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Twilight Redux

Friday, November 28th, 2008

Forget HBP and its most likely Snapeless movie, Twilight is making a box office phenomenon! All fall, people have been speculating the movie would suck and it’s true. Twilight sucks $money$. With a jaw-dropping $70.6 million opening in the US alone, not only has it joined the ranks of the 30 top openers of all-time, Twilight also managed to cover all their costs in only one (YES, ONE) day and beat Quantum of Solace by more than $42mill (say what you want, but teengirls rule this industry).

I’m not much of a critical person - I have a tendency to love all sorts of things. Therefore, expect major fangirl squeeing instead of an unbiased, critical review. This is just my gut reaction that is subject to change after many, many viewings.

Overall, quite a faithful adaptation of the book and lived up to the hype. It has tons of funny and cheesy moments. Aaand I LOVE cheesy! Sparkly Edward, so my cuppa tea;)

Granted, it could have been better and less choppy, editing-wise. I have a mixed feeling about Catherine Hardwicke as the director. I love some of the things she’d done but not so much about others. I wish they had kept things like Edward ‘dazzling’ Bella, ’stupid shiny volvo owner’ and other Twilighty quotes. BUT. what truly pissed me off was that Malaysian version cut through the kissing scene! OMG, it was just a PG rated kiss so I don’t get why they cut it, plus the sudden change of scenes was really weird. Technically, I saw Carlisle got more action than Bella (wow this comment sounds so wrong lol).

Yet, for the lil’ tidbits I didn’t like about Twilight, I loved thousand things moreKstew and the rest of the cast delivered,, I’m super in love with

Jasper and Rob totally nailed it. His Edward broods just enough and is not always ~too~ over the top (gotta admit, that’s already part of his character description) and he’s so hot it’s unfair to gaze at other mortal guys afterwards. The soundtrack was of course, oh-my-god-amazing, been listening to them for weeks (also has my fave, Clair de Lune, score!!).Bottom line, watching one of my favorite books in live action with fellow squeeing fans was such a gratifying experience. I’m sooo happy the movie was a huge hit that they expect to start filming New Moon early next year. HALE YES! :)

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Saturday, July 12th, 2008

Phew! I’m finally going to have watched 50 movies (read: not tv show, not half-seen movies on my iPod) this year alone. Half done, huh? If you remember, I made a resolution to watch 100 movies in 2008- click to see the list and rating. And tonight, the movie, Journey to the Center of the Earth, starring Brendan Fraser (The Mummy) will be the 50th.


I’m curious about this movie because ‘Journey’ is said to be the first live-action 3D adventure film that is supported by Real D Cinema technology. Sounds like a massive use of green screen and CGI to me. And that, I like!! (*≧▽≦)

steffi vermouth strawberu le swan (Loooooooool…)

Iron Man

Tuesday, May 6th, 2008

Spiderman who? If you can’t stand yet another emo Peter Parker movie, perhaps Iron Man is your new awesome superhero of this year.

I had seen the trailer for over four months now, and every time I did, I would tell my mum, ‘Looks good. Can’t wait to see it.’ I finally did, and my only comment is, sequel, please!

I expected it to be awesome, I expected it to be thrilling, but Iron Man was beyond my wildest expectation (I got myself a good bootleg version just for re-watch).

The super cool fight scenes, effective humor and the charming, if somewhat eccentric Tony Stark (portrayed by Robert Downey Jr.), managed to keep the movie fast paced and without a minute of blandness.

Positive reviews on this movie have now pictured Downey not only as the coke addicted actor who had served jail time, but also a star with huge talent and huge-r opportunity to shine, now with his surprising cast in the newest Marvel gig.

Yet I didn’t know how these articles blabbered on and on about his scandalous life while neglecting to respond to ‘the’ most crucial piece of information everyone would like to hear: YES, I confirm that Downey is indeed looking mighty fine in this movie! :D

It is hard not to believe the 20 pounds muscle gain he did for this movie. Will be sad to see that go. Keep it, keep it!

Actually could have summed up this blog entry in six words:
Awesome movie. Hot guy. Go. See.

Photos taken from MyCine and John Griffiths though I’m pretty sure they took it from somewhere else (lookie, watermark!) n_nb

You know you love me. XoXo,

Sunday, March 30th, 2008

Gossip Girl. My new favorite show. I’ve two others actually: How I met your mother and Samantha Who?, but first thing first. Adapted from a popular book series by the same title, the story tells about one mysterious online persona called ‘Gossip Girl’ (voiced by Kristen Bell -Veronica Mars, Heroes-) who dishes out dirtiest secrets of the teen elitists in NYC, and we learn that all is not always bright and shiny in Pradaland.

And yay. After 7 episodes, I finally found the ship that I very much want to sail in: Blair and Chuck (see avatar). I think I’m a new big fan. I think it’s the Veronica Mars-Logan Echolls syndrom. I tend to like couples that have different vibe from the main pairing. Not goody two shoes people, but grey, dark and twisty… lol.. couples that are not meant to be. Like, Hermione and Snape, which most people will normally go ugh at. It’s odd, considering that Hermione/Snape is by far, the most shipped pairing in the entire Harry Potter fandom. But then again, the second most popular is probably Snarry (Snape and Harry) so don’t count on it too much ;x

I know I’m rambling. But it’s 2:23 and I really have turned nocturnal D:

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Movie Marathon 2008 (96/100)

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

List of movies that I’ve watched so far in 2o08

bolded: AWESOME

crossed through: BAD, VERY, VERY BAD

1. Sweeney Todd Broadway version (1982). 15/10

2. Sweeney Todd: the Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007). 10/10
3. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. 7.8/10
4. Rewatching The Prestige. 12/10
5. Shrek. 8.5/10
6. Shrek the Third. 7.8/10

7. Stardust. 9.0/10

8. In Her Shoes. 8.3/10
9. The Number 23. 7.7/10
10. The Invisible. 8.5/10

11. Bee Movie. 9.0/10
12. Rambo IV. 8.3/10

13. Cloverfield. 8.5/10
14. Meet the Spartans. 7.8/10

15. rewatching Just Like Heaven. 8.5/10

15. kinda skims through American Gangster (not yet rated)
16. Jumper. 8.8/10
17. I think it’s going to be Vantage Point It was Vantage Point. I mean, Matthew Fox, Forrest Whittaker, Matthew Fox, omg dies. 9.3/10
18. Sweeney Todd in Concert (2001). ~ a.k.a infinity /10
19. Knocked Up. 7.3/10

20. Flood. 7.5/10

21. Edward Scissorhands. 8.8/10

22. 10,000 B.C. 8.8/10

23. Spiderwick’s Chronicles. 10/10

24. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. 10/10

25. The Devil Wears Prada. 8.5/10

26. Evan Almighty. 8.0/10

27. The Water Horse. 8.5/10

28. Ocean’s Eleven. 10/10

29. Ocean’s Twelve. 9.7/10

30. The Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon. 9.0/10

31. Nim’s Island. 7.5/10

32. Forbidden Kingdom. 7.0/10

33. 27 Dresses. 8.3/10

34. Iron Man. 10/10

35. Bridget Jones’ Diary. 9.0/10

36. Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. 8.8/10

37. Speed Racer (8.8/10)

38. Brokeback Mountain (20/10)

39. Indiana Jones: The Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls (8.0/10)

40. Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (9.5/10)

41. Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay (7.7/10)

42. Over Her Dead Body (8.3/10)

43. Kung Fu Panda (8.8/10)

44. Made of Honor (8.0/10)

45. The Incredible Hulk (8.3/10)

46. Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain (10/10)

47. WANTED (9.3/10)

48. Hell Boy 2: The Golden Army (8.7/10)

49. Legally Blonde (8.8/10)

50. Journey to the Center of the Earth (9.5/10)

51. No Country for Old Men (7.7/10)

52. The Mummy 3 (8.0/10)

53. Red Cliff (8.5/10)

54. Astérix aux Jeux Olympique (8.5/10)

55. Atonement (9.9/10)

56. The Notebook (8.8/10)

57. Closer (7.7/10)

58. Employee of the Month (7.3/10)

59. August Rush (9.0/10)

60. Hitman (8.8./10)

61. Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog (100/10 =P)

62. Forgetting Sarah Marshall (8.3/10)

63. Wall·E(9.0/10)

64. 21 (9.3/10)

65. The Game Plan (8.3/10)

66. No Reservations (8.5/10)

67. Don’t Mess with Zohan

68. Thank You for Smoking

69. Pride and Prejudice

70. Fight Club

71. Juno

72. Eagle Eye

73. Mamma Mia

74. The Illusionist

75. Paris Je’t Aime

76. House Bunny

77. Pathology

78. Max Payne

79. High School Musical 3

80. Conversations with Other Women

81. Bangkok Dangerous

82. The Machinist

83. Quantum of Solace

84. Tropic Thunder

85. High School Musical 2

86. Wild Hog

87. Miss Congeniality

88. Babylon A.D.

89. Sense and Sensibility

90. What Happens in Vegas

91. Next

92. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

93. The Reading Room

94. Darjeeling Limited

95. Twilight

96. Bolt