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this is probably one of the most recognized anime works

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

spirited away: animation - 10, plot - 10, characters - 10, enjoyment - 10 - 10:

rated: all ages

My review: What hasn’t been said about spirited away; the cg with the animation flows beautifully; the storyline is timeless and even the characters have goodness..This movie to me is a classic that deserves all the praise it got it’s just so good..

why you wouldn’t like it: there is little to no character development which you can kind of regard

break time

Saturday, May 30th, 2009

You Believe that Love is Devotion

When you think of love, you think of committing to one person for the rest of your life.
In love, you see things as they are. You accept and love your partner’s faults.

If you are in love, you like to keep it a secret for a while. It feels more special that way.

You are somewhat patient in love. You can wait for the right person, but once you have found the right one, you’re very impatient.

The Rose Test

1. Guitar Hero or Rockband?: rockband especially the new one
2. Chocolate chip cookies or Snickerdoodles?: i love snickerdoodles especially if they’re home made mmm
3. TV or Computer?: computer
4. Thunderstorm or Blizzard?: thunderstorm
5. Anxious or Nervous?: isn’t that sort of the same thing
6. Loud or Quiet?: either
7. Polaroid or Digital?: polaroid i’m so old school
8. Drums or Guitar?: guitar
9. Singing or Screaming?: singing
10. American Idol or Dancing With The Stars?: american idol
11. Converse or Vans?: hmm vans
12. Predictable or Unpredictable?: unpredictable
13. American Eagle or Pacsun?: neither
14. Hat or Earmuffs?: hat
15. Mechanical pencils or Erasable pens?: mechanical pencils
16. Rock or Pop?: rock
17. A really loud laugh or An incredibly silent laugh?: loud?
18. Mall or Thrift shops?: thift shops though there isn’t any around
19. Jean jacket or Windbreaker?: neither
20. Windsurfing or Jetskiing?: jet skiing
21. Headphones or Earphones?: headphones
22. Ceiling fan or Air conditioner?: ceiling fan
23. Facebook or MySpace?: myspace
24. Cheerleading or Gymnastics?: gymnastics
25. Love or Like?: love

the pets seem to be smarter than the people

Friday, May 29th, 2009

<br><img src=http://i9.ebayimg.com/06/i/08/48/9d/ca_1.JPG>

<br>sims unleashed: this is what the sims needed; the pets have a personality all their own - 5/5

<br>The Sims: Unleashed is the fifth expansion pack developed and published by Maxis/EA for The Sims. The Sims 2: Pets, a similar expansion created for The Sims 2, is inspired by this expansion pack. In Unleashed, the Sims can now adopt pets for their families, particularly dogs and cats. Dogs and cats are treated as Sims, while other pets are treated as objects. However, they cannot be controlled directly like human Sims are. Furthermore, Unleashed introduced gardening, allowing sims to grow and nurture plants that could later be harvested and consumed. Gardening was re-introduced into the sequel in The Sims 2: Seasons.

<br>why you wouldn’t like it: the problem with the pets is the strays that pop up and think your yard is their personal litter box also sometimes the pet you get may be the wrong one it’s like winning the lottery, you may also find yourself realizing that it loses that new feel really quickly

Death is never a pleasant experience

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

a night on the galactic railroad: animation is a very nice old school 8, plot is about a 6, characters - all you’re ever really introduced to is giovanni and his school-mates 6, enjoyment - 7 - 6

age rating: PG older children 10 and up (mild subject content)

plot:  Two kittens go on a metaphysical journey on a magical railroad train

my review: the theme played throughout the film is hauntingly beautiful, it’s considered an anime classic that being said i’m allowed now to share some of the weak points, I’ve been wanting to see this a while, don’t think it’ll get very exciting

why you would like it: you need to have some patience to get anything out of it otherwise you’ll find it like i did completely slow

downtown is where it’s at

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

sims 1 hot date:

plot: The Sims: Hot Date is the third expansion pack released for The Sims. Hot Date added a new feature not present in previous versions of The Sims, namely the ability for Sims to leave their homes and travel to a new destination called “Downtown”, a way of going out with a sim to have dinner with him/her as well as dance with them. All of the following expansion packs for The Sims have added new destinations as well. It is reportedly the inspiration for The Sims 2: Nightlife, the second expansion pack to the sequel of the game. As with all expansion packs in the series, Hot Date included many new furnishing objects, characters, clothing items, and new interactions.

rating: pg-13

my review: i liked being able to go downtown and open up that area but i felt it silly and time consuming to make new sims for those people; I also have this thing with playing with the NPCs too much lol - 4/5

why you wouldn’t like it: by the time i got into this it was too late to really save the sims you’ll feel like it’s a burden to play this and keep friendships in tact; it’s also not a walk in the park to build relationships

sometimes dreams get too real

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

sailor moon super s: animation - 10, plot - 10, characters - 10, enjoyment - 9 - 9

(rating 10 and up)(may contain bad language and bloodless violence)

plot:  Everywhere around the world, the children sleep. Unaware of danger lurking in the shadows. But tonight, a strange darkness floats in the wind. And the children, one by one, begin to disappear. It seems to be a supernatural force that feeds on their dreams. The evil queen, Badiyanu, and her loyal fairies assist in using the “Black Dream Hole” to swallow the earth. It is up to Sailor Moon and the Sailor Soldiers to prevent the approaching Darkness.

my review: I did like this even if it was focused on Chibiusa it made it seem like she was a person too who was growing up rather than an annoyance

why you wouldn’t like it: a lot of people say it’s the same plot as super s; it depends on if you like chibiusa; some other reviewers have said it has a cliche plot and what you would come to expect from a sailor moon movie..You might also find it confusing in which case go read the manga because it is better

we’re going to throw a house party yeah yeah

Sunday, May 24th, 2009

sims 1 house party:

teens 13 and up

plot: The Sims: House Party is the second expansion pack for The Sims. House Party gives players the ability to throw parties, as well as new characters and “party” themed items, such as the “costume trunk”. Some items and features such as the dance floor and DJ table from this expansion pack were made available in the sequel via The Sims 2: Nightlife. In this game you can throw parties, invite many friends, and also find romance.

my review: i didn’t really like house party i mean the item selection was very varied but i don’t throw parties anyway so what’s the point? I think the expansion wasn’t needed at the time - 1/5

why you would like this: house party is a humorous expansion and it does just that; also building houses become more fun instead of a hassle

anime conventions

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

a long discussion about anime cons be forewarned: i wonder how many people have actually been to anime cons since i know they’re hard to find. This is more of a discussion of the anime cons i’ve been to; what I’ve reviewed them and just random notes

well it starts later on today jacon..the last year for it; it had a pretty good run in 10 years.

Florida doesn’t have a lot of anime conventions; the big ones down here are megacon (though this would count as more of a sci-fi con), metrocon, jacon and then Anime festival orlando.

AFO info: Anime Festival Orlando (AFO) is an annual three-day anime convention held at the Wyndham Orlando Resort in Orlando, Florida in early August. AFO has a variety of anime events and programming, guests, and many of the things to be expected at an anime convention.

I’ll start off with the 1st one I ever went to: Anime festival orlando.. My dad and I drove down to Orlando. note: my dad is wicked cool about my anime addiction XD. And at that time I was 16 or so we drove down there checked it out; went to the dealer’s room, bought some things from there. It’s hard to find the 1st thing I got there which was a beautiful digi charat wall clock that was shaped like a stopwatch and had a picture of rabienrose, petit charat and digi charat. (yes I had seen like a few episodes of digi charat back then I really enjoyed it too).  The clock doesn’t work to this day I guess mainly because it doesn’t use batteries XD. 2nd item I bought was this: http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10044333 <- note: i love rei ayanami from evangelion I am rapid about it. We didn’t check out anything else but due to that moment of fun I quickly became absorbed in anime conventions

(2007) So fast track to around 4 years later or so tyler and I check out the most recent anime convention: anime festival orlando by this time we had moved into the house we were sharing with our other room-mates in orlando (note the room-mates are con-junkies they have clubs down here they have joined; which is kind of a bad thing this year because we got off to a really rough patch.) I remember I got a rei ayanami plush: (note: I had just discovered the world of plushies thanks to my boyfriend). Once again I was becoming more and more of a junkie into anime conventions and that world. We did most

(2008) last year’s afo allowed us to win coins from certain panels it also gave us the chance to turn in manga for different manga which was nice; we tried to go to all of the panels and bought a nozomi plushie from pretty cure 5 (funny how most of the people who go there want to start conversations with you because you know your anime titles XD) and bought a poster (fushigi yugi)

+s about afo: being that it’s my favorite anime convention i’m a little biased but i simply find it perfect
-s about afo: i don’t have any cons about it except the fact that the non-vip players were able to play the rpg and gain coins so then why weren’t we allowed to turn them in? Makes sense right? I have 4 coins from last year that could have helped us gain a lvl XD

Megacon’s info:  MegaCon, short for Mega Convention, is a large convention that caters to the anime, sci-fi, comic, and fantasy community, occurring between late February and early March at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.

Fast track to feburary of 08: megacon rolls around I had been dying to go and it just happened to be at a very convient time when money was flowing in and we could afford to bring my friend with us. I officially got cat ears which was the start of kind of dressing up for conventions; bought lots of anime posters (at the time i was realizing how cheaper it was to get them rather than get anything else), bought a black gloomy bear plush: ..

final verdict: Megacon had been a semi success but i’d never want to go again if i could help it
+s about megacon: it has a big dealer’s room I have yet to see one as big as this one
-s about megacon: not enough events to keep anyone interested and also standing in line for tickets when the line isn’t even in order really?

Anime express’ info: Anime Express is an annual anime convention held in Daytona Beach, Florida and hosted by Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s Anything Goes Anime Club.

In March of 08 we went to anime express which is a local college run daytona anime convention and again we bought stuff I think I got a bulma keychain took off the chain and made it a figure

final verdict: I adore this one as well too bad it happens during certain times when it’s hard to get to daytona
+s about anime express: it has a lot of events to keep one’s self interested for a while
-s about anime express: it’s a local run anime con so don’t expect anything flashy

Jacon’s info: JACON is an annual three-day anime convention held in Orlando, Florida sometime between the months of April and June. JACON was started by the Japanese Animation Club of Orlando in 2000. The year of 2009 marks the tenth anniversary of the convention and also the last year the event will be held.

we went to jacon in may of 08 where i got a shigure plush: and we got 3 of the mini ff figures: 1 was cloud which my boyfriend had wanted, 1 was penelo which I was gonna keep because i love ff12 and one was rinoa from ff8 which i gave to my sister since i wasn’t able to bring her there: and then some more anime posters. Also it was the 1st year i actually dressed up in my gear which was a black and purple corset with fairy wings (note: i got a lot of compliments i was super happy)

final verdict: Jacon’s alright i want to go again that’s pretty evident but the reason we went that year was for spike spencer. He’s the dubbed voice actor of Shinji Ikari

+s about jacon: jacon’s a bit smaller compared to megacon which doesn’t make it bad actually quite the opposite
-s about jacon: some panels were poorly run which is to be expected..

honestly looking up reviews as to why this is good is really hard

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

final fantasy the spirits within:

animation - 1, characters - 1, plot - 1, enjoyment - 1;

rating: pg-13 (because i’m sure only teenagers will understand the plot guaranteed)

my review: yeah you know how final fantasy is an epic series well when it converts to a movie form it turns into this yeah we’re sorry

why you would like this: despite all the bad qualities about the movie you have to treat this as a normal sci-fi movie in order to get enjoyment out of it which is hard due to its namesake; it has some good qualities

alright this will take a while

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

*I’ll be writing this down in the games posts as seperate ones since each expansion deserves a seperate one*

Sims 1:

rating: teens 13 and up: for comic mischief

plot: The Sims
is a strategic life-simulation computer game developed by Maxis and published by Electronic Arts. It was created by game designer Will Wright, also known for developing SimCity. It is a simulation of the daily activities of one or more virtual persons (”Sims“) in a suburban household near SimCity.

my review: the 1st sims game is very limited so limited that I don’t understand how it became so addicting; the selection is pretty bad as far as sims go and the only way to expand that is to download skins off the internet which at times have viruses. Now that i think about it i got really bored of sims 1 - 1/5

why you would like this: if you get all the expansions with it then you’ll have fun for hours. However sims 1 is kind of a test drive of things to come and while it was good then it’ll become dated in a  few years which is sad.