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Piggy-shaped Baos

Sunday, January 11th, 2009

$10 says this is the cutest Bao you have ever seen.

I’ve been brunch-ing at this new dim sum restaurant, Dragon-i, in Damansara, Malaysia recently…

Err… Not this one. But the food there is superb, which is saying something as I’m not usually big on dim sum.

Chuu! Kissing pose version for takeaways.

2nd pic: Pushing Daisies’ ’dim sum lose some’ episode


Sunday, January 11th, 2009

Listen up guys, because I’m going to drop some knowledge, or rather, a novel called Catch-22, which imo is the most exciting and least boring book of all time. Don’t rly remember why I delayed years to rec this book.

Honestly, save for character backgrounds, I’m not a huge fan of details in literature. Maybe if it’s particularly well written or relatively brief… But I think some books sacrifice their excitingness when they linger far too much on the ~less exciting~ details, and you know it’s less exciting when five pages are dedicated for, say, an Italian styled house with mahogany something and how the chipped door handle reminded the character of his childhood dog, Toothsy *lol* or… a camping scene (ahem).

See, even the greatest books have certain portion that literally beg me to skip, skip, skip. But not this one. You can count with one finger the number of books that I have happily read cover to cover, word per word, and its scrupulous amount of details never bored because they served as part of the plot, and Catch-22 is on the top of the list.

Written by Joseph Heller, the critically not-acclaimed novel is set in war time, so naturally, it must be some story about a brave man, fearlessly fighting for his country in WWI or WWII, maybe lost an arm or two during his heroic acts, right?

Captain Yossarian is, I’d use the very words he says to describe his friend Dunbar that I found fitting for him as well, ‘A true prince. One of the finest, least dedicated men in the whole world.’ He has an odious feeling that Colonel Cathcart, whose aspiration to become a General has led to tireless volunteering of his team to go on every deadly mission, would one day be the death of all of them. Yossarian doesn’t get the rest of the crazy brave men who feel it’s okay to keep flying more missions or even die for their country. He fears for his life and the welfare of his mind.

Yossarian (…) told Major Major that he did not want to fly any more combat missions
“Why not?” Major Major asked.
“I’m afraid.”
That’ nothing to be ashamed of.” Major Major counseled him kindly. “We’re all afraid.”
“I’m not ashamed,” Yossarian said. “I’m just afraid.”

The Germans played a ridiculously minor role and the real antagonist in the story is the spiral of never-ending bureaucracy and Catch-22, a rule that can let people out of the war if he’s insane… but with a catch:
One is not really crazy if he shows concern over his safety.
If he’s truly insane, he won’t mind the war and will fly more missions, though he doesn’t have to then, because he’s insane.
But once he claims he’s insane and wants out, then he is sane because he minds the war. He doesn’t want to fly mission, but he has to.

Could Yossarian, arguably the most sane out of all the insane people, ever survive in his final mission to live forever or would he die in the attempt? Find out the answer. If you’re interested, truly-free.org offers a free e-book of this outrageous and awesome-filled novel.

In One Frame

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

This started as a very simple 3×100 words drabble, well, to be more honest, it started with four little words that popped into mind (Hermione’s last line). Scary, how my mind works. It’s now official, I cannot write a short and concise story.


My Current Broadway Obsession

Monday, January 5th, 2009

Three entries per night, this gotta be some kind of record!

The finale to the Stephen Sondheim’s musical, Assassins, which explores the stories of people who attempted to assassinate the presidents of the United States, most famous being Lee Harvey Oswald (Neil Patrick Harris), the assassin of JFK.

‘Everybody’s got the right to some sunshine.
Not the sun, but maybe one of its beams, one of its beams.
Rich man, poor man, black or white.
Everybody gets a bite, everybody’s got the right to their dreams’

Dr. Horrible DVD download

Monday, January 5th, 2009

I present the much awaited Commentary the Musical, in which Josh and the rest of Dr. Horrible cast sing the commentary section in the DVD… and it’s just as Horrible!

This copy is for review purpose only. Support NPH and co by purchasing the DVD.

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