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HAH! yes it has been a VERY long time since I’ve written anything XD. I’ve been home from Japan a month now T-T. As you can see I didn’t get to update as much while I was there as I wanted to… mainly because I lacked a computer of my own so I didn’t get much online time. I was also far more busy everyday then I thought I would be. Very little free time ^^. But… I had so much fun! Everyday was a party XD. And I can speak pretty decently now. I’m definitely planing on going back next year for the 6 month program starting in July. SO I now have till then to make as much money as I possibly can T-T. I’d rather not have to completely go on student loans.

Well besides me obviously being back, I updated the effen gallery section for once XD. Yup, lots of Japan pics can be found in the Japan gallery now. And I added a few in other categories randomly, just look around I guess. Still have so much more to add still… it’s been such a long time. Hopefully I’ll remember not to neglect my own site anymore.

So what’s been up lately? not much ^^. I’ve been working on a web commission and DS is going though a re-vamp. Both at the same time proves to be rather difficult. On top of that we got a new litter of kittens ^^! 3 more, 2 black and white and one all black. So that’s a grand total of 11 cats in the house at the moment T-T. My allergies are killing me o_O. I’ll post up pictures soon :D.

Ah…well its going on 6 am now so I’d say it’s time I try to sleep. Night!

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