• June 2009
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i feel like flyinggg! to a world of cowieees!


haha, I was just looking around! AND OH MY GOODNESS! my life’s goal is now completed. I am a blog all-star, I feel so special (: I shall never rant about the boring bad stuff in my life now. Every post shall be exciting and exquisite! I AM THE AMAZING, ALL-POWERFUL RULER OF THE WORLD NOW! YESS! CHAMPION!! haha, well I am very excited. ohh happiness has filled within my head.

Here is the proof that will never ever go away! everr!

ohh, I can do something in life! take that mother! haha, just kidding! I’m probably obsessing over something. Oh, am I too humble, sorry mom.

That is all. I shall make a thingy now. That button thingy. The cool thing(: ahh.

Except the only thing I wonder about is where they got that picture from. I don’t keep track. I should. Ohhh. I’m happy.

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