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since i rarely go on here i still want to keep up with it therefore i’ll post questions using the writing block on livejournal feel free to answer in comments ^_^!

You brought a snack?

Vampire Princess Miyu OAV: animation - 9, story - 9, characters - 8, enjoyment - 9; overall it’s a 8

*may be too mature for some*

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plot:  Spiritualist Himiko Se finds herself involved with the supernatural when she comes face to face with a young vampire girl known only as Miyu whose purpose is to banish a race of demons known only as Shinma to the dark.

my review:  it’s a lot more darker than the tv series, this is one of the anime i can tolerate dubbed; this does not tell you however about the characters and is only sort of an introduction to vampire princess miyu but it’s a great horror OVA if you’re into vampires and such.

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