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I love Nicki Minaj! That’s why I am writing this blog about her. Nicki Minaj was born December 8, 1984. She is now 27.She was born in Jamaica, New York. She went to highschool at La Guardia High School of Music and Art.She is a very good rapper.My favorite song is “Starships”.



so as u all know im dating christtian.. i also like mateo,mario,sebas,josh,sito, and J.C lol.. jk

I LOVE 1 boy and that boy is Christian. He recently asked me to prom and to be his girlfriend and i said yes! I LOVE him!!!<3

All you girls and boys out there, are going through puberty and beauty changes. Guess what? So am I. WARNING: THIS CONTAINS THINGS FOR GIRLS ONLY! SO MEN TURN OFF YOUR COMPUTER CAUSE I’LL WRITE SOMETHING ABOUT BOYS NEXT TIME. Girls, listen up. Beauty and puberty are common like your period and breasts developing. Now first I want to talk about beauty. Beauty is what makes you beautiful girls! Brush your hair, brush your teeth and put on makeup. Because I amĀ  !!!!!!!! More beautiful than all of you! But that’s not the point. Take care of yourself,your beautiful! Now PUBERTY…. Finally!!! Now I know you girls are scared of common things like periods. Step up there’s nothing scary!



Gabriella:) (a.k.a. bella)

I’m having the best time with my family! Especially Chloe my cousin and Alex my other cousin. Luv u all!!! ESPECIALLY ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

hey fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im at my grandmas house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shes awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Srry that i hadnt writin 2 u in a long time!!


The awesome Gabriella:)

I am sooooo excited because i am getting an Ipad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am sooooo……. excited because i get to watch Twilight!!!!!Is it good?

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