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Hooray, new stuff to report.
Soooo…Liz and I now have a site for the boys

Hooray, cause updates are always fun! Lets see…Well the most stressful part of all this week has definitely been with student loans…they really mess you up T-T. Especially when you’re going about it all by yourself and don’t have very much of a clue as to where to start. But through it all I think I might have my loan down. I was going to get my loan though school and just make my life a little easier with the interest rate…but for that I need my mother’s involvement and she’s really not giving me the time of day…So I’ll probably be stick with my fallback loan that requires immediate repayment and has a much higher interest rate o_o. I’m really winning at life….I’m trying to tell myself it’ll all be worth it T-T. Besides the loan I just need to wait till my doctor’s appointment, get some stuff signed and then I’m set for registration ^^…then there’s the plane ticket -$1000- I’d rather not think of it till the time comes.

So with ranting out of the way, my DoD is in the mail ^^

Yeah…so its been quite a while since I’ve updated. Lost track of yet another blog T-T. It happens I suppose. I do in fact have a reason for attempting to start it back up though! I recieved my approval for registration yesterday for Japan! Hooray! So I’m 100% officially going now. Just have to fill out a ton of paper work and book the flight! Then I’ll be long gone in three months, bwahahahaha.
So, what does this have to do with me starting the blog back up besides my need to brag XD?! I do indeed plan on documenting my trip as much as possible. I think this will be the best way. I could throw it all up on livejournal or something….but I dispise livejournal….too many 16-year-olds. I’ll be buying my wonderfully expensive Nikon soon so I plan on posting a lot of pictures…it’ll be eaiser this way.
*sigh* so with most of the process almost complete I need only to study as much as I can in a short period of time….and lose like 10 lbs so I can fit into the clothes…cause their clothes are made for stick people and I haven’t been a stick since High school XD. Hooray stick clothes!
I did order some Sex Pot Revenge stuff for Christmas that I got in the mail yesterday ^^. And Liz bought me a Putumayo shirt for Christmas Kirill is now all mine Ivan soon so we may photograph both of them together in compromising positions…don’t judge me!

Thats about all for now I think…I’ll update if anything happens…maybe…

soooo yesterday i went back to the botanical gardens with shono. i didn’t get a chance to take pictures of the pretty trees and stuff when i was there for the festival because i forgot my camera T-T. yes…was a very important thing to remember lol but i didn’t. BUT i took a bunch of pretty ones yesterday ^^. thankfully it was a very nice day out and the flowers weren’t dead yet. actually it was a nice time for the trees, the petals were starting to fall off so they would fall and drift in the wind ^^ and the ground was pink from all the petals…was so pretty!! and it wasn’t crowded like it was at the festival, yay! we ate cupcakes under one of the sakura trees and took stupid pictures XD. then we went walking around looking for the pond with the giant koi fish in it but they were starting to close the park early so we didn’t get much of a chance to look -.- soooo after the gardens we took a train into manhattan…and ate all day o_o i think he draged me to just about every good food place near 8th street XD. the food was good….but i got so full lol. i was so tired after all that walking and eating, i actually fell asleep on the ferry going home XD. lol lucky someone was nice enough to wake me up. oh yeah, and while traveling on my own…i was hit on by so many people o_o…it was kind of creepy…like 6 different people. i guess with joe not around and me all alone people take the opportunity to approach me. and to think all this time i thought i just looked too scary for people to approach me. i am sadly mistaken….i blame it on the skirt i wore…it wasn’t short or anything (to my knees), just cute…i attract pedophiles LOL. anyway, pictures of stuff!!

pictures of the gardens:

pictures i took of shono: *sigh* he will probably hate me for posting these XD.

(to make it fair) pictures shono took of me: *sigh* i r not a model.

issue #1: my surgery

ok! sooo much to talk about. just got the surgery for my wisdom teeth yesterday…yay…it wasn’t as bad as i thought it would be though which is good XD. had to go in for 9 am. the stuff they were hooking me up to was kinda scary o_o. and the doctor was very creepy. but once i got that first shot of sodium penethol i went right out…and don’t remember a thing till someone was calling my name and i woke up feeling like not even a second had gone by. they walked me to the recovery room where i got to see my mother and joe ^^ and they were laughing at the way i was trying to talk cause my mouth was all stuffed with cotton and i was numbed up. the doctor said there were no complications with my surgery and my teeth came out easily with no difficulties and damage ^^. so yeah, after that i kinda couldn’t wait to get home. the doctor gave me a prescription for vicadin and an antibiotic. i wasn’t in any pain at all though…till the novicain wore off…and then…the pain was terribly unbearable…and i had to wait till my mother got back from doing laundry and picking up my prescription to take anything for the pain. in the mean time joe made me mashed potatoes to eat being that i need something in my stomach to take the pills with…or i’ll get sick. ha…eating in that much pain and with a mouth full of cotton is extreamly difficult. and anything i eat i have to swallow whole. no chewing allowed. so i ate and my mother came home and i took my pills and all was well. so I’ve basically been sleeping a lot and eating very little…i can see why the doctor said i might lose as much as 10lbs in the next 2 weeks or so…between how my mouth feels and the medication i really don’t feel like eating at all…i kinda just have to though XD. ah….SO i wanted to take some scary pictures of how my mouth looks right now..but its very bloody and the stitches are creepy and you can see a back hole in the back of my mouth on one side…might be too gory…and i have bruises around my face from whatever the doctor was doing during the surgery to keep my mouth open…but yeah…i don’t really want anyone seeing me like that XD…..so i took a few pictures of my left arm which has a huge bruise on it left by the IV they stuck in me. it hurts like a bitch o_o:

ha…yeah that’ll be there a while….

issue # 2: new art stuff!

I forgot to post up the new stuff i did a few days ago. work has given me lots of time to draw and motivates me to cg whenever i get the chance. i think I’m getting a lot better with my cg work now ^^. i have a new commission to do for someone and at least 2 or 3 other drawings i’m working on now that I’m hoping to color within the next 2 weeks. eh i’m just happy i’m being productive ^^.

Full View please ^^

issue # 3: the send manda to japan fund

i have recently been invited to go on a 2 week trip to japan with liz, rachel and one of rachels friends during the summer…needless to say i really really want to go! this trip would replace my otakon trip and would be a late 20th birthday present for me. but money is indeed and issue. so i am graciously asking my friends, fans, people who like me, whatever to contribute to my trip. i’m offering commissions, sewing projects, anything that is in my power to do in order to raise money T-T. and if i do get the money to go i will happily accept a list from anyone who has contributed who wants me to pick up something for them while i’m there. i’d need you to give me your own spending money for that of course (i promise i won’t lose it or spend it on myself XD) but i’d be happy to do it ^^. honestly at this point i do have enough money to go…but its the little i was able to save up for starting college…and i’m trying so hard not to give into temptation and use it T-T. so again..art commissions, sewing commissions, photography, web design, anything! every little bit counts! and no i’m not asking for handouts nor will i accept them. please contact me if you’d like to help ^^.

blessed be!

OK! sooooo much work was done today!! completed our katamari fan art in only 3 days ^^….3 long painful days T-T…but its cuuuuuteee!!!!! all the cousins and katamari’s we’re completed earlier on with some time for a little game play to get us in the mood. then we were off to start our little photoshoot of the cousins ^^….it was interesting to say the least…many things went a little wrong >_>.

kuro tried to steal a katamari o_o….

june fell asleep in the middle of the shoot.

lalala forgot his clothes ><…oh wait…nevermind..

Ichigo was just too effen cute T-T

Dipp got rolled up….its colombos fault i swear…

opeo knocked out nickle with a band aid…don’t ask me how..

the prince stole the camera…camera whore ><

liz was violating opeo’s hole…ahem…

yeah…wtf….it was fun though…and it all resulted in this—->

(please click and look at full view picture..so much to be seen and so much work put into it T-T)

a yes….3 days…and this is what we got…i love it though ^^ its cute! we submitted it…and maybe it’ll win something :D! i really hope so…i hope they at least put it up on the site o_o. eh. SO now that that’s done i plan on trying to relax…which won’t be easy. need to do lots of cleaning tomorrow and then we’re going to the museum of natural history on sunday to see fossils and to see if the butterfly conservatory is open ^^. i go sleep now…..how disturbing….blessed be!

kk i went to the sakura festival on sunday. it was pretty cool…not all that i expected it to be…but that could have been because we were all uncomfortable in the kimonos that took like and hour to put on XD. we got there late of course but still didn’t miss jun’s show! i definitly didn’t want to miss it, and i finally got to meet him, breifly because he was busy, but still lol. we might go back to the gardens this or next weekend to do a photoshoot thingy cause we didn’t take any pictures at the festival T-T and this way we can dress up in other things and look pretty and stuff XD!! will be fun…and i will bring many people with me to take pictures of and with under the sakura trees *glee*. i’m really in the mood to dress up and take pretty pictures…too bad i’m always too tired to do it..and i want new clothes that are pretty and stuff….ok so now that the whole kimono project is over (though i’m still doing the commissions for it *nudge nudge*) i’m gonna try sewing other things like shirts and stuff XD cause i keep seeing really cool stuff that i wish i could buy but its too expensive or i can only get it in japan…and i’m on a big h. naoto kick…i even bid on a shirt by h. naoto i found on ebay for $50 which isn’t too bad actually lol. and hey, if i make cool stuff and get good at it i’ll start a little ebay store…though i still don’t mind doing the clothing commissions it doesn’t pull in enough money T-T. i found a site that bids on items from japan for you on yahoo japan and stuff…and they have h. naoto!! *drools* i’m so tempted to bid on a jacket thats 15,000 yen and a shirt thats 6,200 XD! i want so bad…if only it were easier to get the stuff i want *cries* when liz is in japan i sware shes gonna me buying me all sorts of stuff and shipping it or i’ll fall apart in agony…and hopefully i’ll be able to visite her and spend all my money buying cute japanese clothes x_x i wish i had a good friend in japan who could ship stuff to me T-T….eh oh well…
ummm ok so i’m still obsessed with animal crossing, especially after i finally caught the celocanthus!! yes!! and its a huge fish!!! and joe also made another town so its fun running back and forth between the two towns buying stuff…i love buying stuff too much *cries*. and we’ve been going to this really good japanese restaurant in eltingville called aka sushi. its one of those chinese run japanese restaurants lol but the food is awesome! i’m obsessed with their chicken katsu! hehehehe. wouldn’t surprise me if we ended up eating there again tonight x_x! i’m planing on just going home and sleeping..but yeah i wanted to do that yesterday and plans changed XD so it wouldnt’ surprise me if we end up going out agian tonight….ugh i need more energy though….and money…*sigh*

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