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Hello Everyone!  Welcome to my blog!

I’ve decided to try (for now) to keep this blog as Sanrio-orientated as possible. While I’m sure I’ll be posting lots about HKO, which I play slightly obsessively, you can also expect these Sanrio themed things:

~ Bento pictures and recipes

~Pictures of Hello Kitty and friends I happen to see shopping/around town.

~ Occasional pictures and reviews of new (Sanrio) things I buy.

~Super cute clothes!

Here are a few things you may be interested in learning about me!


I adore Johnny’s Entertainment! It’s a Japanese entertainment agency for those who don’t know. My absolute favorite group is KAT-TUN! Next favorites are NEWS and Arashi.
I watch an insane amount of J Doramas, mostly the ones staring actors who belong to JE. <3


I have a bunch of food allergies, but the most serious ones are Peanuts and Nuts. Eating even a tiny amount of these can kill me. I’m also a vegetarian! Because of these, I’m a pretty good cook! I’m not, however, good at baking. I tend to make the things I put into the oven explode. The most I can do is make (Hello Kitty shaped!) cupcakes. I’m hoping to improve eventually!


I love frilly, girly clothes.
I wear the Japanese fashion style called “Lolita” which is based off Victorian and Rococo clothing. I originally started out with historical costumes, but Lolita is such a wearable, versatile style, I’ve switched over! My favorite brand is Baby, the Stars Shine Bright. I also really like Anna House.
I wear Lolita whenever I can, and if I’m not in it, I’m wearing pajamas! Cute, pink, lovely pajamas. <3


I’m really good at sewing. It’s one of the few things I am good at! I’ve been sewing for over 10 years, I and make the majority of my Lolita clothes. I also enjoy making my own patterns. The thing I least like to sew is boning. It’s a pain to put in!
I also make the occasional plushie~

I love blogging, and I hope to make lots of friends!

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