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Social Networks Top Google Search

Friday, July 27th, 2007

Social networks Bebo and MySpace were the two most searched for terms of 2006 using Google’s search engine.

BBC News said so for last year… 


1. Bebo

2. MySpace

3. World Cup

4. Metacafe

5. Radioblog

6. Wikipedia

7. Video

8. Rebelde

9. Mininova

10. Wiki


can you imagine what the search result might be for this year?!

1.) Facebook

2.) Bebo

3.) Myspace

4.) Mulitply


maybe?  something along that line I reckon… 


Community Website the new form of communication?

Thursday, July 26th, 2007

I recently read an article called Teen Entrepreneurs Say Email is for Work Only it has referenced in several different sources that kids nowadays is moving out of email messaging to messaging via community website such as Facebook, Myspace or other social networks.   Now I can see how some people could think that email could soon be a way for work/business types only but places like facebook and myspace still need to use a valid email to comfirm the legitmate signups. 

Another part also says the IM will be replaced by text messaging now that is the probably only true to a certain extent.  what i mean by this is the fact that it’ll depend on the cost of texting.  Some countries such as UK (that I know of)  has contractual plans which provides free texting but other places such as Hong Kong where making a call is cheaper than texting than IM won’t be replaced. 

This article did get me thinking even more..  what if its not the emails or the IM’s being replaced but the medium instead?  Mobile phones, PDAs, smartphones are soo technologically advanced it has replace laptops and desktops.  could extremly portable devices end up replace the bigger machines like laptops and desktops in regards of ways to communcate?  Atleast community website like facebook and myspace has there counterpart facebook mobile/ myspace mobile. MSN/SKYPE also has there own mobility in smartphones/PDAs. i think i’m drifting a bit but..  can it be..  the old phrase could be wrong…?  maybe bigger isn’t always better!!


Does Dancing and Martial Arts come hand in hand?

Tuesday, July 10th, 2007


My previous post about Martials art does state that i am a fan of bruce lee and have interest in Jeet kune do and other various forms of martials such as Capoeira, but i also have a great interest in dancing.   I’ve always felt the two had simularities.   After reading this article in MI: Martial Arts and Culture, its pretty much strengthed my belief.  Not only it mentions that the late great Bruce Lee was a Cha Cha Champion in Hong Kong, it also mentions a martial art that was done in a way that mask the training in a form of dancing, Capoeira! There are theories that Break Dancing orignated from Capoeira

Many of the same skills in dance are just applicable to the martial arts, and especially in that of Kung Fu where you are not just employing power but all the subtle talents of dancing as well.