The Journal Of Daniel Starr
Hmm wonder where Dear came from..?

*flips out phone and starts typing*

I, Daniel Starr, Make my last will and testimony…I shall give my beloved camera…To the Sanrio Archives…-Ends will-

Kitty: DANIEL!!!! Where are YOU?? You’re suppose to take me shopping in New York- Oh wait. YOU CANCELLED!! *pouts*

*door bell rings* Person at door: Daniel!~ I have food for you!~

Kitty: *Opens door* *giggle giggle* My Melody! ^^ *hug*

Melody:*Hug* Where is Daniel Nyaaann? ^-^

Me: *cringes as sitting in Attic* Don’t check up here… Don’t check up here… *Roy scurries across floor* AAAGHHHH!!!!

(Roy is squirrel..)

Melody: I think I know where he is~

Kitty and Melody: The attic! *giggle giggle*

Kitty: But eeewww! Spiders are up there!

Melody: Nyaaannnnnnnn…True… How about we give the spiders some treats? Then they will tell us where their spider webs are so we won’t run into one! ^-^

Kitty: O-kay! ^^.

*skips up to attic together*

Melody: We found you Daniel ^-^ Why are you about to jump out the window with that blanket?

Me:*looks at parachute “blanket”* uhh… To let it dry faster if I jump?

Melody: So your  cleaning and playing hide and seek? cool ^^. Let’s go eat cookies! lalalala~

Kitty: And talk about our relationship! *tightens grip on paw*

Me: Owowowwww….


Okay..What happened earlier today didn’t REALLY happen EXACTLY like that…But it was close and terrifying -.-

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  1. Says:

    agh!!!! o_0 that really packs a punch,body slamming impact!!!

  2. Says:

    Hmmm…I guess ur having fun.

  3. Says:

    ….Oh my…

  4. reklama Says:

    Great article.

  5. les Simpsons tapped out triche Says:

    It will encourage youu to do Homer a favor in searching foor the rest of his friends and
    family to show the newly built section oof the Krustyland!

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