September 26th, 2009 by dabliews:hellokitty.com

Please help me by “like”ing this photo. I really want to win this contest! T_T

Thanks alot to all kind hearted souls <3


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Vote for me please!

March 9th, 2009 by dabliews:hellokitty.com

Hi all, please vote for baby Lovelle at this site. No viruses or spams. Purely a baby contest! Thanks to all who’ve voted. =D

Click here to vote!

after voting they will send u a validation email to confirm a valid email. although it sounds troublesome but it will onli take a few mins! Thanks again everyone!

valentine’s day?

February 16th, 2009 by dabliews:hellokitty.com

valentine’s day was spent in AGONY for me. lol. morning woke up so darn earli to prepare baby, went out ard 10 n headed to hubby’s office for viewing. stayed in his office while he did his stuff. ordered 太空面包 set. hubby said it was nice but it was horrible! it tasted like overdued bread. lol. kept complaining den hubby tried n he actuali said ITS SOUR. omgosh. ive alrdy eaten the whole ting. den he called n complain.

den sam, alvin n baby came. waited for hubby’s late tenant, finished up n headed to his boss hse.

reached, the house is not v big but is high, as in 3 storeys but it’s not exactly v spacious. anw, NO VENTILATION. i nearli died of suffocation. sumore the weather was hot enough alrdy. haf nth to do there n worse of it all, my 大姨妈 came. n i nv brought any pads! went to 7/11 wif hubby n changed in the coffeeshop’s freaking dirty toilet. URGHS. worse v day of all yrs. was cramping like madness n had totally no energy. after tt went to OG @ bugis, bought the $65 walker n went home.

the walker is cute la. but i still tink it’s abit overpriced. lol. it comes wif a base at the bottom and there’s this train tt will move when the buttons are pressed. it runs by battery la. actuali i preferred another walker better but the cushion is lousy. overall, not bad, easy to clean. but my hse has no space for her to walk. hahahaha


February 16th, 2009 by dabliews:hellokitty.com

wow this interface is harder to use compared to blogger. lol. it’s almost like an auto n manual drive ting. LOL. if im lazy i might jus stick to my old blog! *RARS* off to play game first. =p

but the hello kitty email is still cute :P

hello kitty!

February 15th, 2009 by dabliews:hellokitty.com

hi all! lol. actuali was browsing online for cute games den i came to different forums stating cute games den came to this site. i was quite disappointed cos it actuali states closed beta. but luckily they reopened for 3 days since valentines day. am glad im not too late!

they have so much stuff. including msn wallpapers, icons, screensavers. i bet this site will be thriving when it is publicised. im gg to change my blog to this site!. its sooooooooo cute :D so wad if im alrdy a mummy! update ltr, gonna do some housekeeping

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