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Iron Man

Tuesday, May 6th, 2008

Spiderman who? If you can’t stand yet another emo Peter Parker movie, perhaps Iron Man is your new awesome superhero of this year.

I had seen the trailer for over four months now, and every time I did, I would tell my mum, ‘Looks good. Can’t wait to see it.’ I finally did, and my only comment is, sequel, please!

I expected it to be awesome, I expected it to be thrilling, but Iron Man was beyond my wildest expectation (I got myself a good bootleg version just for re-watch).

The super cool fight scenes, effective humor and the charming, if somewhat eccentric Tony Stark (portrayed by Robert Downey Jr.), managed to keep the movie fast paced and without a minute of blandness.

Positive reviews on this movie have now pictured Downey not only as the coke addicted actor who had served jail time, but also a star with huge talent and huge-r opportunity to shine, now with his surprising cast in the newest Marvel gig.

Yet I didn’t know how these articles blabbered on and on about his scandalous life while neglecting to respond to ‘the’ most crucial piece of information everyone would like to hear: YES, I confirm that Downey is indeed looking mighty fine in this movie! :D

It is hard not to believe the 20 pounds muscle gain he did for this movie. Will be sad to see that go. Keep it, keep it!

Actually could have summed up this blog entry in six words:
Awesome movie. Hot guy. Go. See.

Photos taken from MyCine and John Griffiths though I’m pretty sure they took it from somewhere else (lookie, watermark!) n_nb

Baby, the stars shine bright

Friday, May 2nd, 2008

So, do I look cute… Or do I look cute?

Couldn’t resist buying at least one bunny from the surprise item release today. It costs 180 ribbons each. As a comparison, you get 1 ribbon every time you comment on someone’s item, and you can only comment once every minute……… Hypothetically speaking, I spent 3 hours of my life commenting 180 different items on 180 strangers’ closets.

But at the bright side, I got the star (STAR, BRIGHT, GEDDIT?!) hair clip for 300 ribbons, which was quite cheap as it turned out, only 300 comments and 5 hours of comme… Ok, that’s not bright after all. But it’s one of my most coveted item list:D

So,,, hypothetical high-five!!!!!!!



Trivia: Baby, the stars shine bright is actually a fashion brand focusing on sweet lolita style :) If you haven’t heard of the brand, well, it’s okay. We still got Sanriotown for chuuu!!!!!!