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Hello Kitty Icons for Windows

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

Please kill me because I totally forgot to post this. How could I make a batch of Hello Kitty icons and post them every where but here? Ah, well.

Here are 18 uber delicious HK icons for your computer! They are made out of hello kitty pictures from the Kitty Shop @ Sanriotown.com. Full credits belong to Sanrio as I take no credit for my small works.

I just want to share it with you guys because God knows, there are never enough Hello Kitty icons out there. I didn’t have time to do a fancier preview -sigh-, but anyhoo:

If you don’t know how to change your folder icons to these cuties, well, wonder no more! Simply right click the desired folder - properties - customize - change icon and voila!
These icons are made for Windows, and if you have Vista, lucky you, but if you want the mac version, just ask and I can convert it for ya =)

Download at my DA page HERE and fave if you likey.


Bali, December 2008

Saturday, August 29th, 2009

I went to Bali ages ago, promised to show my friends the pics and then never got to blog about it. FYI, it was a two weeks trip. We drove from Jakarta to Bali, roughly about 1800kms, reached Bali after 9 days, and stayed there for five. Morale of my story, never. drive. to. Bali. The roads were dangerous, two-lanes (yes, no highways!), bumpy, and despite what one may assume, BMW X5 is not that great for bumpy rides. X6 is only marginally better. So, stick with Japanese car makers, at least if you want to try our insane roadtrip x)


Without further ado, I show you Bali. No narratives because I’m not feeling inspired.
(Pics taken with Giorgio Armani. No editing, it’s either bad lighting, or extremely good one)



Frog Pond @ a hotel in Kediri

Green green grass!
(How many of you can spot my Raul Esparza reference? Hehee :D)

Selecta. Not sure which city this was, Malang, perhaps.

I went to this resto in Yogyakarta, I think, and they had mini sharks in the aquarium. Talk about appetite killer!

Had to stay the night at Purwokerto, cuz the distance was farther than our expectation.

Bfast the next day.

Food at Yogyakarta.

@Art, this is what most Indo restaurants look like :D HUT!

: Ubud


A celebration day on our visit.

Souvenir store

Got these - frogs have been kind of an ongoing inside jokes in my family. Hah =)

I stayed at Hard Rock hotel.

Good lighting I was talking about.

Life-sized chess set!

View from the balcony

Spent my first sunset at my room.

List of the people who died in the Bali bombing.

Night view.


The late Antonio Blanco’s museum.

I had a pic taken with this grabby bird.

I looked scared.

Outside the museum. It was pretty huge and well taken care of, and the building was filled with artistic nudes, mostly portraits of Blanco’s wife. Loved the colors.

Blanco’s son (also an artist) with the President and his wife.

Michael Jackson with Blanco.


Borobudur Temple.

Sudden change of weather when we went up. Very cool.

Our tour guide ’splaining the meaning of those sculptures.

That’s fornication to you!

Stairway to heaven.

Light rain

Ones with the heads still intact.

These ones, not so lucky.



Mani-Pedi at the beach

Waiting for sunset. . .

My dad in a conversation with the tattoo guy.

Me name

Almost there!

Wait for it. . .

Keep waiting. . .

There you go! Thanks for reading!