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You know you love me. XoXo,

Sunday, March 30th, 2008

Gossip Girl. My new favorite show. I’ve two others actually: How I met your mother and Samantha Who?, but first thing first. Adapted from a popular book series by the same title, the story tells about one mysterious online persona called ‘Gossip Girl’ (voiced by Kristen Bell -Veronica Mars, Heroes-) who dishes out dirtiest secrets of the teen elitists in NYC, and we learn that all is not always bright and shiny in Pradaland.

And yay. After 7 episodes, I finally found the ship that I very much want to sail in: Blair and Chuck (see avatar). I think I’m a new big fan. I think it’s the Veronica Mars-Logan Echolls syndrom. I tend to like couples that have different vibe from the main pairing. Not goody two shoes people, but grey, dark and twisty… lol.. couples that are not meant to be. Like, Hermione and Snape, which most people will normally go ugh at. It’s odd, considering that Hermione/Snape is by far, the most shipped pairing in the entire Harry Potter fandom. But then again, the second most popular is probably Snarry (Snape and Harry) so don’t count on it too much ;x

I know I’m rambling. But it’s 2:23 and I really have turned nocturnal D:

EDT: I forgot to credit my awesome avvie! TY <a href=”http://_kathrynnn.livejournal.com/”>_Kathrynnn</a>

2 words for you…

Saturday, March 29th, 2008

Audio books.

Or is that one word?

Audiobook is so hip today. In fact, it is so hip that I imagine one day, people will go to library, browse through the thousands of audiobook CDs, and plug ‘The Short History of Nearly Everything’ into play. Come to think of it, they may already have done that. I’m probably just a millenium behind to not notice :x

Reasons I love audiobooks~

Carrying heavy hardcover books around is impractical for my nomaden life style. Plus, I can save my eyes from further damage after all the under-the-bed-torch-reading that I did when I was younger. I also can read while doing other chores.  And even with eyes closed :O Listening to audiobooks also helps to pay attention to scenery and descriptive ~details~, which I always make a point to ignore. Hmm I can actually  count the books that I read word per word with one hand! Last but def. not least, I can save bucks. Books are so expensive ;_;

After finishing Twilight, I’m currently reading The Secret by Rhonda Brynes, mainly out of curiosity about the hype. I mean, this is ‘the’ self-help book that was promoted by Oprah herself (then again, she did promote Obama, so who knows), and has since allegedly outsold Deathly Hallows and changed many people’s lives. It is like Rich Dad, Poor Dad all over again, only better (and to think I didn’t even understand half of that book -_-’ ). Anyway… What’s the secret of The Secret?? After listening up to chapter five, I can tell but two things.. The Secret remains true to its name still. And that I like Rhonda Brynes’ cool, soothing voice :)

Blogging about book is fun. I love books. I’m wondering what I shall read / listen to next. I have Lolita and Of Mice and Men waiting on my playlist but I’ll finish Stardust first. Any other ideas? What are your favorite books of all time? 

… ’cause too much  reading is never enough :D

Check your inbox!

Friday, March 21st, 2008

I found this in my email inbox yesterday, almost joining in other spams in the mass-deletion. Good thing I’ve always double checked to see if any fanfic author adds a new chapter or not. Low quality pic ahead.

It’s quite a surprise to find that I am invited, seeing as I didn’t even get to sign up last time. Maybe they have seen the error of their way and promise to use a bigger registration banner next time.

Or… I daren’t hope but… Maybe I’m actually one of Sanriotown’s loyal bloggers! That I highly doubt. According to my dashboard, I have 62 blog posts, 660 comments (who’ll be my 666???) that consist of 50% spams, 30% myself and occasional WHJ’s blog entries, lol. I hope to blog more frequently.

Which I’ve told myself everytime. But then audiobooks happen, the new episode of LOST coming up and I found myself signing up for a Poupee Girl account or I eat so excessively that my plan to blog goes out of the window and get ran over by truck D:

So many things. Yet, so little time.

Lemon drops?

/end digress

ANYWAY … I take it HelloKitty Online invites most of those who have stayed here for awhile blogging, vidding, joining forums or emailing. Congrats for everyone who got invited n___n

I’m not color blind but…

Thursday, March 20th, 2008

which one of these qualifies as gold color?



Surely not this one?? o____o

I concede I’m a bit color challenged and need help.

My dad, uncles and aunt are holding a 50th wedding anniv for my grandparents in June. I’m ecstatic to go back to Medan again :) but there is a Catch that deserves a capital (now you all know I’m a huge Catch-22 fan, so vain, yeah…)

The MC has this idea that since it’s a Golden wedding, “How appropriate it is (for every male and female in the family) to have gold color as the dress code??!11″, he said, completely ignoring the facts that:
1. Gold dresses are so passe,
2. Guys don’t wear gold, ’cept Austin and Eric Tsang (it’s their job description)
3. The building will be filled with people who look like they just come from Austin Powers set,
4. Gold does not look flattering on me :X
I tell you, those are enough reasons already to get handcuffed by the Fashion Police… Maybe should report him?

Either way, I’ll be wearing a tube dress. Not floor length though cuz I’m extremely short, 3/4 is my floor length x__x

And back to the question, which one do you think is gold color? Be honest, but feel free to throw a white lie or two :)

P.S. Do you think I can perhaps pass this one as a gold dress?

Can always say that strawberry juice pours all over what used to be gold dress. Accidentally.

Or this Veronica Mars prom dress?

No excuse for this.

Or … ?

Ok so, maybe not.

I still refuse to dress like Austin Powers though.

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Hello, kitty!

Friday, March 7th, 2008

I finally found out that shopping is indeed called therapy for a reason. I used to suspect that it was just some term coined loong long time ago by women to categorize the huge sum in their ever expanding bills as, brace yourself, medical expenses. Anyway, today, I gave myself a small treat and bought a pair of Hello Kitty earrings with matching Charmmy Kitty necklace. I can die happy.

Obviously, it’s pirated kitty, I can’t find the original stuffs anywhere, but I still feel like singing aloud m_m (Hello, even pirates are not that evil, just a little misguided is all. Hehee.)

Pardon my mammoth size of an earlobe please D:

My thought that n73 doesn’t take the nicest shots… stands corrected.

But … Are they adorable or what?? My brother’s only comment upon seeing these was, “How old are you again?”, loool. That line’s getting old, brotha (did you get my Desmond reference?? I looove him XD )

Aaand, meet Polar the Bear. It’s a birthday gift for the daughter of my dad’s friend, since apparently she shares the same birthday with my dad.

I’m not really one of those people who call their father ‘dad’ or ‘daddy’, more like ‘papa’, which is I know is sooo common, but I wonder why I’ve always typed it as ‘dad’ instead x___o?

Took some pictures before gift-wrapping her.

Bought this Hamtaro-ish towel while I was in Medan. I know, I know, even I thought I had grown up too xD

Want some desserts?