handmade Soaps (BNHS) are made completely from scratch. No short-cuts or pre-manufactured bases and you get all the goodness of naturally-formed glycerin, too!” You can also read reviews from those who have used BNHS and all they have are praises and wows!

One exciting thing about these soaps is their variety of scents! Of course, don’t get me wrong, I still love and am loyal to Ilog Maria, but what’s the hurt in trying them out and having 2 or more different bars for bathing? One scent per day! hahaha I have already convinced 3 of my girlfriends to try out organic products of Ilog Maria and now another product line is put into test! I’ll post soon reviews about BNHS hahaha I wanna try Icy choco, Milkenhoney, Baby blue, Fair Geranium, Strawberry Milkshake and Utter Bliss! ( Ok, there’s gonna be a hole in my pocket again!) Soaps are categorized to Regular, Special and Premium and each bar costs 85php to 115php to 145php, respectively. They only differ in the ingredients used but they are all reasonably priced, IMO.For Metro Manila sanriobloggers, Girls, they will be at Souk on April 6, 2008