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Let’s draw Hello Kitty

Saturday, September 29th, 2007

It’s super cheesy real easy (though mine’s bad *lol*)
Show the Van Gogh inside you. Try it! :)

credit: sanrio.com

Yummy Pie-lette

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

Guess what, it’s that time of the year again! This fall, TV is ressurected to life and I mean like, literally. Read on to know what I meant by that and why I love the critically acclaimed new pilot, Pushing Daisies. You know you want to! :)

Pushing Daisies revolves around Ned (Lee Pace), a pie maker who has the ability to resurrect the dead with a touch. As always, there is a catch,, or two in this case.

1) With his touch, the dead will come back to life. However, the second touch sends them back to Heaven (or Hell -_-) forever.

2) They can only stay alive for exactly one minute, otherwise someone else nearby will die.

Ned decides to use his power to help a local detective, Emerson, to solve murder cases for the cash rewards.. by literally interrogating the murderee(s)… O.o! Things got a tad bit tricky though when Ned revives Chuck, the love of his life… and for that he can never touch her again! :(

All the more reasons of my daisy love (even when it hasn’t aired yet!)
Pushing Daisies:

comes from the phrases “pushing up the daisies”, which means dead and buried.

- Based on my apple dictionary again! Hey it’s so useful! :)

- is created by Bryan Fuller, who helped with Heroes last season. Also, narrated by Jim Daly, the one and only voice behind Harry Potter audio books!

- is eccentrically original with off-beat and happy style (:

Kewtt!! (p.s. I never knew that those lovely white flower with yellow disks are called daisies.. I thought all daisies are all yellow;) and that my all time favorite flower was of nameless species x3).

- has the most vibrant and uniquely colorful visual settings I’ve ever seen in my entire TV history, which sadly to say is not that long. Ah, when I said colorful, I meant to say this kind of colors *wears sunglasses* 8D

- features Ned with stoweerriiii … ‘kay, okay, I’ll stop!! xD
(Is it just me, or does he look a wee bit like Shia LaBeouf?)

Btw, if you are expert in using Torrent, which sadly I’m not :( , “Pie-lette” (yes, Pie-lette the Pilot. How word-twister champs they are huh?), the pilot episode of Pushing Daisies has leaked online!! All lucky peeps but moi. *sigh* And so far from all 99.99% confessions, it’s either people love it, loove it, or looove it. Though the rest 0.01% speak in Alien languages, truth be told, they sounded like they love it too! :)

Bottom line: Pushing Daisies is the new LOST! or Grey’s Anatomy! or both! You can’t blame me. It’s love at pre-sight! =)

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credit: screencaps from PushingDaisies.com and the rest, thanks to moi. Rofl aren’t they cute! =)

Breathe in breathe out

Monday, September 24th, 2007


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A Happy Walk

Sunday, September 16th, 2007

Remember when I said that I had an unposted on my drafts, well actually there were … two … Fine, five, but umm, the rest three were never going to make the front page anyway! x]

Unexpected Expectations

I felt so happy today that day, which was a wonder considering how things went just kind of.. well, thursday-normal. I was free from classes and my parents came to visit *did happy dance*. We had lunch together, one of my recently fave’d Indonesian food, it was so delicious and obviously I didn’t pay for it. lol. (notes: the store closes down for the whole fasting month,, )

Like a week ago, my famz just came back from a trip in Macao, bought me some gifties and decided to make me green with envy by showing off their beautiful pictures there (Macao looks so much like Europe!!) with all the Wish-You-Were-There captions written on their foreheads. T_T But. I was most pleasantly surprised to find, amongst the gifties, a box of HK biscuits!!

Seemed that after years of unfruitful attempts, my mum has (finally) surrendered to the fact that her daughter was still a 7-year-old psychologically. Huahaha. She never quite approved of my fixation to cute stuffs, always reminding me that I was supposed to past that moment of frenzy long ago, therefore I should act like an adult. Quoting Addison Shepherd from Private Practice, that was fart logic!! XD Ah btw, did the Macanese Alien abduct and brainwash her or something? If so, I really would like to use this opportunity to say, THANK YOU! *blink back tears*

Very Kitty style! And while it was just yummy biscuits with sweet strawberry filling, only by seeing Kitty gracing the package almost made me not have the heart to eat it. Almost. Wohoo, and it’s nice what to know that Hello Kitty has a nice-paying modelling job!

The Road Not Taken

Anyway, time really did fly and by 5 PM I ended up with next to zero done for my assignments. I ate with my brother afterwards (dinner was on him *evil grin*), ordering Char Koey Tiaw that tasted quite good and very filling, but since a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, I had dessert too hoho It lightened up my heart abit when I walked back to my room alone, with a vanilla ice cream cone that was omg so freshing^^

I simply adore Nilai in the morning and afternoon. The weather was really nice and breezy so I chose different way back home. The road was almost empty and I felt like a little girl on journey when everyone else were sleeping^^ It always feels so good to take a stroll on your own, try a different route home and pretend as if it is an adventure … Give your poor iPod a break and listen to the music of nature … Makes you really want to write a diary or rush up to blogging after, at least in my case. Muahaha!

credit: pictures taken by moi =)

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5 Best Nights of My Life

Wednesday, September 12th, 2007

I was tagged by ihearbadtz, well actually more like, an eon ago Just realised that I have an unposted left on my drafts.


Rule: Name five of the Best Nights of your Life and then tag four people.

1st best night
The barbecue night for our last year in high school for Beth’s birthday. That was my first barbecue+sleepover ever (though I don’t recall sleeping XD) and such great cooks all of them were!! n____n That day was also my anniversary with someone I loved.

2nd best night
Eve of Chinese New Year. Pretty much what you imagine. We had family gathering and my grandma would cook yummy steam boat enough for 30 mouths. Going home every year with full stomach. How I’ve missed those events ;(

3rd best night
Chinese New Year. Quite obvious: new clothes, the food and people,, loads of Ang Pao !!!!!! In this case I feel okay that I have moved abroad. Who knows if I get married at 20, then I will have to give back all the Ang Paos I got (+interest)!!! Mwahaha, no way!
Ang Pao = [en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_envelope]

4th best night
Graduation! It was really fun despite someone accidentally spilled some red Fanta onto my dress!!! 666

5th best night
Once I felt so lucky that I am not the Star and the Earth. Despite their beauty, do you know that it needs hundred of years for the twinkle of a Star to reach Earth? That’s like how the moon waits for a full month before it shows its prettiest shape, and then you can see a bunny jumping happily on top of it 8DD

Anyhow, one night, alone in my room staring out at the moon, I called my family, who were at HK then, and asked them to look out of their hotel’s window and watch the full moon. I recited the story and said particularly to my mum, “At least we are lucky, we can view the same moon at the same time although I am not there with you all.” Then, I added, “So, don’t forget to buy me gifts.” lol.

And buying gifts they did! =)


I tag:
girl in blue
seems like everyone else have been tagged, so if you’d like to do this, feel free to! =D

Btw, my supervisor invited me and my brother to join him and his family for a gathering in his house this weekend. Something was said about Chinese, altar, and yes, temple. Although he had talked about Indonesia and Chinese stuffs for the last fifteen minutes we were supposed to discuss my assignment, I wonder why I was so surprised after all.

What did I say about people talking in circles and codes again? And I don’t even speak Mandarin O_O;; Well, he probably invited me as this is my last semester here and of course *sigh extravagantly* since I’ve been such a great student..
… Okay so maybe it’s because he has some extra seats…

He mentioned that since I don’t have any class on Friday, it wouldn’t hurt to come. It was bits of my politeness that refrained me from pointing out that I can actually do my assignment on the free day.

*Crosses finger and hope it’ll turn out ok*

credit: cutie emoticons from the trail left on Manda’s blog to J-Sanctuary =)

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