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My Second Waking Experience

Thursday, August 30th, 2007

I bloody did it!!!  i’m well chuffed!!  Went again last weekend, and this time i got up for a longer period of time.  turns out the first time i did it my posture and position was  incorrect… hence why my wakeboard kept going under the water!  although, my stand postures needs working now.. its all good tho.. working progress..  learning to turn and going over the wakes… maybe to jump or to switch i hope.. my friends took pictures this time but every time i see them i’m thinking.. whoa fatman over the water… waa big belly.. haha so i’m not gonna add any pics.. 

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My First Waking experience

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007

Last Saturday i finally got my chance to go wakeboarding..  the nervous and excitment mixed like a potent cocktail…  i went with three others who were more expereienced..  luckily they were all very friendly and helpful…  of course watching them just made me even more eager to be up to speed…

right now than…  my first try…  yikes..  i was calm.. i knew i’m gonna suck.. so i tried to plan it properly..

First go

Feel the force from the boat…  check.. the resistance from the ready position and the power from the boat made me feel like i’m in a tug of war…  and i was just holding on to the rope.. wasn’t even gonna try to get up.. 

Second go

Attempt to get up… double check.. something about not pushing with my legs instead lifting with my thighs and ass..  its was excellent i got up..  but because of the shock and i was too busy staring at my board that i forgot to get into the correct boarding position..  kinda last for 1-2 secs..

for the rest of that particular round i failed getting up..  the board submerged into the water - i think it was because my ready position wasn’t tight enough so my board was too low.

second try.. i was told to look at the sky and not be amazed by my accomplishment untill after the run ended..  easier said than done for me haha..  i got up a few times..  had the board in the right position..  but my posture wasn’t striaght enough..  altho i think my normal walking posture is probably the reason.. i tend to sloach… 

Third try..  i managed to get up on the first go  i had my head look stright at the boat gave my friends stupid look like i bloody did it.. i’m on the boarding… for 4-5 sec.. and then i let go forget why..  i was so chuffed.. the down side now… because i managed to get up and stay on.. it got my blood pumping.. and i was too impatient and kept messing it up..  in the end of that round i think my arms got tried… 

I’m happy still with my over all performance..  downside to the expereince, drank a lot of salt water eww…   been sore for a few days….   i think there is a next time..   who’s know maybe i’ll be up long enough for my mate to take a photo hahaha

Does Dancing and Martial Arts come hand in hand?

Tuesday, July 10th, 2007


My previous post about Martials art does state that i am a fan of bruce lee and have interest in Jeet kune do and other various forms of martials such as Capoeira, but i also have a great interest in dancing.   I’ve always felt the two had simularities.   After reading this article in MI: Martial Arts and Culture, its pretty much strengthed my belief.  Not only it mentions that the late great Bruce Lee was a Cha Cha Champion in Hong Kong, it also mentions a martial art that was done in a way that mask the training in a form of dancing, Capoeira! There are theories that Break Dancing orignated from Capoeira

Many of the same skills in dance are just applicable to the martial arts, and especially in that of Kung Fu where you are not just employing power but all the subtle talents of dancing as well.