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Today I was able to play for an hour or so! I finally finished all the London quests , aka the ones I missed the first time around! I also did the first Paris quest, which was to find Cheery Chums. Not hard at all. :)
I missed the event where you could get a golden train ticket though, boo. And OMG! I didn’t realize the official launch would mean coin items in the item mall! The strawberry hair that I had been saving loyalty points for is now a coin item! GUH. Maybe I’ll buy some coins. I always feel bad about spending real money on an online game, but I love HKO and try to play it semi-regularly so maybe it will be okay. Groceries first, though!

After I was done with the London quests, I changed my outfit around a bit until I settled on this one:

Cute, right? I’d never wear yellow paints in real life, so it’s fun for Lilyshine (my character) to wear them. I switched out pets, too! I switched my Pagurian (given to me by Sarahm1) to a Furtale! Squirrel-like, adorable, and PINK! (Sarahm1 gave me my Furtale too, actually! So kind! *O*)
I named it Rakkety Tam, after a character in a Redwall book of the same title. It’s one of my favorite book, even though the Redwall Rakkety Tam isn’t pink.
And that’s about it! I’m happy to be playing HKO again! :3

Ahh~ Sometimes I really put things off until the last minute! I finished my entry for the HKO Farm Your Flag contest! I think it’s pretty cute! It’s a simple design, but I think those are the kinds that reach the most people, and I want it to show that! (Did I just say something cool, maybe? Eh, eh?
I had to draw out my design on GIMP. I’m not very good at visualizing things in my head. Then on my first try, I accidentally planted everything sideways! I had to pull it all out. Finally I managed to plant everything correctly! I’m not going to show anyone my original GIMP design, it’s horrid! I cut and pasted pictures of the strawberry plant in order to try to get the design right! I did, but it’s really pretty ugly looking. ^.^; .

I very, very, very carefully counted out where I was going to plant on each row. I addressed at like a chess set; A-F, 1-11. Otherwise I never would have remembered it! I put all the fertilizer down first just in case! Then at least I could see a vague outline!

Originally, I was going to enter it like this, but I thought just the bow there was kind of bare, and looked rather unfinished. That’s when I decided to add some white, too! Red and White, Hello Kitty’s colors!

At this point I decided to add a couple more plants to give it more of a lacy feel, as opposed to a plain border feel. At least I hope! ;D

This is the finished entry! Really very simple, but I found it hard despite that. Mainly because I kept loosing count and mis-planting! I love these contests, and I hope there are more soon! It’s so much fun to see what everyone else creates!
On a slightly random note, don’t you think my dress matches the flag rather well? The red of the underskirt (or under kimono, I’m not sure which) isn’t the exact same color of the strawberries, but I still think it looks okay! I’d love it if I had a Hello Kitty hat with a red bow, then I’d totally match! As it it, maybe the blue bow drew enough attention people will know that the flag is of a red bow? What if it’s not recognizable at all? Oh deeear~! I’m glad they asked for a description of the flag. Otherwise, it might be totally unrecognizable! No matter what, it was fun! I think I’m going to have to do a lot of farming next time I get on HKO, though! Last time, when I had the huge, over planted farm I forgot to water it, and everything died! I was so surprised when I logged in and saw everything dead. I was so shocked I forgot to screencap it. Whoops~!

I hope everyone has a fun and exciting day! If you entered the HKO Farm your Flag contest, please send me a link! I’d love to see it!

Here is my entry for the HKO Farm Your Flag contest!

This is (supposed to be) Hello Kitty’s bow, with a delicate, lace-like white accent on two of the edges. I wanted to keep my flag simple. I think one of the reasons Hello Kitty is so universally loved (besides being cute) is because of her original, simple design. Changing small details around Hello Kitty can make her fit into so many situations, to be appealing to so many different types of people. That, and she’s adorable!
I wanted my flag to reflect this in it’s own way as well. Simple, yet cute. (I hope!)

I bring you the Top Secret Hello Kitty-fying Project of Amazingly Silly Cuteness: Sanrio Harbour edition~! What is that, you ask? Maybe you don’t ask, but I’m going to tell you anyways!
The TSHK-fPoASC is a brilliant and amazing (aka silly and slightly bonkers) idea I came up with after being awake for over 24 hours. I don’t usually stay awake for more then 12, so I was pretty out of it when I had this “brilliant” and “amazing” idea! The next day I decided it was cute, and decided to try it!

Basically, thanks to my guild (Faith), I have a Hello Kitty bow picture/icon thingy to the left of my character. My mission is to Kitty-fy NPC’s across Hello Kitty Online!

Sanrio Harbour was tricky! Both TuxedoSam and U*SA*HA*NA didn’t match up with the bow at all! This could be my fault, I’m starting to get pretty tired. I really need to start going to bed before I get to the point I my eyes cross!
I had trouble getting several others to match up, although I did manage to get the bow on off-center. Instead, I asked GM Lychee and GM Persimmon if I could Kitty-fy them, and they said yes~!
I hope you enjoy the screenshots, even if there are less then usual!

Let’s start with Buppi! I’m afraid the bow is a little high. >///

I had major issues trying to get the bow to line up on Lily’s head, which was completely my fault. And the clouds. They have some MAJOR bad timing! I did manage to Kitty-fy the Lily statue, though! Cute, riiight?

Continuing what I started to talk about earlier!
Because I was having such trouble getting the bow to line up with most of the NPC’s, I decided to ask the GM’s that were online if they’d help me! GM Lychee and GM Persimmon were the ones online. I’d never actually talked to GM Persimmon, but I’ve talked (briefly) with GM Lychee before, and she’s lovely.
As I mentioned before, they said they’d help! In fact, they did most of the work! I was going to try to get the bow to line up separately, but they both put the bow picture/icon next to them, so I got both of them! \(*O*)/

I was so excited, I accidentally took a screenshot with a cloud in front of us! I was dorking out about how nice they both were! *O* I left myself in the screenshot, too. I could have cropped myself out and had just the two of them looking fantastic, but I didn’t! I was too excited, even if I clash! So there~! >D Although my shoes seem like they might match GM Persimmon’s hair! *w*)/

In this screenshot the bow didn’t quite line up, but I wanted to post two screenshots (heh heh heh~), and I think it still looks kind of neat with everyone standing! ;D

I’m back with the Florapolis edition of Top Secret Hello Kitty-fying Project of Amazingly Silly Cuteness!! Whoohoo! (

What, exactly is the Top Secret Hello Kitty-fying Project of Amazingly Silly Cuteness? Fabulous question~! You don’t actually care? Maybe you’d prefer another blog! Already know, skip down to the screenshots then, oh Fantastical Psychic VIP of Amazingness~!
THe Top Secret Hello Kitty-fying Project of Amazingly Silly Cuteness is what happens when you have insomnia and stay up way later then you should. I have this really snazzy Hello Kitty bow picture next to my character:

I had this really (silly and kind of dorky) AWESOME idea to try to “Hello Kitty-fy” the NPC’s of Hello Kitty Online. Hey! It was that or watch more Leverage reruns! I love Leverage, but I can practically quote it. Anyway, at the time this seemed like a much better idea! The next day, I decided it wasn’t absolutely insane (only vaguely crazy) and thus the TSHK-fPoASC was born! Please enjoy the screenshots!

I love Pinkuru; I think she’s adorable! I think she looks great with the HK bow, even if she doesn’t need it.

When I saw this rug, I couldn’t resist HK’ing it! I love it, but if I had one I’d feel awful stepping on Pom Pom Purin! He’s just too adorable!

That’s it for Florapolis! Next up is Sanrio Harbour, which I already typed up~! It has GM’s! *O*
Florapolis was not my favorite of the bunch, that’s for sure. I love to play and wander around Flora, but some of the NPC’s (like Bagle and Scone) are really little, so I had trouble getting the bow to line up. Besides that, all the flowers are beautiful enough already, they don’t need a bow added!
I still had tons of fun, and I think at least some of the screenshots turned out nicely! My favorites would have to be of the Purin family. I really wanted to have Mama Purin too, but her back was turned! Oh well, maybe I’ll get her to model eventually! I hope you enjoyed this entry, please let me know what you think!

As I was going around London making sure I have all the NPC’s in my collection, and taking screenshots for my Top Secret Hello Kitty-fying Project of Amazingly Silly Cuteness: London edition, I went into Big Ben to visit Dear Daniel. When I got there, though, I had a HUGE shock!

I missed a quest! Totally and completely missed it! At least I thought it was one quest. I wiki’d it, and it turns out I’m TEN quests away from being finished with the London quests! Ehhh? I was so excited to start on Paris, I guess I got ahead of myself! I’m definitely slightly disappointed I missed these, but at least I came back to visit Dear Daniel and didn’t miss them all together. I’d still rather have finished them when I finished the rest of the London quests, but there’s nothing to be done about it now. :3

I sat near Dear Daniel for a while just trying to figure out hwo I could have missed those quests!

In an attempt to cheer myself up (that worked really well), I went to visit my favorite place in London; the Ferris wheel! It’s really adorable, and I think riding on it would be so relaxing. I’m guessing it’s modeled after the real-world London Eye! The exteriors of the compartments look similar. Well, as similar as HKO and real life look! I think it’s great!

After visiting the Farris wheel, I headed towards Florapolis. Doing this, I walked over a bridge (London Bridge, I think?) and just had to take a screenshot. I see Strawberry Socks! ;D That’s what it looks like to me, at least! They could be gloves too, but I like socks better. I think it’s unlikely the Sanrio designers meant for it to look like that, but it could just be the way I sometimes view things! Still, don’t you want socks like that? *w*

I now bring you the Top Secret Hello Kitty-fying Project of Amazingly Silly Cuteness: London edition~! Yaay~! How exciting!!
What is the Top Secret Hello Kitty-fying Project of Amazingly Silly Cuteness, you might ask? Well, to recap from the last (and first) Top Secret Hello Kitty-fying Project of Amazingly Silly Cuteness: Paris edition~! it goes something like this:
As a member of the guild Faith, I have a super snazzy Hello Kitty esq bow just to the left of my character (as you’ll see), and while being an insomniac, I had the cute idea to try and Kitty-fy absolutely everything. As you may have guessed, instead of doing the smart thing and actually attempting to sleep, I spend a couple of hours clicking the bow into the perfect (or sometimes awful) position to Kitty-Fy everything! And this is the London edition~!

Tensan is one I thought would look super-extra adorable with Kitty’s bow, but I ended up getting it positioned so low, it looked like an extra large (somewhat strange and vaguely cute) eyebrow! Not something I’d like to embarrass myself by showing! Or poor Tensan! I’m sorry Tensan, your hat is cute enough!

Oyakata, on the other hand, wasn’t nearly as lucky, even though Oyakata and Tensan look remarkably similar!

Here are the best Official(-ish) Top Secret Hello Kitty-fying Project of Amazingly Silly Cuteness: London edition~! screenshots, hope you enjoy~!

My absolute favorite of the bunch? Hello Kitty TARDIS!
I’m a huge Doctor Who fan, and when I went to London for the first time, the first think that crossed my mind was “HKO TARDIS! And it’s pink!” I know it looks much more like a phone booth then a Police box, but I still call it the Pink TARDIS anyway~!

I hope to be back with more Top Secret Hello Kitty-fying Project of Amazingly Silly Cuteness soon~! (If I’m lucky, before the A Day in the Life of HKO event ends~!)

On my adventure to finish the rest of the Top Secret Hello Kitty-fying Project of Amazingly Silly Cuteness, I went from Paris to London. Sounds super simple, right? Not so if you have an awful sense of direction! You’d think this would only happen in real life, but no. Any kind on MMORPG and I get lost. Badly. HKO is one of the few MMORPG’s I can actually manage to navigate with some success. Please note that I said “some” success. This is what happens when I try to get to the South Wind Grassland:

I actually thought I was going in the right direction! Seriously! I couldn’t find the arrow portal thing, so I opened the area view. As you can see, I am opposite side from where I should be to get to London! D;

I finally found the portal to South Wind Grassland! Yaa-oops. If you look in the right hand corner, you can see it says…South Sun Land. At least I was only slightly off this time!

This is a place I found really pretty in the South Wind Grassland! Only here, though, since I was too busy running for my life in the other maps. I was oddly lucky at avoiding monsters on this map! *O* I was extremely relieved to find I couldn’t get stung by the bees!

I think this is kind of cute, but…doesn’t it look like the wood pile is wearing a blanket? Not that I blame the wood, it’s a really cute blanket! I’m just curious as to what it is. The Grasslands seem very dry and warm, so I don’t know why it’d need a blanket, unless the wood likes to be fashionable. ;P

I finally finished building my house, the Straw Hut~! I was so excited! Actually, I finished this over a week ago~! I had stayed up extra late to finish building it, and when it was finished, I was too exhausted to even go inside and look around, let alone blog about it! The next day I found out it wasn’t that I was extra exhausted yesterday, but rather that I was coming down with something. I spent the last week sick, and I was too shaky and ill too get on HKO! I’m kind of disappointed about that. I don’t think I’d be nearly as upset if I hadn’t missed out on quite a bit of the “A Day in the Life of Hello Kitty Online” event! I was hoping to blog enough to be able to buy something from the Item Mall~

This is where my OMG Master Plan! comes in! Since there was no limit to how many blog entries you can post a day, I’ve decided to try to blog as many times as I can before the event is over! Only if it’s about something interesting, mind you.
I will admit this can be almost anything for me! Especially after spending a week in bed doing nothing! I’m so excited to be back on HKO I can hardly contain my excitement~!

So! Without further ado, the screenshots~! Starting with my finished house! *O*

It’s pretty cute, right?

It’s so empty! I hope to be able to make some furniture soon, but in the mean time the room seems so large. ;O; And is it just me or does the wave on the floor give the room a bit of a yin yang split? Or am I just seeing things? >D

These are two items I won in a contest hosted by a GM a while ago~ When HKO was still with Aeria games! I was so excited to win them, but I couldn’t use them (since I didn’t have a house), so I’ve been saving them ever since!

If only I had boxes like this in my room! They’re so cute! I’d like them better if they were made of plastic, but that’s because it’s easier to clean! ;D

From the back it looks like a Kitty cow! It’s actually called a Shrine Guard Dog Plush, but with the black spots where they are, doesn’t it look more like a cow?

I love Hello Kitty Online, it’s so much fun~! I spend a lot of time online, and quite a bit of that is spend on HKO! Sometimes I spend hours questing; going around, trying to make sure I gather enough of everything. Sometimes it’s just for something as simple as to sit in a pretty area, and admire the flowers while I listen to music. I’ve made some wonderful new friends, too! It’s so much fun to chat, even about absolutely nothing at all!

Just a while ago, I noticed something else I do on HKO…and in the real world! Not something like dress like my character, or talk about how awesome it is.
Nope! I eat like I do in HKO! I was shocked when I realized it! O.O!
And thinking back, I’ve been doing it for a while, too! A couple of weeks ago, I made a bunch of doughnuts to take when I went questing. I ended up eating a doughnut for dinner! @.@ (I had a salad too, so don’t worry!)

What did I eat today? Pickles.

I was making pickles (on HKO) with my left over cucumber, and decided I wanted some too. Normally, I eat a couple of spears with a sandwich, or chopped up in a salad or something. Not today! I ended up eating 2/3 of a jar of pickles! O:

Why does HKO food make me want to eat it too? Are the glittery things that surround you when you make something really a psychic wave of energy that makes you crave whatever it is you’re making for your character? (._.)”
OH MAI GAWD. ARE THE SANRIO DEVELOPERS ALIENS? (If they are, I want an autograph~!

…Or maybe it’s just I forget to eat when I’m having so much fun playing HKO, and watching my character make 100 doughnuts makes me hungry?


Eh heh heh heh heh? Personally, I like the Alien angle, but that’s just me~! \(^w^)/

For something slightly more…sane, which hat do you think looks better?

I really like the yellow hat, I think it goes well with the pink dress. But I have a cute mole hat, that has a yellow star that’s cute too! On the other hand, the blue hat looks darling too, and I have blue shoes that match perfectly! I don’t know which one to wear~ Maybe I should rotate them out? O:?

If anyone is actually reading this, I would like to admit I talk a lot. Lots of lot. Even more so if no one I know is online, then I really start blabbering! I’m hoping these entries are at least vaguely interesting, but really, I’m mostly writing for my own amusement~! I only hope you find them amusing too.

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