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i feel like flyinggg! to a world of cowieees!


By recycling my old electronics:

I saved25lbs of carbon emissions

From entering the atmosphere!

What’s this equal to?

= 4

= 1

= 367

= 169

yahh.. they don’t have very good costumer service BUT if they actually contact me back & take the things away for free and with no problems, then I won’t care about the costumer service anymore.

You want a banana?

That’s right. I’m bananas for you ♥

Are you reading this? This post is dedicated to you guys (:
Welcome to my blog!

& if you want proof that I was once blogger of the week; check here.

Anyways, on with it.
Today, we went to the park to have a “so-called “picnic”. We ate: bananas and chips, and Jocey ate a sandwich.. When I think of picnics I think of food. Better not rant too much since they are reading it :D

It was fun. We planned on doing more activities in zee futureee.
It was funny because we were prank calling people, and I used my “voices”. First, we called someone and he answered, but I asked him of a survey..
Then the idea came up that we called guys and told them that they got lilllian and Julie pregnant. I kind of felt bad because that would be a serious situation if it was real. &, as I said a million times before, “I’m on my

We played a little football and some soccer. Jocey could not play because she was wearing sandals. but that’s okay. Then we went to April’s house only to sit under her tree. Played dare. not truth or dare, just dare.

First, April got a dare from me to say hi to the neighbor’s evil, devilish dogs.
Next, Zuleima had to touch a trash can across the street.
Then, Jocey had to hug a pole across the street.
Finally, I had to go to the stop sign and wave hi to people.

I’m sorry guys. I didn’t wave hi ): You probably knew already


quality got slaughtered.

I also have beautiful eyes according to Jocey today.
@ least you’re not plain jane ;)

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