i feel like flyinggg! to a world of cowieees!

today, i was so hurt when a female told me that no guy would ever want to have a relationship with me because i am lame. See, That is just really mean. And i don’t care if i ever will. I just care that she would say that when i’m standing right next to her and for the reason too. That i am lame. To conclude, she says one of my friends is fat. i assume she was in a bad mood, but is that really necessary? And i call her my friend too. if she wants me to listen to her troubles, then she should not be so mean to me. am i not correct?

On Friday, i went to the mall with my friends, it was so so so fun (:
i love some of my friends. they make my life so complete. I went with my best friend and another friend. We took the bus, so we had to wait a while. Besides walking around, we ate food and went to boarders to play with puppets.

And my wanted future part-time job is…
CHUCK E CHEESE! goodness, i love that place. i’ve had so many fun times at that place. i think that is why i love it so mucho. No bad memories, no problems. That is probably the only place in the world i love more than.. no where. my favorite place. but when i think about it, if i get a job, there will be problems. AND i won’t like it anymore! should i risk the chance??

here’s what i think:
people read the book because they were interested in finding a romanticish novel. Someone had to start that trend, no? I like that people who don’t read books often are suddenly reading, i dislike that they only read it because they saw someone else reading it / or they heard someone talking about it and wanted to know more. That’s not the thing i dislike, what i dislike is that Those people wouldn’t try the book if it wasn’t so popular. But still, i give them props for reading something. hey, maybe i’m wrong, but that is what i really think.

next, i think people are just in love with the character, not the actor. I mean really, they did not fall in love with him when he was in Harry Potter. I think because he was a less significant character in a less popular movie/book.

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