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Hello~ Halloween is almost here, and though it’s not a tradition in my country, I love the spooky stuff around this festivity.

Among these years I’ve been learning more about horror movies, and I can say I became a crazy fan xD I’ve always liked zombie movies but recently I’ve watched all kind of horror movies, even the oldest ones~

I just Love old creepy movies!~ the ones in black and white and with no voices whatsoever~ they are so weird and exaggerated

Well this is gonna be a blog about creepy and weird stuff~ that’s the reason why I’m posting the first topics on october ^^ I also like anime, manga, japanese culture and science in general, specially chemistry~ I’ll start with something related to that~  


Today’s topic: Pharmacy

Pharmacy is an ancient science dating back almost 5.000 years. In ancient Egypt there were “gatherers and preparers of drugs”. The physician-priests of Egypt were divided into two classes: those who visited the sick and those who prepared the remedies. The Eber Papyrus, compiled about 1500 BC is one of the most famous pharmaceutical records. It contains the descriptions of about 800 prescriptions and make reference to some 700 drugs.

During the early Middle Ages in Europe, most pharmaceutical knowledge was contained and preserved in monasteries. European doctors often filled their own prescriptions, but the influence of the Arab culture in Spain brought about the return of separate duties for pharmacist and physician. In the arabic world, the growing number of medicinal products and more sophisticated methods of administering them led to the emergence of pharmacy specialists. In about  AD 754 the first apothecary shop was established in Baghdad. This event marked the growing division of the professions of pharmacy and medicine.

Nowadays pharmacists dispense prescription drugs to patients. They provide information about those drugs and help patients understand the instructions their doctors or other health practitioners provided. They monitor their patients’ health and progress to make sure their medications are working effectively and safely.

 I work at a pharmacy~ all I can tell is that I don’t monitor the patient’s health xD because I see different people everyday~ I do explain some medicine’s effects or give information~

Anyway is a great job because you learn a Lot about drugs, also you can see the medic’s work because when you read several prescriptions you get an idea of the combination of differents drugs for a specific treatment.

Well that’s all for today’s topic~ sorry it’s short xD I’ll add more information in the next posts^^

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