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Before I start, it would be proper introducing myself to the community first. So here it goes…

Hi. I am Rosanne, but my close friends call me Osang. :) I just turned 25 last february 21 and I’m from the country with many beautiful, breath-taking beaches, Philippines! :)

I have so many interests because I keep an open door for new things to try on. No, I am not fickle- minded for your information but i certainly have this insatiable hunger for adventure. Getting out of your comfort zone sometimes is not bad, but I guess it’s normal to experience a little anxiety for stepping beyond one’s routine. However, that’s when you really start living.. for me. Boredom is fatal. Monotony kills.

Here’s a list on the things that I love as of february 28, 2008:

- i love to eat good food! - Italian, American, Asian dishes! but i wanna try more European and Latin.

- i love dogs! - I have a pet named Diana. She is a 3 1/2 year-old mini pinscher. She was given to me by mom. hahahaha Here’s her pic:

According to my analysis, she gave Diana as diversion so that I won’t get depressed whenever I remember that something is missing in my life during that time. hahahaha I love my mom for that! My Diana already gave birth 2 times. Her children are Mocha, Choco and William. They look and move/behave like her- energetic, sweet, loyal and annoying! hahaha

- I love shopping!! It’s one activity that I will never get tired doing many times 24/7! So my latest addiction is online shopping … Eating up almost the entire duration when I’m surfing the net. My most fave is Ebay. It’s the greatest online thrift shop of all time!

- I love going to different places! Of course, if I have enough money, I’d really do a lot of traveling. Like what I say to my BF, the more distant, the better!

- Since the influence of Global warming and Pollution has gotten so much of my attention, I am going organic! Recently, I have purchases of organic soaps, shampoos, facial creams, conditioners, toners, etc. to show my support for the cause of saving mother earth. They have Biodegradable by-products and will not add up to the water pollution. Another thing to be proud of is I started staying away from Red meat. It’s not easy, but I am slowly cutting of my consumption of any animal flesh. After conquering the red meat department, my next step is the poultry department! Let’s see if I’m up to that! hahahahaha

- I love the beach but I don’t know how to swim! My activities there includes rubbing my feet on the sand, watching the waves and the sunset, feeling the ocean breeze/wind against my face, sitting on the shore and attempting to build sand castles but ends up looking like a caveman’s mud house.. hahahahaha. Here’s a shot taken in Ilocos with my friends!

Also, I collect sands and shells from all the beaches I’ve visited. Nothing beats the sense of tranquility and calm whenever I’m there.

– There are lots of things that i love but these are some of my mainstay fave things. You’ll get to know more them as i progress with this blog. Better keep you hanging! hahahaa

6 Responses to “What about me?”

  1. Your dog is cute.

  2. Diana’s SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute! But I know she’s really cranky so I won’t be fooled into trying to touch her every again. hahaha!

    Aww, wish we could go to the beach again all 6 of us! :)

  3. hehehe she is! That’s her favorite sleeping position..on top of my pillows!!

  4. Welcome to your SanrioTown Blog! We hope you’ll love it here. Be sure to check out the other features at http://www.sanriotown.com.

    Have fun posting!

  5. Amoxicillin.


  6. ^huh?

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