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When I’m depressed …

Sunday, January 13th, 2008

… these shall cheer me up.

Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue by S-Oke (Nodame featuring as Mongoose).

Beethoven no. 7 in A Major, 1st Movement.

My two best friends told me that they got the jobs in the company that our senior recommended. A fun job with promising future. Both will work together, just like how they (+ me) used to in college. How fun!


… I’m so very happy for them, don’t get me wrong. [Insert the magic word (BUT!) here] I can’t help that the more I discern this piece of news, the more I feel that I’m way way left behind everybody, what with no job, no school, nothing to do (damnit!). My future, I hate to admit, seems very bleak at this moment D: My mom, for once, is happy for my sudden conscience -_-

I wish I hadn’t left my resume back in Indonesia.
I wish I hadn’t forgotten what my resume was all about.
I wish by miracle, some uni offered an MBA in Int Business. With scholarship. And no 2-bloody-years-experience needed.
I wish I could just move and work in Peru.

I checked my inbox to see if there is anything else,, um more enlightening. One email alerts me that a new fanfic chapter is up. Well, after all, other things can wait, I guess. *sighs dramatically n plays Gershwin and Beethoven countless times*

P.S. I’m gonna go shopping tomorrow! :D :D

Unfinished business

Saturday, December 1st, 2007

I am in the airport with my famz, and I am leaving in 30 minutes’ time. I feel a little sad of leaving college (who would have thought Nilai is miss~able).

I have many many regrets :[ Like, I have been reading ‘The old man and the sea’ since forever in the library. A chapter every visit ever since the last,,, I don’t know how many months. But the point is, I have not finished it! -___-

I will be known as the girl who can’t finish a Hemingway! *dies*

Okay I need to be going now. *Hugs* Updates later!

OMG, new Hello Kitty Blog themes!!!!!

Thursday, August 2nd, 2007

LOL. I just found ‘em by pure serendipity and perhaps the lack of something to do XD duh, aren’t they adorable!! In addition to previous themes, we can now cutify our blogs with these:

yay!! I guess iheartbadtz will be flipping happy because of the badtz theme ;) I tested all of them, uber cuties!! BUT (If I knew myself, I know I will have a ‘but’.. for I am dark and twisty like that). But, I found the default text abiiiit too bluish black and small for my taste :o The new row on the left for the calender section takes extra space, which kind of makes my blog looks abit weirdish. Maybe it is just me. I have weird taste after all.

So, after some desperate (and failed!) attempts to make peace with the smaller fonts and small, tiny-but-there distortions, I changed back to the usual My Melody theme. Maybe next time. Or next posts. o_O”

Not to stop ’til here, here are my incessantly annoying
Daily Ramblings
Actually it was something that happened a while ago, just yet to rant about it XD
Hmm, I rant and ramble so much I wonder if I should make a special category for this kind of posts.

Oh no!! Should I?!?! :(

written on a sunny afternoon, a decade ago. If you believe it, which I guess you don’t.

I had tried to hide my face with my oversized ESPRIT bag and wish it were my invisible cloak -the real one was still in laundry.
I had, gone as far as circled my college paths nevermind the longer and for sure, hotter route!
Basically done everything except hiding in the restroom :X

STILL!!!! I could not avoid that person. I think my swear of total avoidance backfired a reverse jinx to me, or whichever. So, instead, I walked into the room [where I was supposed to study] only to find that person sitting nicely there, looking up to me as if I somehow had been expected to disapparate to that place but was fifteen minutes late. Hey, paranoia can be good for health too *lower voice* …sometimes.
Anyways. Spent the rest of the day with that person*.

Then as if it was not enough to-make-my-days-not, the next day, the day after tomorrow, and the next day after the day after tomorrow (Excuse moi. Being jinxed causes dizzy head), I just bumped into that person** somemore.

Karma rocks *nods in agreement*

Moral of the story: Should have hid in the restroom :)

P.S. * and ** are marks of my footnote. It is so fun to do that I think I should have footnoted every comments I made in this blog. lol, kidding. My number one priority fine, 177th: I shall never let thee, my readers suffer :D

*: note that I do not give out the gender.
**: still not giving ;)

Have a curious and fun day, ya’all!! :D

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