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Looking Like Christmas

December 1st, 2008 by

I survived Thanksgiving- Hallaluyer.

We went to our middle sister’s house and she was the host but did not cook anything and did a freak out whenever someone spilled something on her stove. Aside from wanting to pop her upside her head, everything went well. We watched Journey to the Center of the Earth, Iron Man and Kung Fu Panda. We did not go to sleep until 3 or 4 and I did not sleep well because I was very afraid of my sister’s cats. They kept walking around me looking at me and meowing. One of them jumped on me a few times while I was sitting and knitting, minding my own bidness. I was afraid they would attack me in my sleep- which has happened before. So no, I did not sleep well.

We woke up late and watched a little of “What Not to Wear” and the news. We finally left at 2 ish with full intentions on going to Target and Best Buy. By the time we got downtown, it was almost six and we were tired and grumpy. We decided to stay downtown and watch the tree lighting ceremony- we missed it.  On our way out of the mall, I saw that Plush had the floor cushion I have wanted for a few years on sale. I had to go in. I got the cushion and cover for under $130 when it usually sells for over $300! It was a bit akward getting it home on the bus, but once I unleashed it from it’s canvas confines, it puffs up nicely and my daughter laughs as I plop into it. I layed it on my floor and gloried in it’s softness and forced myself to go to my ol lumpy bed.

 The next day, my youngest sister, our friend and my daughter head out for shopping fun. I decided my daughter was old enough to finally enjoy her video game system and bought her Dance Revolution, Hello Kitty Rainboots and little trinkets. I think I am done. My friend got a laptop for a steal at $300. My daughter bought a cell phone for $10, the only person who walked out without a deal was my sister. Too bad, so sad.

 I don’t want to go crazy gift wise and get all super-consumer, so I will call it a day for my girl’s gifts.

It’s Been Exciting

November 24th, 2008 by

 Last week we took our weekly trip to our new favorite coffee shop. When we walked in, we saw a guy using the window as his mirror. We shrugged it off and went in to order our drinks and order my strawberry shortcake. We sat down and I saw the lady across from me widen her eyes and start laughing. I follow her gaze and see the guy we passed at the entrance dancing and singing along to the music that was being piped outside from the coffee shop. He is primping his hair between dance moves and I giggle because it was funny. My daughter sits down and gives me a ‘what in the world’ look.   I know it is rude to stare, but he was very interesting and entertaining.

 What separates us from the so called crazy people? I decided not much. I work around people and wonder how many of them would be clients rather than providers after dealing with them. I know some very smart seemingly normal people who show thier asses when given a chance. Maybe we all have a little crazy in us.

People think I am crazy because I love Hello Kitty and knitting…. I love these things, but I am not obsessed. My home is not filled with Hello Kitty stuff, and my yarn is constricted to my room’s closet.  I can go with out yarn and Hello Kitty in order to feed my child and my self.

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