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Great question! I’m still alive. A lot has happened since… *checks date of last post* July 22 XD… wow I really let it run on for a long time.
So mostly I’ve just been working. I’m sad to say I really have like no life at all anymore. Most of the time when I’m not working I’m sleeping or sick. Too much work has made me ill very often. I’ve gone through a ton of colds by now, a respiratory infection, a few stomach viruses but some how I’m still kicking! Joe has forced me on to my iron pills which I’m now taking (almost) daily to combat my anemia issue. And starting this week we’re going on a planned diet to increase my vitamin B, A, D and C intake to keep me from being constantly sick. As difficult as things are at the moment with my health I’ve accepted the fact that I need to actually care about my health in order to get myself back on track with everything.
I have a lot of backdated stuff I’d still like to post. A few fun pictures of stuff… and even a few video’s XD. Just know I’m not dead and I’ll be trying to get better and find energy to update AND yes, even work on DS a little *coughshutupkaicough*. Peace :P

Really nothing new. Working as usually. Progress on everything is slow… but still progressing! Can’t complain I suppose. Some how I can’t sleep right now soooo I figured I’d waste time here till I’m sleepy.
Yay, I have pictures to post! Pictures are always fun ^^.
I’d been meaning to post up this one of Kiwi in the shower for quite some time now… cause he’s all ugly looking and cute when he’s wet XDDD.

BIG BEAK!!! Seriously, smaller than a parakeet but has a much larger beak. ?????????????

Annnnnd I said I was drawing… So here’s my proof:

Alas, I have no scanner right now… So I had to take a crappy looking picture and try to adjust the contrast in photoshop so it could actually be visible instead of washed-out looking. I feel so helpless without my usual array of computer necessities.. such as an effen scanner… I’d love to redraw this, then scan it and clean it in photoshop and maybe splash some color on… but no, I fail right now. And It’ll be MONTHS before I can afford my Cintiq tablet… On top of that stupid Joe went and spent/loaned about $200 of the $350 I had saved. I should have known better than to let him hold on to my money… *sigh*
Drawing BTW is inspired from an image I saw somewhere of 176BIZ last week. No idea which member it is. I managed to draw a small scale draft of the basic pose and some key clothing points. The image I had though was REALLY tiny so no idea how accurate it is to the actual photograph. I then made this larger sketch based off of my small draft (which is hiding under my headphones on the right). I should try and look for the original image in a larger version to see how it compares… too lazy though… I hate scan sites T-T.

Yay! Picture time is over!
Yeah, stupid and short *just like me* :P

Well it’s been a rough week… but I’m feeling a lot better. I think I’ve been making some small amount of progress this week which has improved my mood overall.
I ended up working like 7 days in a row, Friday through Thursday, and I think I’ve become sick again because of it. I have a cold or something that has been causing my head to be so clogged up I have such a headache. I did get like one hour of overtime in though so I should be getting another good paycheck next week. Can’t wait XD. So updates on progress:

1. Drop like 15 lbs. progress -
Well since I’ve been working so much I’ve been extremely active… not to mention I’m so worn out I don’t have much of an appetite. I can list everything I’ve eaten and the amount over the past week because it really hasn’t been much at all. I’ve now gone down like 2 lbs. I’m sure I won’t keep up 2 lbs a week but if I can lose like 1 lb a week I think it would be a healthy enough amount in a healthy amount of time…. so like 4-5 lbs a month… so in like 3 months I should be good XD. I know if I drop weight to fast (like my 20lbs in Japan) it’ll just come right back. Joe and I also bought Wii fit so maybe that’ll do something XD.

2. Draw you Bitch! progress -
So I have been trying to draw a little bit but mainly I haven’t had much time. It’s at least on my mind and I’m trying to take the opportunities to do so. I’ve also started saving up for my Wacom Cintiq tablet ^^. I know if I had one I’d want to use it all the time. Would make drawing a lot easier since I can just do it right on the computer. Ever since I tried out Jess’s I’ve wanted one so bad XD. $999 though, I know I’m gonna find it hard to fork over the money once I’ve saved like $1000 XD. Joe is very supportive of me getting it though, really helps a lot “I want to see you draw more again, I know it make you happy.” I wuv my Joe <3. He’s making me put away an extra $350 for it this month T-T. Very difficult.

3. Photography Progress -
YAY Joe bought me a tripod (finally). I just always procrastinated about buying one. Since my little photo shoot for Christina though I’ve realized it would help a lot. I got too use to photographing mainly myself in my old room that had god-like natural lighting and perfect angles… in which I didn’t need a tripod (would have still helped) so I guess I just never invested in one. BUT now that will no longer be an issue. The thing expands up to 6 feet tall o_O. I also ordered the remote for my Nikon. Will make self portraits much easier and also help with my lighting issues. I still need to invest in a good lighting system but for now if the camera is still mounted and I don’t even have to touch it to take a picture then I can adjust the shutter and iso to compensate for lack of good light without worry of the picture turning out too blurry cause of movement… Yay!

4. Study Study Study progress -
Not much here. I find myself trying to read the packaging of the Hikari fish food at work, that’s really it XD. Again lack of time.

5. Back to the promised lands! progress -
Well there is hope for Japan in the future. If I can just save up some money and hopefully wipe out my credit card bill this year XD. My mother also said once she’s more settled she’d like to help send me back if that’s really what makes me happy. I could still only go for like 3 months at a time bacause of Joe and work (limited leave of absence) but even if I could go back just one more time it’d be worth it to me. I guess we’ll see how that works out.

Again, progress makes me happy ^^. I hate to speak too soon but I do feel like maybe things are starting to turn around a little bit. It’s relieving. Joe has really been helping with a lot of it. His support and encouragement make a big difference, not to mention I need someone to kick me in the ass once and a while to do things XD. Our relationship has been better than ever and that alone makes me really happy :D.

Urgh, I’ve felt quite discouraged with many things lately… well not lately… it’s been going on for quite some time now. I guess I just try to ignore the bad things. I’m rather sick of sitting around waiting for stuff to change. Sooooooo I guess I should try to do whatever I can to change whatever is making me unhappy. Unfortunately it’s not going to be easy at all. I don’t have much control over everything that’s going wrong. I’m hoping if I try to set a bunch of small goals that will definitely increase my happiness level then I’ll be closer to achieving my larger goals. It will be difficult…. but I know I’ll get great satisfaction if I’m successful ^^. I’d like to see how much I can change things 3 months from now. I’d like to look back on all that time and feel I’ve accomplished what I’ve set out to do. So without further ado, my list of small goals for the next 3 months:

1. Drop like 15 lbs.
Holy crap I use to weigh 97 lbs. And now I’m up to like 115. disgraceful. I’m FAR from being as active as I once was. Dieting helps keep my weight stable but I lose nothing…. so basically I have to drop a lot of weight first and then keep on my diet to maintain the weight…. and still try to keep active XD. Again, I want to be as ungodly skinny as I once was. I don’t care too much about how unhealthy it may be. I must get down to my use-to-be-sexy weight…. and hopefully drop a bra size. C’s just aren’t my thing.

2. Draw you Bitch!
I use to draw everyday. I use to have a new CG picture up like 3 times a month. I spent hours on one piece till I was satisfied. And just as I started getting really good I just kind of stopped. Damn me ><! I still draw once and a while but I’d really like my art to be as important to me as it once was. I’d also like to work my way back into the pornographic genre. I enjoyed my smut T-T. I just never felt it looked good enough to display my really vulgar stuff. I must make more… and maybe finally share it with the world. Yay for porn, hooray for naked men!

3. Photography
I would spend hours setting up little photo shoots for me or my friends. So much fun ><!!! I haven’t whored in front of a camera for a while now XDDD. Probably goes hand in hand with me gaining weight. Self esteem issues, I just haven’t felt up to it T.T But I’d like to put my god camera to good use. Mainly lighting is such an issue. My old room had a sky light that just happen to allow the perfect amount of natural light in. Also was positioned so conveniently for setting up make-shift backgrounds and such. Now I’ll have to figure out new DIY bootleg lighting systems that make pictures not suck. I don’t care how good of a camera you have, a picture just fails without the proper lighting D:

4.Study Study Study
I’m amazed how much Japanese I’ve forgotten… and at the same time how much I can still remember. Song translations were really good at keeping me refreshed on everything I learned. I’m really like to do more of them and hopefully go through my textbooks once more as a good refresher. I actually got the opportunity to speak with an old Japanese couple at work a few weeks ago. I was able to keep up a conversation but I found it a little to difficult to feel comfortable with. Though they were surprised enough to find a little white girl in a pet store blurting out simple Japanese to explain about dog food, I’m sure I made a bunch of mistakes XDD.

5. Back to the promised lands!
It’s more of a long term goal (can’t be done in 3 months) but I’d like to start focusing on saving money once more so I can continue my study in Japan. Last year I planned on getting ready to go back by now. Money has just become such and issue after everything with me moving out and my mother in the hospital. I also really wanted Joe to come with me for the next round but we’ve both come to terms with the fact that it probably wouldn’t happen. I must stay focused though. FOCUSED!!! SAVE MONEY!!!! (after I’ve purchased my tripod and ML-L3 remote of course… and maybe a new SLR lens… *cough*)

I think my goals are pretty realistic. It’s been a rough year since last August. I got pretty off track with everything but at least now I’m trying to gather motivation to make things as I think they should be XD. I need to try and get Joe more involved in my goals as well. I need someone to yell at me every time I’m doing something that is not beneficial to my goals… like spending 3 hours playing FFX… or eating apple pie at 2 am. But… somethings may never change XDDD. I need to find balance.

So here’s how it went down. June 10th was Joe and my anniversary so we wanted to go out and do something. Joe had the idea of going to point pleasant in New Jersey to spend the day at the beach. I really wasn’t too thrilled about it… as I’m not that much of an ocean fan strangely enough. But he reassured me if I just trust him we’ll have a good time. Sooo I went along with his stupid beach idea and sat in the car for like 40 minutes before I realized it didn’t seem like we were getting any closer to any type of shore. I was actually quite annoyed XD. Like 10 minutes later we turn into a parking lot in front of a store called “Bird Paradise”.
Just so happened that Joe was actually paying attention to the things I had been googleing over the past 2 weeks. I was considering getting a lovebird or a parrotlet as a little companion since we can’t have a dog or a cat… and while I love my fish and hamsters they’re just not all that into spending time with me XD. Sooo I was doing lots of research and had found the place (bird paradise) in NJ that sold hand fed parrotlets and I bookmarked the site. Stupid Joe had to go and surprise me with a trip to the store to pick out my new feathered baby ^^.
Holy crap the store was amazing. The store itself is like an acre or two in size and I think the largest on the east coast. You’re able to go into the “bird rooms” where you can pick out a bird and bring it into the lounge to play and decide if it’s the bird for you. Even if I wasn’t ready to buy a bird that day I could put a deposit down and visit him whenever I liked till it was time for him to come home. Seriously they must have had at least one of every type of parrot including the cute little parrotlets. We went through a few birds testing out the temperaments till I finally decided on Kiwi (named so simply because he’s small and green). He was the only one that didn’t bite even in the slightest… not like those little things actually hurt that much. We’ve had him 2 weeks now and he’s becoming more friendly everyday.

OMG he’s so cute. about 3-4 months old. He’ll never get more that an ounce or so XD. He’s learned to love head scratches and so far his favorite foods are blueberries and chilli peppers rofl. He’s more of a chicken that a parrotlet, he runs and hides in my hair whenever something scary comes along… like the refrigerator or Joe’s mother XDDDD. He gets his face all messy when he eats and then wipes his beak off on my arm. I’m trying to get him use to joining me in the shower but so far the noise gets him a little freaked out so just a spray bottle bath for now.

Today Christina came over with Lilu (lovebird) and Orion (conure) to play with Kiwi. We had like a small bird party XD. Little bastards spilled seed all over the floor and danced around for a few hours XDD.

He seemed to get along best with Lilu… probably because she’s not so big compared to Orion. She like took over his cage later on. He was doing these funny little territorial dances at her at first XDDD. He’d lift his wings and bob his head while making a car alarm sound lmao. She seemed unimpressed so he gave up after a while and just hid in his hut.

Over all fun day. I must have more bird parties, very entertaining.

I’m sure Kiwi will continue to dominate my blog with stupid cute pictures from here on every time he learns or does something new. *sigh* ah well. I think I’ll be good on the animals for a while (hopefully) unless I decide to get to get him a little girlfriend in the future…. *cough*

BTW Ayabie concert effen ruled <3.


I’m very tired… and I hate work right now T-T. I noticed I’ve been getting more and more sick lately for some reason. I’m pretty convinced it has something to do with my eating habits. Joe is going to put use on an all vegetarian detox diet thing so maybe I can stop being sick. Unfortunately I broke my “no fast food” streak this week. Joe’s dad had another small series of strokes (he’s much better now) so all the stuff going on mixed with the usual hospital routine forced us into a fast food depression. I’m talking breakfast lunch and dinner for two days. Horrible T-T.

On top of that we’re now completely broke after being forced to buy a $700 TV. The TV decided to die last week but Joe had the warranty on it so figured it was no big deal… just so happen the company that made the TV was sued by Phillips and went bankrupt late last year. This happened about 2 months after he bought the damn thing. So we were out a TV… meaning nothing to do besides sit on the computer which we both very well can’t do together. Couldn’t even play Wii or anything! SO we took the rest of my paycheck and bought a new TV T-T. Considering the circumstances we did get a pretty good deal but I hate having an empty bank account. SO much for saving DX.

I got bored and decided to jailbreak my iPhone. Holy crap why didn’t I do this sooner? The iPhone has become 9294875 times more awesome now that it’s jail broken. I can now take video’s, WHAT?! something so simple that the iphone was never able to do before XD. Annnnnnd I downloaded a bunch of themes, right now I have a hello kitty theme XD. The themes are really easy to make though so I’m sure I’ll be creating something for myself soon. I also installed an NES emulator on the iPhone so I’ve been dominating Super Mario 3 for the past couple of days. I’ve been too lazy to install the SNES emulator but that’ll probably be soon. I think theres an genesis, and PSX one as well. Need to look that up…

Finally we have a new little addition to our ever growing animal family. Say hello to Clyde frog:

Clyde Frog

We found him in the feeder tank at work. Apparently a few tadpoles slip in with the feeder fish shipments o.O. I felt bad for him so I brought him home and stuck him in the 2.5 gallon. He still has a tail ^^. I’ll probably wait till his a little fatter then let him go in a pond somewhere or something. I’d rather not keep him… Just another thing to take up room that could be use for fish. It’s hard enough not to take home one of the 19 baby dwarf hamsters we have at work now DX. SO CUTE I want another one T-T. But I already have 4 and I don’t need another one.

Ah yet again I go like a month without posting anything ><! I R getting lazy again or something. It’s been a busy month though. And somehow lots of stuff has been going on to make my life seem a little less boring ^^. So I guess lets start off where we left off:

Birthday Present

Last I spoke it was the day before my birthday. I was really expecting it to be crappy since yet again anything I planned on doing to have a good day just wasn’t going to happen…. and it figures something I did plan on ends up making the day pretty awesome.
Joe was sweet enough to call out of work for the day so he could spend time with me ^^. Christina called up and decided to hang out with us and get us out of the house. She said she’d buy me a new post for my lip piercing since I keep loosing the little screw thingy for mine ><. So we ended up going to Tattoo Mania where Jay works cause they have better crap then what you’ll find at the local Hot Topic. Long story short I end up walking out with a tattoo XD. Got two little stars on the side of my neck <3.

First Tattoo
Picture of when it was finished… looks much better now that it’s healed and not red XD. Strange I feel as if I’ve always had it too. I feel I’ve made a good choice. And it’s very true… once you get one you’ll want more… I have huge plans for my back now. Just have to not be lazy and draw the damn thing up. it’ll definitely take a while to do anyway though.
Soooo after Tattoo time we went to a Thai restaurant and had curry!! Yay!! and then bubble tea!! Wooot! teh EnD.

More #$%@ing Fish

Ah yes… fish. I’ll be very picture happy on this one. Sooo I’ve started my breeding process again. I wish bettas were far easier to breed but no… they have to be bitches. I’ve had a couple of successful “spawns” which have either resulted in the two stupid fish not doing it right so the eggs were unfertalized OR the female decided to be a bitch and eat them all OR the male is just not interested in sex at all… WTH. I have Homosexual fish? I blame it on the fact that I’m working with virgin fish who have no idea how the sex thing works so it takes a long time to figure it out. Stupid fish. I’ll probably start setting up multiple breeding containers soon as it’s becoming very time consuming trying out one pair at a time and some males take longer to get the whole spawning idea than others. Lets just hope Joe doesn’t decide to kill me with all the fish I bring home. Here is my new stock:

This is Yuki, Opaque platinum HM male.

Marble, a blue mask marble HM male.

Panda, Black and White Marble HMPK male (coming June 1st).

Oni, Black Devil Blue Mask OHM male (coming June 1st).

Ame, Steel Blue HM Female (coming June 1st).

Yes many of my fish are in transit now… mainly because it cost less to ship them all at once so I’d rather wait 2 more weeks then spend $30 to get each shipped separately. Ame and Oni will make cute little melano black babies (if my genetic calculations are correct *fails*). Figures I want black betta fish… one of the hardest colors to breed for XD.
Yuki and moon have already been introduced before but she got ripped up pretty bad by Yuki so I’m giving her time to heal back up and get fat again (another spawn failure, spewed eggs all over the tank = yummy fish snack). Annnnnd Panda is coming with a free sibling female cause I’m awesome at bargain shopping (even with fish).
All of these not even counting the little lovelies I just keep as pets… you don’t want to know how many betta fish I have XD. teh EnD.

New Stuff

Soo…. really I’ve just been working… a LOT. I like making money. Somehow between paychecks, tax checks and my federal stimulus check I’ve managed to keep a decent amount in the bank (and buy lots of fish at the same time). I’ve been feeling a lot better with that type of security. Just difficult trying not to spend it all XD.
Joe and I have been tossing around the “lets get and apartment” idea so I guess thats the new goal. He’s found a few good potential job opportunities that would make that possible… but if any of it’s going to happen it won’t be for a little while. I think in another year we’ll be in pretty good shape to start apartment hunting. Apartment = more room for fish bwahahahahahaha.

I got stuck with another little kitten situation T-T. Some people at work brought in a 5 day old kitten they found in their yard. Christina called me up and asked me if I would take it (since I’ve raised like 24579384 billion kittens by now) which I only agreed to if they couldn’t find any other place to take it. John had to step in and agree to take care of the thing before they tried any of the other resources I suggested… and John forgets to feed his snakes that only eat once a week, let alone a kitten that has to be fed every 2 hours. So I ended up taking the damn thing anyway.
In the one hour that he was in possession of it some crazy lady said she wanted it but didn’t have time to do all the bottle feedings or take it to the vet so John agreed to take care of it for 2 weeks (yea ok…) and then give it to her… mean while the kitten really won’t be ready for a “home” for about another 4 weeks AND needs vet care… it was being fed improperly and with cold milk and developed an obvious respiratory infection. I figured this poor little thing was going to run me like $200 at the vet’s office easy… not to mention an extreme lack of sleep. When we brought the cat home and Joe’s sister fell instantly in love with it and snatched it away XD. She’s been doing all the bottle feeding for it since AND took it promptly to the vet to get it some antibiotics, a de-worming, and the feline AIDS leukemia testing. Her and her husband were talking the night before about how they should get a cat or something so she took this as a “sign” that this was the cat they’re suppose to have. Shes very good with the kitten though and shes not working right now so she has all the time in the world to tend to it. There is no way in hell I would take the kitten out of the hands of someone willing to accept all the work and responsibility just to give it to some woman who offered to take the kitten on impulse but didn’t want to have to raise it or even cover basic vet care. So now I’m gonna have this crazy woman up my butt about “WTH that kitten is MINE! You can’t just give it away I got it first blah blah blah”. She’s already called the store three times after finding out John gave up the care to me. I just know it’s going to turn into one big dramatic head ache. I’m really just not looking forward to it T-T. I feel like I should just say the thing died of the infection. Oops, no more cat! Seems rather mean though. I hate lying too ><! Might be for the best though, get this crazy woman of my back and the kitten stays in a proper home.

Holy crap I’ve been working out. Joe and I bought Bikes :D. Sound kind of stupid but it actually has been working out pretty good. Joe is quite obviously in the worst shape of his life right now and some how he’s kept up with riding a few miles almost everyday. I on the other hand use food to relieve stress… Chocolate and Wendy’s being my weapons of choice and it’s been quite a difficult year. Needless to say I’ve put on some poundage over the winter XDD. Buuuut I’ve gone down a few pounds already just from cutting out fast food and trying to be somewhat active. I never gained that much weight but it was enough for me to just feel like crap. My goal is to be ungodly skinny… is it healthy? no. But will it piss off all those people yelling at me for dieting “what? you look fine! Don’t diet! Stay fat like us!” oh yes, yes it will. I’m using it as motivation. Lets see how I do.

Yay, My birthday is finally here (sorta, april 22). I just remembered like 3 days ago XD.
I feel really old T-T. I know 22 isn’t all that old but I feel like I should still be in high school or something o.O. I’m still mistaken for a 16-year-old at work all the time XD. Not sure if it’s good or bad.
Somehow my birthday never quite goes as planned. I was hoping to go to the botanical gardens for hanami before the rush of people start flooding the place… but alas Joe has work T-T. And whats the point of viewing pretty cherry blossom trees if you can’t do it with the person you love *sob*. Ah well.

Might go buy new lip piercing stuff tomorrow then… and I’m sure I’ll be tempted to get a second hole in my lip XD. I’m just not sure if they can initially put an acrylic retainer in a new piercing as I can’t have metal in my face at work O_o. I shall ask though ^^. Happy birthday to me *puts hole in lip* hooray!
I was thinking maybe of a tattoo…. but that’s something I’d rather put a TON of thought into… well I have put a ton of thought into it but I’m just not sure what to start with XD.

Time for more fun pictures from work, hooray!

Baby Bearded Dragon
Finally go baby bearded dragons in at work. I want.

Robo Ham!
I like hams :D

Fat Sleeping ham
Cute fat sleeping ham XD.

Yuh, Ima loser with my cute animal pictures XD. Might as well get some sort of enjoyment out of my work I suppose. Should just own my own pet shop! Perhaps one day (*cough*the betta bowl NYC*cough*).

Lastly for tonight, I have a new song obsession. “want want want” by 12012. I thought the song was really pretty at first but then I started some slight lyric comprehension that got me interested enough to go look them up. Now I’m in love. Beautiful song both musically and lyrically. Really some how reminds me of The Cure o.O. and we all know how much of a huge closet Cure fan I am :D. Robert Smith = much Jrock inspiration FYI :P.

Download: 12012-want-want-want


Here I go, forgetting I have a blog again T-T. Oh the shame!

Soooo since my last update I have received my other fishie without any problems ^^. Kinda just took me a while before I could get any pictures of her though… (which I finally got my camera charger back so I can take pretty pictures again <3). Sooo picture of Moon:

All white, very pretty and she has a boyfriend on the way rofl…. two in fact. I really want fish babies ><. I WILL get them! I was going to set up a practice spawn between two of my crowntails… but for all the trouble it’s worth I might as well just wait and breed the higher quality fish. I have two 20 gallon tanks on the way as well… neither of which I have to pay for :D. Should make very good grow out tanks. I like free stuff!

Other than fish, I finally got all of my furniture and clothes moved over to Joe’s house. It’ll be nice to have more that one pair of shoes now XD. And the weather is getting so much nicer I can wear a lot of my naoto stuff around and be frilly XD. My friend Pete picked me up a bunch of stuff while he was visiting Rocky in Japan. Closet child = awesome. I only wish they’d ship to the US.

Next month is the sakura matsuri in the Brooklyn botanical gardens. Really can’t wait ^^. I’ll finally get to wear my yukata with the cute fishies on it (that I didn’t have to sew myself this time around XD). Pete said Yero should be coming up for this round… and Radhika might come as well. Seems almost like a small KCP reunion <3. Just need to drag Rocky and Max over from Chicago and we’re about set! Not until way after that fact that I realize how much I miss my little “Japanese” family.

Lastly I bought tickets for Ayabie’s “world tour” thingy… Hooray Aoi! Not much to say on that at the moment XD.

Urmm…. Seems to be about it for now. I lead a boring life T-T.

Urgh… I have had the worst day in a long time today. Besides things at work being all screwed up because of renovations I was suppose to get my imported betta’s that I’ve been waiting weeks for finally overnight shipped to me. I woke up at effen 7 am on 4 hours of sleep to be ready for their arrival…. time passed by and before I knew it I had to go to work at 3 without any sign of my fish. Thankfully Joe was going to be home to wait for them… time passed some more till it was like 6 pm and I knew something had to be wrong. I called up the shipping company to find out my package never even made it on a truck. The drive just never picked it up to be delivered. They agreed to keep their facilities open so Joe could just go pick it up…. but once they finally found it the bags had leaked everywhere and both fish were dead T-T. I cannot explain how pissed off I was… I seriously almost left work simply because I was so pissed and full of frustration. Now I have to sort a whole bunch of crap out between the carrier, transhipper and breeder. I truly couldn’t wait to get that fish too… he was so pretty, it’s such a waste.

There is some what good news. The female platinum halfmoon I ordered was left out of that shipment. They just forgot to pack her XD. Soooo she was shipped out tonight via express mail (not crappy DHL) and should arrive just fine. Linda said she only gets like 1 or 2 cases of bag leakage a year, meaning its likely DHL just completely mishandled the package resulting in the death of my other two fish. I’m trying to remain confident that she’ll be ok in US postal express shipping. I REALLY REALLY hope she’ll arrive safe. I would feel at least a little less discouraged about what happened.
I now have to sort out with the original seller what to do about this whole situation. I’m hoping he’ll replace the fish with a similar one from the same spawn, I was really looking forward to my panda fish T-T. If not I’m sure I’ll just get refunded… and have to pick out new fish -.-


I also have to re-setup my breeding tank. Kyo got a bad case of fin rot out of no where o.o! Chi was completely fine. So it’ll be some time before he’s back to his healthy self and able to breed and care for babies ^^. Patience truly is the #1 requirement in betta breeding…. I should pick easier hobbies XD.

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