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anime festival orlando 10 a con in review

so afo turned out to be amazing this year as usual
my only complaint was the line set up of the opening ceremonies line
but yeah we arrived at 1:30 stood in a line to pay for tickets

at 2:30 we went to the one piece panel which i thought was boring but tyler found interesting; they didn’t give any really new news and halfway through the guests and everyone else started to chatter

after that we went into the dealer’s room; tyler got a bleach necklace (tried to do a search and couldn’t find it) which was something cool he found for 6 dollars and i bought a knuckles fleece cap for 17 dollars , some strawberry ramune and mitsuya cider that one of the dealers said was very good (I just didn’t have the taste for it i guess)
and then the crowning achievement of the night: dissidia trading figures come in a box and you have to choose by random so you never know what character you’re going to get. Paid 15 dollars for it and this is the final result: <- cloud a very very detailed modern version of him it’s beautiful
*That was the one i had really really wanted and i got him on the 1st try
so naturally like the fan I am..I started to carry him around all over the place i was quite happy.

We came back at around 3:30 to 4 pm one of the panels that I wanted to see canceled unexpectantly which was fine
went back into the dealers’ room later on and got strawberry kit-kats (50 cents they were minis) and man are they super good ><’ my friend was right ha ha
4:30: dragonball z abridged series with commentary from the voice of piccolo it was basically all of the abridged episodes and it didn’t even need commentary because it was funny by itself and wheldon’s such a great host.

After that we went to get food for a little bit came back and saw a bit of the japanese study panel which i didn’t stay in there at all because I found the guy who did it quite boring he didn’t even try to spice it up.

Stood in line for a while for the opening ceremonies went to that at 7 pm.. (nothing new with that except the rpg they do every year which i gather experience coins for but never turn in because i like the coins a lot)

After that we went to see the weakest geek 2.0 which was its final year because the host was leaving (wheldon) (sadness I’ve only seen him for 2 years and I think he’s one of those rare individuals that has such passion)

I got into the game as soon as other people started playing
didn’t get out of there till 10 or so but i did get a experience coin
and a figure from the box which turns out to be one of the aliens from independence day (luckily I’m super small and stealthy and can do things no one would dare attempt XD).

(Stayed for 10 hours I’d say hurray for AFO i hope and pray there will be more years)

best cosplay: a full figured raichu which naturally i had to hug everytime i saw it because i love raichu he had the glowing cheeks and everything
worst cosplay: someone dressed up as lillymon when i say someone i mean a person who shouldn’t have dressed up as lillymon

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    OMG so cheap! Were do you get this stuff!!

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