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Monday, April 19th, 2010

I feel like I haven’t written a blog forever even though it’s only appearantly been a day.. It probably feels like that because I do it around midnight so it’s technically been 2 full days or something I can’t think right now that I haven’t blogged.. I’m really bored of gathering up loyalty points and I’m sad that no one is ever online in the guild but I suppose I’ll understand once I’m there level and have nothing better to do.. Until than I miss my guild and I can’t wait until the new cities come out because maybe some of them will come back =)

MIA Guild

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

I know I keep saying that I’m not logging in as much any more but I do log in randomly throughout the day and it seems as though no one in my guild is ever online !

Where did Ayngelle disappear off to ?!

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

I haven’t really been on HKO for a week or so, I mean I’ve done some quests in Paris and all but ever since I left London I haven’t really done anything. All I ended up doing was harvesting whatever I needed to in my farm while leveling it up to level 5…

I log into HKO random times of the day and it’s weird it’s like I hardly see half the guild online ! I usually see the same maybe 8 - 10 people online at least =) And now when I log into HKO I just log in to see who’s online because I really don’t wanna walk between towns..

Anyways ! Where have I gone to ? I went to clean our bedroom that we share with Lalani who has alot of clothes and toys already. It took me forever but at least I got it a little bit more organized… I live at home with my parents..

han1 && hoa25

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

I figured I should just say thank you to you for commenting on my blogs. It actually means a lot to me, I figured I’d tell you a little bit about more about me.

I’m a 20 year old female with a 4 and a half month daughter named Lalani and a boyfriend of uhmm.. 2 and a half years today ! His name is Reid and mine is Angel. Pleased to meet you =)

Locked Out ?! Server Down ?! WTF !!

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

So I just finished writing my blog like ten minutes ago than I tried to re log in and I can’t log back in ! OMG, than I thought I forgot my password and I was being stupid and tried like 6x before e mailing MAGic0088 asking him if he was playing HKO.. Seems as though he can’t log in either. Reid said that there might just be a new patch release and they adding a town or some thing but I don’t know.. I’m just thinking that they should at least let us log in and show that the server is offline.. That’s the whole point of the splash page after you log in isn’t it ?! … I would rant longer if I was on a laptop… Sigh.. I miss having a laptop.. =(

Black Stripped Shirt (Dedicated to MAGic0088)

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

So I didn’t know what to blog about so I asked my guild friend MAGic0088 on what to blog about and he told me to blog about his Black Stripped Shirt ! Why you may ask, it’s because as you can see in the screen shot his shirt is NAVY BLUE not black like the item name states it’s suppose to be ! So yet again there is a bug in the game which we should tell a GM about but instead I’m ranting about right now =)

Black Stripped Shirt

Btw, thank you MAGic0088 for gathering me 10 some thing rather which I forgot what it’s called for my future quest in Paris.

The other bug in the game is some quest I forgot what it’s called that you’re suppose to collect 10 Ardillon Bandages and some thing else but you’re actually suppose to collect 20 and it’s a typo in the description or coding in the game. I think in two days I heard three new people in the guild be totally confused and frustrated that they couldn’t give their quest in..

*shrugs ;; I’m going back on HKO to do some annoying quest (Mail Trail && Taking Extra Steps)

MAGic0088 is awesome ^_^

Exhausted !

Saturday, April 10th, 2010

I’m almost done leveling up my farming to level 5 ! Than I can start all the quest in Paris.. I suppose I could have started to stock up for the future quest but it’s so hard to when I know I have to farm ALOT before I can even begin. I don’t know if that makes sense but I’m too lazy to go back and reread what I wrote.. Anywho, where was I… Uhmm.. I’m almost leveled up to level 5 on my farm so I think I’ll take a break from farming and start stocking up on Paris quest ^_^ There’s sooo much to get ! OMG, I don’t know where to start.. On the bright side I’ll be playing more than 30 minutes at a time now ^_^

Farming =.=

Friday, April 9th, 2010

OMG, I’m so sick of farming.. I need to be able to plant level 5 && 6 seeds in Paris for some quest and all I’ve been doing for what feels like the past two days have been farming and harvesting to up my farm level.. So boredd ! I don’t play as long now because I’m so sick of farming =( I wish it didn’t require so many EXP to level up because you don’t do it as much as the other skills.. Oh and I’m getting a laptop soon because I need it for when I start school in May =D


Friday, April 9th, 2010

I was going to start playing HKO but than my brother walked in and asked if we were going out to eat for my BF birthday.. My family always goes out and eat for who ever’s birthday and as my BF doesn’t like celebrating his birthday we of course don’t care and we’re going out to eat.. Initially we were suppose to go out and eat yesterday when his real birthday was but my dad was busy fixing my brothers car and than they had to go to work T_T Which sucked for me because I had to go to my friend’s mom’s funeral which I missed =( But at least we got to see my boyfriend’s mom for a late lunch yesterday and it was all worth it.. Besides the fact that the food made me feel a little sick >_<


Friday, April 9th, 2010

I just woke up and haven’t played HKO yet because I’ve been on SanrioTown sending emails, doing a blog, playing games and doing quizzes for loyalty points. I’m considering putting up a video for more points of my daughter but I don’t know which one yet..