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Harry Potter Prequel available online!

Friday, June 13th, 2008

If you have not heard, JK Rowling, as well as several other authors, have been requested to write 800 word story on a card for a charity auction event. The prequel of HP series is supposed to revolve around the Marauders’ era. Jo’s card -handwritten on both sides- has raised, um, around 40 K pounds.

Read the story here.


Got to go. Will be back on Monday. I have height phobia so wish me a non-bumpy flight! =P

Uuh I am loving the new themes!

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

Cinnamoroll, my long-eared cutie pie, is super duper adorable, Y/Y??? If only I could kidnap and keep him inside my purse for ever… Before I go completely off track, MUST show you the latest addition to my Sanrio collection =)

A Hello Kitty make-up bag in pink.

Found it in a recent Thailand -wait for it-…… Cultural Expo!!! Lol, HK is just ubiquitous. Someone tell me how is it that George Bush, and not her, who rules the world?

My Teddy make-up bag is jealous of the new Kitty and asked to be featured as well. I have no power to say no. She is from Germany.

When I’m gone

Monday, June 9th, 2008

Long story short: I went home to Jakarta and apparently dial-up hates Sanriotown, which was why I have been off the grid for weeks =(

Anyway, guess what, I finally got a dress for my grandma’s anniversary! :D It’s a simple white strapless gown and due to its length, I would have to wear 9cms high heels to avoid looking like my dress is wearing me, but OMG OMG! 3 days of non-stop dress shopping in Jakarta paid off:)

The party is on this Sunday, so expect an entire entry dedicated to pic spams later on n__n

When I’m gone (also the title of my favorite song), me have done all these:
[x] Watched Kung Fu Panda.
[x] Gone to The Click Five’s concert !@#$%^&*(&^%$#!!!!!!!!!!!!
[x] Watched most of TV series’ season finales.
[x] Indonesian food PWNS!
[x] uum, what’s five? x_x