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To Modd or not to modd… or will a brick it

now i recently got a sound byte from a friend.  this sound byte is of street fighter II - hurricane kick quote - now tha’ts my new text receive ringtone..  so this gave me the urge to hunt more down.

Yesterday, i decided to search for ringtones and stuff.. and i found websites that teachs you how to mod ur phone..  now i have a Motorola Rokr E6 - from what i gathered its one thoset ype of phone that can be hacked and flashed to something new. someone even made an iphone skin for my mobile how sweet is that?!

i managed to find a theme that will go with my text ringtone! and it looks pretty sweet as well!!


altho, i’m currently having trouble locating a BGM of streetfighter..

I’d mentioned it to my girlfriend (has a motorola A1200 aka ming). i gone and showd her the sites and now she wants me to mod her phone..


to this..  Pucca one of her favourite character thingys… 


Now, i haven’t actually begun to mod anything yet.. cuase i’m still not entirly sure what i need to do…  cuase i dont want to do it & i might end up bricking the phones…  bricking means to turn a gadget into a nuthing more then paper weight since its dead.. will let you know once i do!

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