i feel like flyinggg! to a world of cowieees!



my mom’s in the living room complaining about something in chinese. i can’t understand. >:O i’m so tiredd.  why do i feel that she got ripped off for something that she almost asked for?

so i went to the market yesterday to buy groceries. i saw a magical thing in a tin can! well not really, but i’ve seen it before.

Lip’s candy, i bought the yellow one.

As a child, i used to eat these things all the time, until i moved on to better candies with LEAD. i think i threw away all the cute cans because i was young, i didn’t know any better.

so hello kitty candies at grocery stores aren’t really good, at all. they may be cute, but not good. Well these aren’t the same, they’re cute and yummy. it’s a fruty sensation of banana and pineapple (although the ingredients say apple flavoring) and there is white sugary powder, powered sugar in the tin can can can.


so my brother’s little friend came over some day before today, and he brought one of the most amazing things ive never seen. its called RAMUNE! yah! i’ve tasted the candy, but thats all

of course a little guy wouldn’t be holding a hello kitty bottle, he was drinking the original. it’s cool because there is a little glass marble that’s stuck in there! GOSH! I KNOW! amazing isn’t it (:

i’m so weird.

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