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i feel like flyinggg! to a world of cowieees!

Do you like Sprinkles on your Ice Cream?

Sometimes, I do. It depends on the sprinkles. If they are those multi-colored rainbow ones, yes, I would like some please. But if they are those chocolate ones, no thank you. I don’t like mixing any type of chocolate that is, or can be solid, with ice cream. I find that the chocolate does not felt in your mouth, but instead, you need to chew it. I don’t know, that’s just me (: Eh, well, I did not post this blog to discuss real edible sprinkles, I posted it to show you Sprinkles.

I need a haircut really badly. Before school starts at least. Anyways, Sprinkles:

100 percent recycled from other projects, 98 percent construction paper, 2 percent glue. Believe it or not, this thing took me like 45 minutes to make. That’s a long time for something so flimsy.

Okay :D, Here’s his Bio, that is will make up as I go:

Birth Name:  Sprinkles Crayolean Lactose

DOB: August 25, 2009

Occupation: stamp licker

Location: Freezerville

Fav. Pastime: sorting out things.


I’m home!

Hello (: I’m home from New York and other areas. I went to: New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Boston, border of Canada/US. I’M SO TIRED ): oh, of course pictures.

Eh, it’s was okay I guess. Nothing much to say really. The streets of new york in the Manhattan area is somewhat dirty. Then in Boston, that was the cleanest place ever. It was so clean and perfect, it was like disneyland. haha.

New York

I’m going to vacation in New York for a week on Saturday. I’m quite excited (:

Well, it’s a tour. I hate tours, they’re really boring, but hey. That’s the only way I can get around. We’re seeing the wax museum, hershey’s chocolate factory, and many other places.

Their arms are hairless :O haha.

oh well, summer’s been pretty boring. I have no life ):  I made a plush tampon for my friend, inspired by someone on youtube, inspired by mypapercrane.com

It’s LIFE SIZED (: tinyish. I feel like a lazy pig. Summer is so boring because I don’t do anything. We fired our pool guy, so now the pool is turning green, and I don’t like to swim in green pools. Hmm, that’s all ♥

Monkeys wear clothes?

Apparently they do (: I assure you, the shirt looks way better in person. I was looking through youtube today for crafts, and I felt like learning how to make clothes; easily. I came across a video, and a channel that teaches to make clothes for beginners. Even though I can make other things pretty well, and I’ve been doing it all my life, I still consider myself a beginner because 1) I don’t know how to use a sewing machine. 2) I’m lazy and do it only when I’m inspired 3) I’m also lazy and always BS it. So I suck (:

That’s the channel:

It bet the other ones I saw. I did not do a tutorial on this (like my whale) because I have never made this before, so I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out. BUT It was really the easiest thing I’ve ever made before. It took me about an hour just because I saw a june bug while getting the fabric outside. And, I don’t use a sewing machine, hand sew. If i did, which I can’t, it could have taken me about 30 minutes.

I kept the june bug for 3 hours. Then I let it go, just like I let every other bug go. They end up dying anyways, might as well, Right ? :D haha.

Took pictures:

It’s too laggy to upload the rest of the pictures.

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