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since i rarely go on here i still want to keep up with it therefore i’ll post questions using the writing block on livejournal feel free to answer in comments ^_^!

sometimes I don’t know why I do things

this is screature the interactive dinosaur..On a whim I decided to do a half and half thing with tyler

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Mattel: Can you master Screature, or will you be his prey? Lifelike and realistic with ferocious sounds, Screature uses an infrared sensor to sense and attack his prey with your help. If you can control Screature, he will respond loyally to your petting, but if you pet him in the wrong place, Screature attacks. Set him in room guard mode and Screature will guard all your stuff. Screature a mean little predator with a big appetite.

the actual price for  it is 35 dollars

it’s cute..Fun little conversation starter i mean it does claim to do only the things on the box; it does squirt water beyond belief and I got tyler several times with it..

It makes sounds and sometimes bites you.

Is it worth 35 dollars no unless you have a child of some sort; the thing just basically sits around and only proves for a few minutes of fun. I think it likes me more than tyler as whenever tyler tries to pet him he bites XD.

5 Responses to “sometimes I don’t know why I do things”

  1. ripplecloud•云云 :D Says:

    hahaha, is it hidden under the bed by now?

  2. Ripplecloud’s adventures on HKO » Quick links - Happy weekend everyone! Says:

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  3. cross_star_luv:hellokitty.com Says:

    it’s not hidden under the bed it wouldn’t fit it’s hidden near the bookshelf right by tyler’s computer XD

  4. victor5:hellokitty.com Says:

    So cute, I love dinosaurs. Aren’t U scare it might bite u or something while sleeping, or it bites your foot while U R walking. I had a Stetch Armstrong toy that shot me a couple of time (the projective missile was defected or something)

  5. cross_star_luv:hellokitty.com Says:

    No since it can’t technically move anywhere it could however spit water on me if it was on lol.

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