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It had been a long time since i wrote my blog, well the good reason is that im too busy! Trying to weave in and out of my working & personal life & was hit badly by some sickness which seriously drained my soul away, very tiring… >.me.gif

After since my cousin’s wedding in June, after i drunk a few sips of champagne, i started to have rashes…till now, on & off it doesn’t really go off..and i tink im suffering from rashes medication side effects now..

1) Feel drowsy at times -_-
2) Feel hungrier at all times
3) my gastric is sick after the consistent medication i ate…

well, just last week, i gt a terrible flu, and subsequently, i got gastric flu pain and now rashes are back again~~ haiz….

After all this side effects which had been affecting me alot, i had put on lotsa of weight!!! It fluctuates..sounds crude right? but it’s true…

And now, i gotta control my diet and determine to go on a tough ‘training’ till end of this year…hopefully by end of this ‘gu’ yr, im able to be slim!! Yeah~~~

Perhaps it’s due to peer pressure from my gf…i saw her slimming down and i feel happy but envy for her too..also, i realised that im getting lesser & lesser attention from guys & feel that life is just like that, which i hate it! i wish my life would be as colourful as a rainbow.. ;p

I did wanted so much to exercise with my colleagues, but im afraid my rashes will be out again….God….pls tell me what to do!

also guess what, i had a very sweet and happy dream yesterday, dreaming of my colleagues & my boss…hahaha, but it shall be kept in my heart~ ;p

i had also planned my HK itinery and now im counting down to my HK trip in August! &_& Hopefully it will be a great trip for me to refresh myself…

i hope to see my fave HK stars when im there…haha, im going gaga with Sammul Chan (陳鍵鋒), Kenneth Ma (馬國明) & Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎)!
Sammul Chan
Kenneth Ma
How i wish i can be the gal whom they acted with….it’s really v.sweet & romantic watching certain TVB Drama scenes…their acting are superb too!
Kevin Cheng
Not forget to mention, i love watching all dramas by Kwok Chun On (郭晉安)
Indeed, im obsessed with TVB Dramas! They are definitely GREAT!! It’s part of my time table to be stuck in front of TV from 8-10pm weekdays daily…WoooHoo…
-It’s great to fantasize romantic scenes with the guy i love…which is not much possible will happen in my life?
Kwok Chun On

{I must be determine to achieve my goals!}

Today is a Great Monday i ever had…perhaps coz of the long waited ice cream phone i always wanted… ;p

Love it….it’s so sweet, and camera is good! However, function wise is slightly different from Nokia Phone, gotta get used to it….

I bought the Pink Ice Cream Phone Finally…and it’s out of my wish list..yeah! ;p

Hopefully, im able to get all the things i want in my wishlist…Way to goOoo!!

I’m going off to ‘play’ with my newbie…hehe…Good NIte!!

LG Ice Cream Phone

Along the way, i came to know Ben ben..and my best buddy aka. soulmate, Darren. alot of things happened between us, and Darren is also the one who introduced me into SAESL.


Ermm…i love to share everything with him, love to be with him..however, it’s just that maybe the feeling is not right at times…Maybe we just be friends, or even not.. the feel is weird, funny, and weird…..


Ever since he got gf, i feel deprived, and getting lesser & lesser priority even as friend to him… as usual, he’s afraid of everything,work, gf and everything.. i feel really sad…is it really true of what he say?? will he really miss me if he go to Australia? i do not know what to do…but only struggling in my heart with all the question marks..???? Why would he bother what people say and think?

No matter what we do, people will still say.
there’s a story which i will always remember:

Once upon a time, there’s a dad & young son with a camel. they wanted to travel to another country. Firstly, the dad rode on the camel and past a village. However, the villagers shunned dad, saying: ‘how can the dad let the young kid walk, while he rode the camel..’ then after a while, the dad came down the camel and the kid rode it and past another village. However this time, the villagers shunned son, saying: ‘how can the kid let the old dad walk, while he rode the camel..’ MOrale of the story is, no matter what you do, people will still say & we can’t control at all… Just let them say what they want.

Even so, he’s still bothered about it, maybe that’s him…


AwwwwWww im Back!!

Ermmm..it had been some time since i last wrote the diary (think since im 17)…well, i had decided to keep this blog as my life dairy, in replacement of traditional way of writing diary- like what i did when i was young ;p

Well… i think i had missed out alot of my teenage life in writing, everything is still clear in my mind…if i were to write out all, i think it will be never ending.. let’s keep a summary here with a few of pix i manage to find when i took during younger days…

My Teenage Life…


After graduating from Dunman Sec, i proceeded to Temasek Poly for my diploma education. i believed studying @ TP is the turning point of my life…





First change of appearance (dye hair,makeup,fashion..), first clubbing, first rebellious…wahahaha ;S MOstly first time all started with 17!!


And of coz, First fell in love @ age of 17 with my first love-Sebastian Tan Jun Kai

well, Poly life (’2003~2005′) is relaxed & fun…however, i remembered for that 3 yrs, i seemed to be a total different person. Simply wish to get away from my Sec Sch life & my sec friends whom i used to be so close with… I don’t really know what’s the reason why, however, perhaps it’s due to depression , or just to have a different kind of life.. Much of the time, im with jUnkai, hence, im not closed to my gal friends anymore..neither my poly frenz..



however, to name a few closer ones are Eileen,wen min, sheryl, marilyn & Eujean…i nv forget how he shunned me @ Mambo..hahaha..coz i remembered clearly the next day there’s lecture, however, coz we clubbed till upside down, i decided not to go…but..he unintentionally ‘cursed’ that i will not pass my test this way… :-__-: well, in the end, i asked James to tell him to apologise to me…princess hur..hahahaha..but i knew he meant it well for me le… ;p

Well Eujean, great job!! Ur famous in my blog! hahaha.. ;D
errrr… this pix i think one of my poly friend took, but duno who…hahaha..so i keep lor~~


Also,tried to work Part-time as dental clinic receptionist…ermm..not my type of job..it’s kinda boring..



Chilling out after School….




Also, not to forget, through Junkai & Jeffrey, i knew this great gal, and till now, we are still close as sisters, someone who will be there for me whenever i quarelled with Junkai that 3 years..- dat’s my pretty gean!!


Soon, i graduated from TP!! Only managed to find these few pix..OMG..Remember this pix is i wore for my presentation..hahaha..


That’s me & Gorgeous babe, Sheryl..



A Passerby friend in my Life..used to be very close..her bikinis are still with me!! Oops…Lost touched. Shermaine..
(My hair is in curls too..)

Photos after i Graduated…(Before i start work..)





*Pix took when im working @ STK, with IA Student that time, Brenda..

The day my sis ROM, the day i know him….




Awwww….Im tired…I believe my photos will speak louder than words then…

That’s my Teenage life, full of colours, ups & down i’ve been through..lotsa ‘passerby’ used-to-be closed friends, like James, Dominic, Mario, Jason, etc..all lost touch… ;( Of coz, if you happen to see me here, pls contact me wor!!!

Cheers~ ^0^

What is Love?

Love is just a game or companionship… ? Can anyone tell me? well, i believe it is the feeling that comes deep from your heart which you could not describe. You are willing to accept whoever he is, and is willing to tolerate and be with him no matter what happen..

My love life for 3 years had been sailing smoothly & stabilised till i met him..he should know who he is.. He’s my soulmate & guardian angel who will always be with me, even tho’ not physical but the heart is always with me. Coz i can feel it.
This is the song that will remind me of him…

I knew him a few months back, and indeed we are v.sweet initially. We went out, elope, even to spend time quietly with him, it’s e moment together be with him, i feel sweet and happy. Every min, every sec we seems to be together, with the every min sms we exchanged. it was really sweet. We talked anything under the sun… he’s a cute guy, who used to tell me he’s lifeless..^_^ but i decided to change his life, coz he’s still young and i feel he’s not a bad guy. Of coz, i wish him to be happy always.. However, his biggest weakness and suppose the only one is his supreme hot temper! ~hopefully he will change to nil…

However, as time goes by, alot of things happen, neglect, possessiveness, jealousy and miscommunication drift us apart and it seems we can’t tolerate each other anymore..and we broke off after 3 months after that unforgettable slap. My heart bleeds instantly. I could not tolerate anymore. I never felt litis before..it’s like wanted to die terribly but was afraid to.

I feel sad and did not wish it to happen, but i got phoebia even when see him, it reminds me of the bruise on my hand, that is not important, most importantly, my heart which broken into pieces.. During the 2 weeks of cooling time, i thought alot, and of coz miss him alot too, tho’ i wanted to hide my feelings inside me. The feeling is horrible. Seems like i cant live without him..not used to be his frenz anymore..felt lonely and helpless..eventually, we got back together..but things are no longer as sweet as i think anymore..

Our time spent together is getting lesser and till now is nothing. I no longer feel the pumping love between us and we dun seems to have much to talk now…
I admitted i really hate him few weeks back, coz he really neglected me due to his commitments. Of coz, of my missy temper, im to blame too… which im trying to change. but seems cant. then, coming to yr end, im trying to clear leave. the leave i took all seems wasted. even i took on his off days, but he is sick. it’s kinda sad but also no choice.

Then, i started to find more life and to meetup wif my frenz. BUT, i was not happy at all. My frenz tried to console me, cheer me up, but it’s pointless..like he say, im in front of him, but my soul is elsewhere.. nevertheless, he told me to gif him up, but i simply cant.. my surrounding frenz too, told me to gif him up, but i seems cant…

and now, we are stucked in a situation whereby i duno how to move on. and whenever i think of finding a solution, i will listen to this song..which describe my feeling most….

But always, end up im in tears…torture to me.. i wish he can understand how i feel…sometimes, it may seriously caused more misery if we dun address the issue. I know i had neglected him this festive season, and due to my long leave, i may not even get to see him again…. but hope he understand both of us got our own commitment and i wish both of us can be understanding towards each other…and peacefully sort it out..

here, i knock off, as im v.tired le…tml another busy day again..*yawnz* who can help me clear my wardrobe?? It’s a hassle definitely! Time flies, next mon im going back to normal routine again…zzZZzzz hopefully i can finish do whatever i need to finish by this week~~

Good Nite…

Suddenly got the sudden love for PINK & Hello Kitty, probably cos the colour Pink is sweet, and most of the stuffs for Hello Kitty is PINK and it’s from Japan!

Just went on a big spree for Hello Kitty Stuffs today, here’s what i’ve bought and splurge on them!


Also, im happy to customise my laptop too ^_^ Feel v.happy to be able to immerse into kitty dream world without worries and with lotsa of love!


Tomorrow to be continue…. wishes to have more of the kitty stuffs:
1) Calculator
2) Lanyard
3) Boxes
4) Towel
5) Stickers
6) Blings Blings

More to go tomorrow…..

My Dear..Listen to this song for my feelings now..

Chr|stmas Eve is always a v. hectic day for me every year.
This year, i went to a house party for countdown of Christmas! ^_^

Early morning, it was raining heavily.
But this does not stop my Preparation which took me almost whole day. ^_^
Everywhere is packed with people and i hate to be cramp with people. ;( neverthless, i went for a good manicure and pedicure @ Nail Palace, and a hair treatment and hairdo @ Sandstorm Jurong Point. Then collected the logcake from Icing Room.

My Manicure Christmas Nail Art
Realised that Jurong Point had a new extension building, which can do more shopping, tho’ it’s not those high end shops, but it’s still good ;P

Would love to try to decorate my own cake @ the Icing Room one day! hehe…

Here, off im ready to go for the Party!!

After all preparation with my mini wool boots, we reached the party @ ard 9pm which considered v.late but lucky that we missed the previous game which i feel it’s terrible that i wudn’t join! We played some games, quite fun, but tired too.

Overall, the party ends @ 2plus and we did a gift exchange. Guess what i’ve got?
An alarm clock, quite cute, but dun feel gd too, coz in chinese, it’s not so auspicious wor~~ hehehehe..

anyway, last nite we got take alot of pictures, and it’s fun too. And realised one of e gals love Hello Kitty too, which im also a fan too! Discussed and we shall go on a spree on Christmas day!

Now, got to go off for my Hello Kitty Spree soon!
See Ya, enjoy your christmas!

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