i feel like flyinggg! to a world of cowieees!

sweethearts by sara zarr

i love books, no matter what they are, they always satisfy me. i am never bored with books, there was a time when i used to even read the dictionary(:
so if i were to recommend a book, it would currently be:

read a preview here

it is a book about 2 children who were outcasts, but they met eachother and became best friends. They loved eachother, but the boy, cameron, suddenly disappeared in the 5th grade. the girl, jennifer, was devastated. everyone told her that he had died. she learned to live without him though… Now seniors in high school, she has a new identity as Jenna, but cameron suddenly returns..

i love love love it. especially a part where jennifer describes cameron. she doesn’t describe him as a lover, nor a brother. she describes him as indescribable. Beyond any lover or brother. That only he could understand her, he is her unfinished business.

readdd the book!! (:

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