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i feel like flyinggg! to a world of cowieees!

Allison Harvard. That girl inspires me. i envy her gigantic eyeballs. When i watched the show, i hoped that she would win, and i thought that she would be the shiest person, but googling her changed my mind quite a bit. I doodled a picture, not of her, but inspired by her.

this was the kind of person i thought she was :

a picture i was surprised to find :

either way, that girl inspires me. i doodled this. and it doesn’t really look the same, the eyeballs are bigish, hehe.

also , art by jasmine becket-griffith , my favorite fantasy artist, i absolutely love her. this is one of my favorites.

you can find her work at www.strangeling.com

2 Responses to “ANTM cycle 12”

  1. allison kind of scares me maybe because she’s a fan of blood or maybe just her overall look but she sort of reminded me of that show the wonder years and was like oh it’s winnie XD.

  2. I love Allison! She’s one of my faves this cycle :)

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