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Workin for the Weekend

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

Photobucket I am a serious clock watcher today! I missed a week of work because of my child being sick, then  I got sick, then she got sick again. Fun times I tell you.  But I noticed that while she was sick, my house stayed clean as a whistle. As soon as she was well again, chaos. So I think I shall relegate her to her room again so I can keep my sanity.I am on vacation next week so who knows what will happen to my house then, but I have a few things planned so we are not sitting around all day to mess it up. I should also recieve my next Harmony needle installment. I have the set, extra long cables, 3 sizes of the DPN’s and now I have ordered two more tip sizes and more cables.

I am still working on that neverendingscarf. It is a good 5 feet long now and very colorful. My sister covets it. Ha Ha. It will never be hers.


I discovered a new website for yarn:

I can get in serious trouble in that joint. I found my favorite yarn- Lamb’s Pride there for so cheap and in my sorority’s colors, I had to tell my other soror who knits too about it, then all the folks at work who knit about it.  So now after my little spending spree, I think I have enough yarn to last me a while. But I do have my eyes on this frizzy yarn that I want to try out a design on. It’s only $2.00 a ball. I can buy that right?

Longest scarf in the World update

Wednesday, March 5th, 2008

My scarf is now over three feet long. It is also very colorful, my ex thinks it is a gay pride statement. Just because I don’t like his behind doesn’t mean I don’t like all men. Cheez Louise. But I do love my colors and will wear them all at once if I can get away with it.

 I took a break for a day to work on my vest and enjoy my new Harmony needles. But I shall resume tonight while goofing off in front of the TV.