i feel like flyinggg! to a world of cowieees!

so today i got a new phone, the samsung gravity

except mines was blue and white.

so i don’t text mucho, at all/ and it was this or a sidekick. eh, this was cheaper, so whatever. i do not know how to use this phone since my old phone is really cheap and oldish. new stuff i don’t know how to handle. tomorrow is soccer maddness. it’s 10 hours of indoor soccer. A few hours ago, i ate a sour orange with milk, not remembering that i’ll get sick. i don’t think i can go tomorrow.

so anyways. this phone really is a waste for me. i don’t text and i don’t know how to use it. i don’t even think i needed a new phone. what a waste of mula. darnit.

it worst part is that it doesn’t have a usb wire thing so i can’t import pictures or music! :OO and i don’t know how to freaking use bluetooth!


i watched supernatural yesterday(:

christmas special!!(:

so the thing is, i always thought dean was the guy with long hair, and sam was the one with short. i’m still not sure. and i always thought the one with long hair is the older one, and the short hair is the yougner one, until i saw yesterday’s episode. there was a flash back to their childhood. and they had similar hair as childern to adult. But as children the short hair guy looked older (is obviously older) than teh long hair guy.

isn’t this not confusing?

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  1. Sam’s the younger one (and the one with the long hair) and Dean’s the older one.^_^ Maybe it’s because Jared Padalecki (who plays Sam) had his character named Dean in Gilmore Girls that caused the confusion.

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