Yeah…so its been quite a while since I’ve updated. Lost track of yet another blog T-T. It happens I suppose. I do in fact have a reason for attempting to start it back up though! I recieved my approval for registration yesterday for Japan! Hooray! So I’m 100% officially going now. Just have to fill out a ton of paper work and book the flight! Then I’ll be long gone in three months, bwahahahaha.
So, what does this have to do with me starting the blog back up besides my need to brag XD?! I do indeed plan on documenting my trip as much as possible. I think this will be the best way. I could throw it all up on livejournal or something….but I dispise livejournal….too many 16-year-olds. I’ll be buying my wonderfully expensive Nikon soon so I plan on posting a lot of pictures…it’ll be eaiser this way.
*sigh* so with most of the process almost complete I need only to study as much as I can in a short period of time….and lose like 10 lbs so I can fit into the clothes…cause their clothes are made for stick people and I haven’t been a stick since High school XD. Hooray stick clothes!
I did order some Sex Pot Revenge stuff for Christmas that I got in the mail yesterday ^^. And Liz bought me a Putumayo shirt for Christmas Kirill is now all mine Ivan soon so we may photograph both of them together in compromising positions…don’t judge me!

Thats about all for now I think…I’ll update if anything happens…maybe…

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