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I am going gaga!! It’s been weeks since I started looking for the perfect Maxi dress to wear this summer.. and I am going N.U.T.S.!!! I spend literally hours browsing over online shops looking for my dress at a reasonable price. Reasonable Price. That’s what making this hunt difficult– I am not willing to splurge on a seasonal or soon-not-in-trend dress even though I am dying to buy those expensive dresses I saw over the internet! Everytime I am gonna type in my credit card details, suddenly a zephyr of reality lures me in not buying the dress at all! huhu So I am left with the option of browsing over ebay.ph or multiply so that, hopefully, I can find cheaper dresses.

I looked around in H&M, Lene V, Vivikes and other stores in Amfi Mall but not Zara and Mango because, I live, unfortunately, 45 minutes away to the nearest Zara and Mango shop… and I am too cheap and too lazy to get my ass over there and gamble my chances of spending 330 kroner (2400++php) for my two-way train fare, without even the certainty on finding something there or even if I liked something, the biggest question is if it’s within my price range. I suppose (or I am just guessing) that maxi dresses in Zara or Mango could cost 700-1200 kroner. (and multiply by 7 to convert to peso!!)Sorry but I have this compulsion of converting it into peso because it’s so expensive here!! And I swear to my future grave that when I return to Pinas for vacation, I am gonna HOARD and PANIC SHOP at Zara and Mango!! I will spend most of my vacation pay salary on shopping! hehehe (No joke!!)

Going back, there is nothing more fulfilling than finding, at last, that something you had been looking for for quite some time… I know, i know.. I am a self-confessed shoppingera but I spend within my means. (I haven’t categorized myself a shopaholic because I can manage to curb the impulse to buy something just for the sake of buying). What makes me desperate is that summer season here in Norway starts this june and ends in August. This is the only time to bare your skin and dress up which ever and what ever you like! Summer here is just like summer in Pinas… everyone is happy, everyone dresses up, hitting the beach, getting the summer tan and the likes. Maybe I miss Pinas and the climate… maybe. Haaaayyyy… I wanna buy my Maxi Dress!!! Help!

Hurraaahh! It’s spring time here and there’s nothing more exciting and more uplifting than seeing everything around you bloom and come into life after the long winter’s sleep.

I have been from a long hibernation( hehe). But i am back to business. Speaking of which, I have recently started with my 3-month training in Geriatrics.. you see, I need to undergo a total of 5 months training plus a 3-week course so that I can fully practice my profession here in Norway. So far so good… my nurse-supervisor is so nice and she is soooo helpful in many ways.. One of which is handing me materials that i can’t hardly seem finish reading, hehe.. but i am not complaining.. on the other hand, I am glad and excited about this whole training  thing. My hopes are up… It’s not easy though. I had to balance training and work at the same. Now that I am living all by myself (which is so great, btw), I have all the time for myself, reading and keeping myself on track. I just have to hang on for a couple of months and hopefully, God-willing, my dream/goal is not far from reality…

It’s been 7 months since I arrived here and maybe you guys are thinking that I already have a good grip of the language… To be fair, I can say that I improved and am way better than before. But like any person in a foreign land, I still have a big share of struggles and difficulties speaking and understanding. I have to be honest with myself that I have a long way to go, many things to learn and ginormous efforts needed to master the langauge.

So, for those who would like to learn the langauge, particularly my fellow Pinoy nurses who wish to go and work here, I think it will suffice to say that the importance of learning the language is extremely huge. I will try to my best to teach you correctly. These are some I use at work, dealing with both coherent and demented elderly patients. It’s not easy, NOT EASY! hehehe

Ved Sykehjem, på en avdeling. (At the Homecare, in a ward)

Du går in på rommet til Norveig Andersen, 87 år gammel, klar, går ikke selv, bruker en rullestol

(You are entering the room of Norveig Andersen, 87 years old, coherent, unambulatory, uses a wheel chair.)

YOU: God morgen.

(good morning)

NORVEIG: Hei. (Hi)

YOU: Du er våken, da. Så flott! Hvordan sovet du i natt?

(You are awake, then. That’s great! How did you sleep last night?)

NORVEIG: Jeg sovet bra, takk. Men noen ganger, ble jeg våknet.

( I slept well, thank you. But I woke up a few times.)

YOU: Å ja.. Er det noe som du tenker på eller plager deg?

(Oh yeah.. is there something you are thinking about or bothers you?)

NORVEIG: Det er ingen akkurat nå men jeg lurer på om jeg kan sove etterpå igjen?

(There is nothing, exactly now but I wonder if i can sleep later again?)

YOU: Selfølgelig. du kan få et langt hvile ettermiddagen.

(Of course! You can get a long rest in the afternoon.)

to be continued….

I had ignored these capsules my aunt gave when I arrived here. Thinking what good will I get? I don’t even know what is it for… but one day, i just took one capsule and then it just went on from there. Omega 3 rocks! It is actually good for your heart and for your skin- the latter I am more excited about, actually. PLUS!! It aids weight loss! how cool is that? So far, I felt that my skin is more moisturized and smooth. With the weight loss, i don’t know yet because my only exercise is during at work- walking for hours and lifting patients. I’ll still have to see in the long run..

so here are some of the heath benefits of omega 3:

* They can help to increase your energy level.
* Might prevent certain types of cancer
* Improve your sleep
* Reduce inflammation
* Improve muscle recovery from trauma
* Help with arthritis.
* Provide lubrication to the skin, arteries, veins and intestinal tract.
* Help to prevent cardiovascular diseases.
* Help to improve concentration
* Benefit for diseases like: Alzheimer’s, depression and many other cognitively impaired situations.
* Reduces high blood pressure and lowers cholesterol.
* Might improve the healing capability for various health problems.
* Can improve constipation.


Welcome 2009, Goodbye 2008!

Coming from work, I arrived around 10pm and went straight to the kitchen to start cooking food for me and my housemate. So was able to finish the dish in about 1 hour…pesto -cashew pasta with salmon and asparagus on the side. I was kinda proud because I have been doing the cooking for quite some time and so far, so good.

So after eating, 5 minutes before 12 midnight, we went out of our apartment and cam-whored a little and watched the firecrackers crowd the pit black sky as everyone welcomes the new year.

We headed back inside and had a little toast— for happiness, health, success and more blessings in the year ahead!


I am not, to be honest, a boxing fan. But here’s a big Hurrahh! for Pacman for beating up Dela Hoya, depsite the odds against him. Before the fight, I have heard commentaries that Manny will, most likely, lose the fight to Dela Hoya. Disadvantaged in terms of reach, height, body mass and overall natural weight, yet, what he lacked, he made up with speed, pure guts, steadfast determination and the hunger for glory!

Congratulations Manny “The Pacman” Pacquiao! You make the Filipino proud!


Too bad there is no Palm Treo available here in Norway… but next on my list is the new Palm Treo Pro. I fell inlove with Treo the first time I saw and got hold of it and since then, there’s no turning back. No more Nokia, Sony, etc… for me. I mean, they are also good phones but I find smartphones better, efficient and more suited for my needs. Here’s my next dream phone… though at first I was a bit confused between Treo pro and Blackberry Bold, but since I am a devote Treo user, I’m going for Treo! hehehe Treo Pro costs between 490 to 650USD.. hehehe more saving to do!

Nothing makes a woman feel more sexy and confident than wearing the right undergarment. Victoria’s secret has gone from just a lingerie fashion house into a major retailer of  women’s wear and beauty products. I love their lingerie collection, in fact, I love wearing VS undies!

Recently, I have paid a visit to their online store and bought myself a couple of undies as a gift for myself this Christmas.. Ratty, old granny panties is a thing of the past. Lingerie fashion has became more fashion forward, taking into account that the women who wear them are empowered by making them feel more self-secure, regardless the size tag. :)  By the way, get 20% off your total online purchase nov.29 til dec.3. Besides this offer, they also have Special sale on selected items..

Here are  some pics of my purchase…

  Intissimmi Brazilian cut Panty

Sexy little thing, Cheeky panty

Sexy little thing, cheeky panty

Ok… Every woman dreams of getting girly-girl stuffs as presents this Christmas… I am one of them. I wouldn’t mind getting a Prada bag, shoes from Jimmy Choo or Manolo Blahnik, a whole-year supply of MAC make ups or nice earrings from Tiffany’s.. ZAP!!! ok, I’m back to reality! Oh well…

On to my wishlist:

I have been eyeing for a kick-ass DSLR camera from Nikon, the D90. I am so loving it! I wanna get my hands on this baby. Considering I am just about to start my serious stint (and I mean serious!) in photography, it’s kind of ambitious to jump right into this camera. I have read that a D40 or D60 can be adequate for beginners like me but, since I had a old school Russian SLR camera (which was handed down to me by dad, bought in the 1980’s), I think i can manage having this camera intended for serious amateur photographers. I am drooling over it… BIG TIME!

I know i have to save up if i want to buy this for myself… I wonder when but I am so determined to own a d90 soon.. Gotta work my butt off!

I never thought I’d be as exhausted as I was (2 days ago) after 6 straight days of work.. and now, I am enjoying, yet, terribly bored, thought I have taken 3 days off from work. Yeah, I mean it’s great to rest and recharge one’s batteries but I can’t believe that I am spending it entirely home, doing chores and practically watching videos at youtube. Is this really what becomes of people once they become a part of the work force?

 Anyway, tomorrow, we will having visitors- my aunt, myra’s aunt and 3 other new mates who just arrived here in Norway. So we cleaned up a bit and scrubbed all surfaces.. oh oh.. Btw, we got a washing machine! (yeah, it’s something I am gonna be jubilant about!) Yahoo! One of my nice, Polish colleague, Urzula, gave it to me because she bought a new one and needs to dispose the old one. I am so thankful because it’s like new (used less than a year though). My roommate and I were planning to buy a new one next month (after we get our salaries) but I guess we have our lucky shoes on! The cheapest washing machine here is 3000 NKr (that is 24,000Php) and we got one for free! We had been handwashing our clothes for the last 2 weeks since we moved in here and it’s a great relief! (Think about ruining our delicate hands and saving us from back and shoulder pains).. Thanks again Urzula!!

And finally, before I end my blog, my roommate, Myra, came out of the bathroom.. and it’s definitely BAD HAIR DAY for her! she used Rejoice (shampoo from the Philippines) rather than the DAX shampoo we use at work, and we love so much that we decided to bring home a bottle (hehehe we are sooo evil). Her hair is long and with beautiful locks of curl but when I saw her,no doubt that…. hmmm oh well… Here’s what she looked like..

I was bit weirded out because the first thing she said to me, ” My hair’s dead!”. Technically, the external hair is dead but when I looked at her, huuwwaaww! hehehehe Anyway, she just cursed the shampoo and said she will, from now on, shampoo her hair only with Norwegian shampoo! hahaha 

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