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x factor video test

October 25th, 2008 by dasloth:kuririnmail.com

this is a test

My Second Waking Experience

August 30th, 2007 by dasloth:kuririnmail.com

I bloody did it!!!  i’m well chuffed!!  Went again last weekend, and this time i got up for a longer period of time.  turns out the first time i did it my posture and position was  incorrect… hence why my wakeboard kept going under the water!  although, my stand postures needs working now.. its all good tho.. working progress..  learning to turn and going over the wakes… maybe to jump or to switch i hope.. my friends took pictures this time but every time i see them i’m thinking.. whoa fatman over the water… waa big belly.. haha so i’m not gonna add any pics.. 

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My First Waking experience

August 22nd, 2007 by dasloth:kuririnmail.com

Last Saturday i finally got my chance to go wakeboarding..  the nervous and excitment mixed like a potent cocktail…  i went with three others who were more expereienced..  luckily they were all very friendly and helpful…  of course watching them just made me even more eager to be up to speed…

right now than…  my first try…  yikes..  i was calm.. i knew i’m gonna suck.. so i tried to plan it properly..

First go

Feel the force from the boat…  check.. the resistance from the ready position and the power from the boat made me feel like i’m in a tug of war…  and i was just holding on to the rope.. wasn’t even gonna try to get up.. 

Second go

Attempt to get up… double check.. something about not pushing with my legs instead lifting with my thighs and ass..  its was excellent i got up..  but because of the shock and i was too busy staring at my board that i forgot to get into the correct boarding position..  kinda last for 1-2 secs..

for the rest of that particular round i failed getting up..  the board submerged into the water - i think it was because my ready position wasn’t tight enough so my board was too low.

second try.. i was told to look at the sky and not be amazed by my accomplishment untill after the run ended..  easier said than done for me haha..  i got up a few times..  had the board in the right position..  but my posture wasn’t striaght enough..  altho i think my normal walking posture is probably the reason.. i tend to sloach… 

Third try..  i managed to get up on the first go  i had my head look stright at the boat gave my friends stupid look like i bloody did it.. i’m on the boarding… for 4-5 sec.. and then i let go forget why..  i was so chuffed.. the down side now… because i managed to get up and stay on.. it got my blood pumping.. and i was too impatient and kept messing it up..  in the end of that round i think my arms got tried… 

I’m happy still with my over all performance..  downside to the expereince, drank a lot of salt water eww…   been sore for a few days….   i think there is a next time..   who’s know maybe i’ll be up long enough for my mate to take a photo hahaha

Wohooo!!! a diet method that’s for me!!

August 16th, 2007 by dasloth:kuririnmail.com

surfing the net you really do find the weirdest things…  this time i stumbled upon a Sloth’s dream dieting method - The Sleep diet. In the Washingtonpost website,  the article say messing up you’re sleeping pattern or not getting enough sleep could cause more damaged  than being caught by ur boss at work.. or being playfully attacked by the girlfriend cuase she want attention..

…The analysis of a nationally representative sample of nearly 10,000 adults found that those between the ages of 32 and 49 who sleep less than seven hours a night are significantly more likely to be obese.

  this other website - meltdown.com says a few very interesting stuff which could help explain  why sleeping is great, and help lose weight

…sleep ranks with great food and terrific sex as one of life’s greatest pleasures. Your body slows down to rebuild and replenish. Brain waves fall to just 5 cycles per second, down from over 14 cycles per second in the waking state. Your metabolism falls to its lowest rate, your basal body metabolic rate…  

… Because your body burns 65% of its daily calories keeping your basic body functions going. While you’re dreaming, your body is converting that hated fat into adenosine triphoshate (ATP), the chemical energy your body uses as fuel.

 there are other site that thinks sleeping does other stuff related to mermory control…  it goes to to show that the sloths is for the right stuff!! hehehe


My Piggy Bank - the sofa

August 13th, 2007 by dasloth:kuririnmail.com

I recently got in touch with a very dear friend of mine from my jr high/high school dayz.  He’s a blogger as well which was cool cuase its been over a decade since i last spoken to him (still haven’t).  I explored his blog much more focused on a subject then mine would ever be but man he knows his sh!t how to save every penny!  i ‘m particularly found his post about the richest member of his family to works very well for me.  Basically, he slept on his couch, woke up to lose loadzx of chump change.  ends up finding $12.38 USD..  After i read it, i dove right into my sofa and dug out $25.30HKD myself.. altho my girlfriend saw and immediately decides to claim it for herself. of course i laugh at her as i pocket the change since she never naps on the sofa and ever carry money in her pockets.. thinking about it i dont think any of her trousers/skirts have pockets.. but the funnier thing is.. we only had this sofa for 4 months..  how much it have accumulated over a year?  haha  See why this guys is a dear friend? - first thing i do cuase of him is save/recover lost money!!  thanks man!!


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To Modd or not to modd… or will a brick it

August 2nd, 2007 by dasloth:kuririnmail.com

now i recently got a sound byte from a friend.  this sound byte is of street fighter II - hurricane kick quote - now tha’ts my new text receive ringtone..  so this gave me the urge to hunt more down.

Yesterday, i decided to search for ringtones and stuff.. and i found websites that teachs you how to mod ur phone..  now i have a Motorola Rokr E6 - from what i gathered its one thoset ype of phone that can be hacked and flashed to something new. someone even made an iphone skin for my mobile how sweet is that?!

i managed to find a theme that will go with my text ringtone! and it looks pretty sweet as well!!


altho, i’m currently having trouble locating a BGM of streetfighter..

I’d mentioned it to my girlfriend (has a motorola A1200 aka ming). i gone and showd her the sites and now she wants me to mod her phone..


to this..  Pucca one of her favourite character thingys… 


Now, i haven’t actually begun to mod anything yet.. cuase i’m still not entirly sure what i need to do…  cuase i dont want to do it & i might end up bricking the phones…  bricking means to turn a gadget into a nuthing more then paper weight since its dead.. will let you know once i do!

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Social Networks Top Google Search

July 27th, 2007 by dasloth:kuririnmail.com

Social networks Bebo and MySpace were the two most searched for terms of 2006 using Google’s search engine.

BBC News said so for last year… 


1. Bebo

2. MySpace

3. World Cup

4. Metacafe

5. Radioblog

6. Wikipedia

7. Video

8. Rebelde

9. Mininova

10. Wiki


can you imagine what the search result might be for this year?!

1.) Facebook

2.) Bebo

3.) Myspace

4.) Mulitply


maybe?  something along that line I reckon… 


Community Website the new form of communication?

July 26th, 2007 by dasloth:kuririnmail.com

I recently read an article called Teen Entrepreneurs Say Email is for Work Only it has referenced in several different sources that kids nowadays is moving out of email messaging to messaging via community website such as Facebook, Myspace or other social networks.   Now I can see how some people could think that email could soon be a way for work/business types only but places like facebook and myspace still need to use a valid email to comfirm the legitmate signups. 

Another part also says the IM will be replaced by text messaging now that is the probably only true to a certain extent.  what i mean by this is the fact that it’ll depend on the cost of texting.  Some countries such as UK (that I know of)  has contractual plans which provides free texting but other places such as Hong Kong where making a call is cheaper than texting than IM won’t be replaced. 

This article did get me thinking even more..  what if its not the emails or the IM’s being replaced but the medium instead?  Mobile phones, PDAs, smartphones are soo technologically advanced it has replace laptops and desktops.  could extremly portable devices end up replace the bigger machines like laptops and desktops in regards of ways to communcate?  Atleast community website like facebook and myspace has there counterpart facebook mobile/ myspace mobile. MSN/SKYPE also has there own mobility in smartphones/PDAs. i think i’m drifting a bit but..  can it be..  the old phrase could be wrong…?  maybe bigger isn’t always better!!


Does Dancing and Martial Arts come hand in hand?

July 10th, 2007 by dasloth:kuririnmail.com


My previous post about Martials art does state that i am a fan of bruce lee and have interest in Jeet kune do and other various forms of martials such as Capoeira, but i also have a great interest in dancing.   I’ve always felt the two had simularities.   After reading this article in MI: Martial Arts and Culture, its pretty much strengthed my belief.  Not only it mentions that the late great Bruce Lee was a Cha Cha Champion in Hong Kong, it also mentions a martial art that was done in a way that mask the training in a form of dancing, Capoeira! There are theories that Break Dancing orignated from Capoeira

Many of the same skills in dance are just applicable to the martial arts, and especially in that of Kung Fu where you are not just employing power but all the subtle talents of dancing as well.


World of Martials Arts

June 20th, 2007 by dasloth:kuririnmail.com

Martial arts vary widely, and may focus on strikes, grappling, or weapons training. Below is a list of examples that make?use of these areas that I know of:


  • Punching - Boxing, Shao-Lin Long Fist
  • Kicking - Capoeira, Taekwondo
  • Other strikes (e.g. Elbows, knees, open-hand) - Karate, Muay Thai, Wing Chun,


  • Throwing - Judo, Jiu Jitsu
  • Joint lock - Aikido, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Hapkido
  • Pinning Techniques - Wrestling, Judo


  • Traditional Weaponry - Fencing,Kendo

My all time favourite art is the Jeet Kun do because its taken the best and most efficient strikes &?moves from various arts.? Also,?Bruce lee is my hero so i could be a little bias.

Fantasy arts

There are a few other arts if was real I love to study (I’m also a fan of Stephen Chow)

  • From the King of Beggers - 睡夢羅漢拳 - Sleeping Monk Fist

there are others… I just can’t think of them at the moment.

The list above that are underlined are the arts that?I would love to take up.? Althoough I’m getting old so?I will?probably just appreciate them from afar and?end up only doing Tai Chi,? shame that my parents back in the day were too afraid that I’d use it aganist my elder sister.? which is a bit silly considering Martial Arts is meant to develop self control disciple and alll that jazz. I simplily cannot understnad my folks opinion on this..

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