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I goes Bali-stic!

Sunday, December 21st, 2008

Say whaaa-t???!?!!
It’s no news that I take so many leaves of absence from the Blogsphere, appearing randomly once or twice before going back on hiatus. Hm, what do you say? ‘Where did I go missing to this time?’ I’m glad you asked. *Hint hint: See Blog Title* Stick your eyes very closely ’cause a full blown post is next on this blog.

I’ve also added a ‘Snapescape’ category in this blog where I plan to talk about my muse regarding an ardently loved Potions Master, which happens to me like 24/7, 360/12 (all the loves gotta flow somewhere!). To maintain a sound mind, every one is cordially advised to turn their eyes away each time said subject is broached :)

(barney screencap: http://disparue.org)