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Sunday, March 30th, 2008

Gossip Girl. My new favorite show. I’ve two others actually: How I met your mother and Samantha Who?, but first thing first. Adapted from a popular book series by the same title, the story tells about one mysterious online persona called ‘Gossip Girl’ (voiced by Kristen Bell -Veronica Mars, Heroes-) who dishes out dirtiest secrets of the teen elitists in NYC, and we learn that all is not always bright and shiny in Pradaland.

And yay. After 7 episodes, I finally found the ship that I very much want to sail in: Blair and Chuck (see avatar). I think I’m a new big fan. I think it’s the Veronica Mars-Logan Echolls syndrom. I tend to like couples that have different vibe from the main pairing. Not goody two shoes people, but grey, dark and twisty… lol.. couples that are not meant to be. Like, Hermione and Snape, which most people will normally go ugh at. It’s odd, considering that Hermione/Snape is by far, the most shipped pairing in the entire Harry Potter fandom. But then again, the second most popular is probably Snarry (Snape and Harry) so don’t count on it too much ;x

I know I’m rambling. But it’s 2:23 and I really have turned nocturnal D:

EDT: I forgot to credit my awesome avvie! TY <a href=”http://_kathrynnn.livejournal.com/”>_Kathrynnn</a>

the greasy git

Friday, August 17th, 2007

Alan Rickman is a british actor notably known for his role as Professor Severus Snape in Harry Potter movies. If you recall, he was also the unfaithful prime minister’s brother in law in Love Actually. My mom noted too that he was in earlier series of Die Hard.. which gave back a faint memory, wasn’t he the villain who died falling off from the building he hijacked? Well, so much for trying to outdo John McClaine :D Now now, I find it so hard to believe that Alan Rickman is already 61 years old!! o_O” Gah. Watching him in HP, I would never, never have guessed that… Maybe it’s the wig.. or because Snape is supposed to be only 37 in the last book?


Apart from the age bit thou’, Rickman is just perfect for the role. He’s got the silky voice, which so belongs to Snape,, the hooked nose, plus perhaps the greasy black hair (already so much improved in the last movie,lol). He is just way underrated with Snape’s lack of screen time in HP, and he got like, 2 chapters in Deathly Hallows! Most horribly, I suspect many of those heartbreaking scenes will be done by Alec Hopkins and other kiddie as the young Severus *sobs* ;_; If the director somehow decides to cut short the scene for The Prince’s Tale, I will kill him myself so he better do it right XDDDDD

…I don’t know about you guys, but I have always found Snape to be really hot. Lalala. And no, me saying this is totally unrelated with the fact that he is my most favorite Harry Potter character!! =)

I guess I have developed some sort of fetish for older men (no big news, or even ‘news’ if that matters, but still..). Shoot, I am mental.

*sweat some more* -_-”"

Can anyone guess who the girl beside Snape in the 1st pic is? They are one helluva adorable couple in HP, or at least in the world of fanfiction and Harry Potter AU*. I love Sev :]

*: Alternate Universe

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She is,,

Friday, June 15th, 2007

Majandra Delfino.

I just got this pic of her sometime ago. She was from the TV Show Roswell (1999-2002),, It was one of my most favs ever,, so sad when it got canceled huhu!! Her name is actually Maria Alejandra Delfino. Majandra is a nickname created by her sis because she couldnt pronounce Maria’s name correctly =D

Dun you think she’s very pretty??
Love her character (Maria) alot! so bad she broke up with her cast mate, Brendan Fehr (Michael),,they were so cute together!

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[surreal] yesterday I dreamt of….

Friday, June 15th, 2007

something weird… I mean, like really weird o.O! Well, it was like.. In the dream I was the wife of Patrick Dempsey.. yesh, that Patrick Dempsey!! But sadly, at the end of the day(or dream, w/e), he left me for another woman T^T… that other woman was,, me again(seriously)!!

Well, at some point, I guess I should have known it was just a dream *sad* when I saw Patrick(supposedly my hubby) who looked just like in this pic..

(yep, all my dreams go black n white =D )

I mean, seriously, if I’d ever be his wife, I wouldn’t ever just let him leave me like tat… right?!?! even if that other woman is me,,no no no, there’s no way I’m gonna lose to ma self..LOL.

Anyway, maybe the supa’ dream was bcoz yesterday I just read this article:

hazard warning: could create sleep deprivation and spontaneous dro0ling!!

…Well,, next time I’d know better and won’t want to wake up! XD

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