The Journal Of Daniel Starr
Hmm wonder where Dear came from..?

A kitchen, Kitty, Melody, WHAT NEXT?!

February 4th, 2011 by

Melody: Nyaaaannnnnn!!! The wagon of treats all for you Daniel will not fit into the door! *pouting pouting pouting*

Me:…Look Mel, I need to go to Lily’s house-

Kitty: Lily?! Why is it now all about her? I thought you loved me daniel! *sobs and her cat mascara starts running*

Me: Uhh, honey, I do love you! and you know that! *cough cough cough*

Kitty: I know you seek that tall girl. What is it i’m not as skinny as she is? I’ll starve myself. The press’ll get a kick out of that..

Me: ?!?!?! WHAT? No-Kitty!-ughh…Well, you can come with me, there is..a Merry-go-round there…Romantic right..?

Kitty: Only if you’re a 3rd grader! (which she is. Or how Sanrio portrays her xD)

Melody: *jumps on top of table*NYAAANNN!!!!! We’re going to the fair?! I looove the fair! it’s so great! will there be tea cups? can’t you imagine me on it spinning going wheeeeeeeeeee *spins* eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Kitty:Until my tears of a broken heart fill it up. Waahhhhhh!!!*Sobs even more*

Me: *looks at the craziness* WE’RE NOT GOING TO THE FAIR!!!!

Melody: *falls off table* @_____@ I don’t feel so good. HURP

Me: *backs up*… How ’bout I get a trash can for you… Or, you can get it yourself…

Melody: @__@OoOoooOooooOookaay!! *wobbles*

Kitty: You help Melody, NOT ME? *Sobs*

Me: You’re not in trouble.

Kitty: That’s right, YOU’RE IN TROUBLE! *attacks with manicured claws*

Me: ahhh!!! *looks out kitchen door* Oooh Pink!..Why is she running away? COME BACK!!

Melody:…Is this a hammer or the handle to the bathroom door? I can’t tell. *throws hammer and hit’s door*

Me: My dad is not gonna like that *moans*


*flips out phone and starts typing*

November 10th, 2010 by

I, Daniel Starr, Make my last will and testimony…I shall give my beloved camera…To the Sanrio Archives…-Ends will-

Kitty: DANIEL!!!! Where are YOU?? You’re suppose to take me shopping in New York- Oh wait. YOU CANCELLED!! *pouts*

*door bell rings* Person at door: Daniel!~ I have food for you!~

Kitty: *Opens door* *giggle giggle* My Melody! ^^ *hug*

Melody:*Hug* Where is Daniel Nyaaann? ^-^

Me: *cringes as sitting in Attic* Don’t check up here… Don’t check up here… *Roy scurries across floor* AAAGHHHH!!!!

(Roy is squirrel..)

Melody: I think I know where he is~

Kitty and Melody: The attic! *giggle giggle*

Kitty: But eeewww! Spiders are up there!

Melody: Nyaaannnnnnnn…True… How about we give the spiders some treats? Then they will tell us where their spider webs are so we won’t run into one! ^-^

Kitty: O-kay! ^^.

*skips up to attic together*

Melody: We found you Daniel ^-^ Why are you about to jump out the window with that blanket?

Me:*looks at parachute “blanket”* uhh… To let it dry faster if I jump?

Melody: So your  cleaning and playing hide and seek? cool ^^. Let’s go eat cookies! lalalala~

Kitty: And talk about our relationship! *tightens grip on paw*

Me: Owowowwww….


Okay..What happened earlier today didn’t REALLY happen EXACTLY like that…But it was close and terrifying -.-

A party? Awesome!

October 27th, 2010 by

Guess I’ll have to cancel date plans with Kitty *hesitates not to tell her*


It’s seems Lily’s birthday is coming. I wonder if I should go…And how her boyfriend would be. He’d probably be wondering what I’m doing there.. T_T

But hey.. I-it’s in the past..Right..?

Since my blog had been frozed for awhile. I’ve been taking snaps 24-7.. Kitty deleted some of them since she thought none of her fans would enjoy it ._.

She says I looks like a nerd. And all the pictures I take a blurry (Maybe you should get your eyes checked kitty >_<)

Also if Blue goes I want to right on every wall (Don’t worry…It may come off^^) DANIEL STARR everywhere! X_X Seriously what idiot forgets someones name ALSO CALLS THEM A DOG!!! when you helped them get out of jail- Ok that came out very wrong… but… you know. The ladies get angry ^^.

Well thats all for now.

Erm.. *cough cough*

October 12th, 2010 by

Hey, It’s Daniel…  i haven’t been able to blog for a while. I guess my account froze. I finally got it to work again. (Thank you SanrioTown!) Anyway. I guess alot has happened since I’ve been gone! I’ll try to get back in touch with everyone ;)

-Dear Daniel

Merry Christmas

December 25th, 2009 by

so suitable correct? :)

 Authors note: what in the world! why does it say Dear Daniel was made in 1999? he has so been longer out then that. haha random.

Please Mimmy! (forgive?)

December 11th, 2009 by

Gaah i have a horrid problem..

i spew out things that are in my head, and that turns me into cat food!

i learned my lesson when i was in the 5th grade about say Tippy has no right putting his paws on my lady and then i jumped on him. and that got me sent to the principals office.. (why do they call him princi”PAL” he is no pal what the punishment was >.<)

and then that one time i accidentally blurted out in the 2 grade, That Spottie Dottie had a crush on Pochacco…..- and i should shut up now….

but the point is i blurted out that i said Kitty was acting like a zombie. (i could make a list of things i blurt out..)

and if Kitty finds out what i said she is going to rip me to shreads with her manicured claws.

or even worse any of the parents find out *shivers* i am trying to have a good reputation. and showing that i CAN be mature…

anyway.. i looked on Hello Kitty Online, and they made this sculpture made out of gold of me. haha how nice, and they perfectly showed my handsomeness haha!


well anyway………………

Wait, Mimmy……… you tell her what i said then i will say what you didn’t want me to say a few months ago..

your choice mimmy >:)


watch out My Melody!

November 16th, 2009 by

wow Melody’s back? i haven’t seen her in years! i should check on her to see if she’s ok.

anyway why i say “watch out”
I am afraid that that Chipper fellow of Tuxedo Sam’s is going to bother My Mero.

even if Melody isn’t my girl. i know Melody closely and she is almost like a sister, so i have to watch her back from the household of the bowtied penguins!

speaking of penguins. sorry penguinkool97, i am already taken. but perhaps i could give you a gift. and you can just be my friend.

well i will be off and visit My Melody. goodbye.

Oh! and one more thing…

November 1st, 2009 by

For you Mimmy~! i would never forget my girls sister!

Here you go!

here is the present :)

hope you like it!

How do i love thee? let me count the ways…

November 1st, 2009 by

I am  so sorry the love of my life Kitty! i have been so thus unfair to you! how blinded i was to steal foolishly from such a childish penguin like Tuxedo Sam

and too be a flirt and fall for a different girl, knowing that i love you!

Andyou probably don’t want me to step into her house… again.

but i need to help my friend.. Spottie Dottie…

Forgive me, my love.. of my life.. (great.. i am sounding like Blue Grrya@@)

So please *gets on knees*

Forgive me *Has a little box*

Happy Birthday,


Authors note: Hahaha i don’t even think daniel has knees :) thats what makes it Funny! and the love potion wore off. how? you may ask. well. it was for him to notice how much he loves Kitty, and well he relized he would be serverly injured. if Kitty found out he didn’t love her…

Got the ice cream!

October 18th, 2009 by

since that tuxedo sam fellow, has love potion in his ice cream. i have stolen his ice cream… how i did it? you may ask? well as i was walking ain the dark a few nights ago. i had heard girls giggling. how odd, so i went to spottie dottie’s house but the windows were covered. Hrphm! so i went and pressed my ear against the window. then i heard Mimmy: Ok! i am going to show some pictures!

OHNO!! so i ran as fast as my cat legs could take me. then i go to tuxedo’s house. i noticed he left the door unlocked. probably waiting for his seal friend @@.

and i came in. hmm he told me i could never find it. so look where no noe would expect… the fridge! so i went and took the ice cream. hah! he thought that people would be stupid enough to go searching and never check the fridge!

so to make it clear to tuxedo. i am going to eat this ice cream and show him it is not a love potion! *eats*

told you! hahahahahahaha! *spottie dottie passes by, gets hypnotized* ILOVEYOUSPOTTIEDOTTIE!MARRYME!!! *runs after her*

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